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One Thousand Years Of Peace   

A Message From Joseph
About His Readings

Who Does Joseph Channel?

Hello Dear One:

I am a Psychicís Psychic. Other professional Psychics receive readings from me because they consider me to be such a clear and accurate channel.

I want you to come away from your reading feeling strengthened and empowered with a clear knowing of what it is best for you to do or not do about your health, relationships, career, finances, location and life purpose.

During your reading it is not just the high guidance that comes through that is important. I am also channeling Reiki healing energy to you. I am a Reiki Master.

Your reading is a healing experience on many levels. You are blessed with prayer and love. You will know how much you are loved. The infusion of such high unconditional and nonjudgmental love from the higher realms of light can move mountains.

Before I begin your reading, I call upon the Christ Consciousness, Mother Mary, Bhudda, Quan Yin, The Ascended Masters, The White Brotherhood (Angels Of The Purest White Light), The Ancient Ones (my Native American Guides), The Reiki Masters In Spirit, and my highest personal Guides and Guardian Angel and yours to bring through true, clear guidance for the greatest good.

If you would like me to pray for you after you have told me your concerns and after you have received your guidance, I would feel privileged to do so. I do not charge for this.

With your permission, I will pray for you everyday for one full month. If you are troubled and your heart is burdened, there is something so comforting and dear about knowing someone good is sincerely praying for you for four full weeks.

Because I am such a clear channel and work with so many high angels and beings of light, people experience real positive transformation in their lives over the time I am praying for them. Your reading is just the beginning anchor for an awesome month in your life.

People often know exactly when I am praying for them because they feel themselves become peaceful and filled with warmth. That is the Reiki healing light energy moving through me, and then going long distance to you with my heartfelt intention that it blesses you in every way it is needed for the highest good for you and the situation you have asked me to pray about.

You may experience a rather miraculous physical healing or have your burdens lifted over those four weeks. You may also experience greater peace and move through your days more effortlessly, finding joy in simple things that didnít seem to effect you before.

If you wish to be placed on my prayer list for one month without receiving a reading or long-distance Reiki session, simply call or write me with your prayer request. I do ask that you agree to pray for someone else for a month while I am praying for you. This is key, for being of service is a real ingredient for healing of all kinds and actually helps my prayer for you to be most effective.