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Thus ye will find peace as he has given, that peace not as the world knoweth peace, but that peace which comes from the awareness of the presence and of the promises of the Christ, that He has chosen thee as a messenger, as a light, as a haven for many in the hour of stress, in the hours of disturbing forces; that ye may give that strength, that blessing to others in His name... (2533-7)

This book is a manual for the transition times to the new millennium, particularly for the period from 2001 to 2021. It is a visionary guide to the 21st century and beyond and a positive approach to earth changes. Included are the visions of Edgar Cayce, the Hopi, Nostradamus and many others of a Golden Age of Peace.

I have become skilled in remote viewing. I have projected myself in this way into our future. Here I will share my experiences of the 1,000 Years of Peace and what life will be like in it and how we can prepare for it.
For those who chose to enter into it, the 1,000 Years of Peace has already begun. Our future is ours to shape. It is being created in the present by individuals who chose to conceive it as already existing. I pray that my visions of a positive future will create a rallying point for many others to be inspired to help manifest the reality of the great long era of peace.
When the thoughts of enough people reach critical mass, that which we envision together will be made real. I want to be a catalyst for the dynamic concept taking hold on the earth that the 1,000 Years of Peace has already begun. If enough of us hold that uplifting and inspiring thought form together, we will manifest it. This is what my guidance tells me. A strong positive vision of our future offsets pessimistic and negative attitudes of others. Those thought forms are weaker. That is definitely not the most probable future. A great spirituality is about to sweep the globe. It is inevitable. Let us instigate it now!
Another remote viewer, Joseph McMoneagle, was an original member of the military psychic intelligence unit, Project STAR GATE. In an article entitled "Breaking Through to the Future" which appeared in Atlantis Rising magazine (No. 18, p. 19, Winter, 1999) he states: "I feel strongly that we are directly responsible for what happens in our future via our thoughts. I want to prove that remote viewing the future will change it.
By envisioning something and talking about it, the energy is generated that produces it. And I believe that the energy that's invested needs to be positive."
Intuitive visionaries have predicted many challenges for humanity in the coming years. It is possible to flow through them in peace. The means are at hand and they work magnificently. I pray your life becomes an exciting adventure through application of the spiritual law of love.
It has become clear to me that we are on the verge of a beautiful 1,000-year Era of Peace. These times leading into the golden age are years of dynamic change. My focus in this book is on how to prepare for the 1,000 Years of Peace and move gracefully through the transition period, able to discover and live our life purposes in safety and abundance.
I was inspired to help people with earth changes from a beautiful Mother Mary experience I had while attending a lecture in 1993 by Annie Kirkwood, author of Mary's Message to the World.
During her talk, Annie related how she knew Mother Mary's presence during the reception of the intuitive messages by smelling the scent of the most beautiful roses when there were no actual roses in the room. Even before she related this to us at the lecture, I had been smelling the most wonderful scent of roses in the lecture hall and had been looking around for the roses. I was mystified, as there were none in the room. The wonderful heavenly aroma of the roses stayed with me when I went out to meditate on the beach at intermission. It was in that meditation that the call to help people with earth changes came to me. It was the beginning of the information and guidance for the future that were to follow.
Since that experience I have led classes and workshops on learning skills for the transition years and for the great long era of peace. Information to share with others came to me in such clear, and sometimes startling, intuitive visions and through other psychic and transcendent experiences, often in rather remarkable synchronistic ways. Much of it came through my training and experience with remote viewing. The information is to be shared. I am to have the courage to do so. This book is the result.
It was important to me to have dolphins on the cover. Many of my future visions were given in meditations on the beach in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The dolphins always came at those times and stayed in the water in front of me until I finished. It seemed that other people never saw them. I know that somehow the dolphins assisted. More about them and the role they are playing in this beautiful transition is included in Chapter 6.

Love and fear cannot live together. They are absolutely incompatible. May these pages help you transform, transcend and eradicate your fear of earth changes. The transition to the New Earth is looking more and more to be a peaceful one, without the catastrophic physical changes that have been predicted by some intuitive futurists in the early 1990s.
The tools for you to take charge of how you will choose to live through these times are available. This book introduces the means of peaceful personal transformation in these dynamic times of change. The choice to apply them is yours.
The great changes are already happening within individuals everywhere as an escalating consciousness. The diminishing quality of human life and the great strains we place on nature and on our earth are really starting to get our attention. People all over the planet are demanding greater integrity and accountability in their personal relationships, careers, and in the institutions of their societies. In the midst of sometimes seeming crisis and chaos, a communal healing and transformation is already under way. The problems of the day are assisting mankind to act more and more in a spirit of unity, creativity and cooperation.
It is time to turn to God and live in awareness of our Oneness with Spirit, our true home. Many people are now feeling, from their center of love, a compassionate compulsion to act for healing themselves, others, nature and our earth. You can try out the practical activities and exercises is this book that can bring to life the universal spirit that resides within us all. In so doing you will have a personal part to play in the transformation of this world.
Edgar Cayce, one of America's most gifted psychics of the 20th century, gave a very hopeful message concerning our personal opportunities to effect the fabric of the whole in these times on this planet. There are those conditions that in the activity of individuals, in line of thought and endeavor, oft keep many a city and many a land intact, through their associations of the spiritual laws...( reading #311-10)

I have been a student of the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce for 14 years. My association with his work has been instrumental in my spiritual growth. My psychic ability was greatly nurtured and developed through training and meditations with members, visitors and staff at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (the A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I am indebted to my experiences in their Search-for-God study group program.
The A.R.E. is the organization that grew up as stewards of Edgar Cayce's legacy after he passed away in 1945. I must profess my gratitude for my teachers, fellow students, members, volunteers and staff of the A.R.E. Without their influence and inspiration and that of Edgar Cayce, this book might never have come about.
Quotes from Edgar Cayce's readings will be in boldface type throughout this book. Each reading he did was given a number to protect the confidentiality of the person receiving the reading. If the individual received more than one reading, a dash followed by the sequence number follows the reading number for that person. For example, if someone was assigned the number 1523, their third reading from Mr. Cayce would have the number 1523-3. More information about Edgar Cayce and the A.R.E. can be found at the end of this book.

I have received visions and strong intuitions about the future. In this work I share those visions as well as visions of the past which relate very much to our present and near future. My particularly inspired messages are in italics.
A sense of expectancy and hopefulness permeates these pages. These are exciting times to be alive. Those who awaken to a closer walk with God are The Pioneers of the New Earth. We prepare the way for the Master's return. The models of the bright future are already in place. They are individuals of heightened consciousness who became so through years of daily meditation and prayer. They are walking their walk and talking their talk as if the 1,000 Years of Peace has already begun. For them, it has. I am happy to share their inspiring stories here as well.
Since fear of earth changes is real and must be faced, I consider in Chapter Five the remote possibility of a pole shift as part of the transition times to the 1,000 Years of Peace. This is tempered by the visions of the wonderful era of peace. We are the privileged generation who may experience the times before the changes, the changes themselves and the beginnings of the times after the changes. Future generations will be somewhat envious, for they will know of the great events mostly through the stories we leave them. And what stories we will have to tell!
Following chapters focus upon such topics as the concept of safe areas, native and intuitive futurists' prophesies, life in the 1,000 Years of Peace, dreams of earth changes, supernutrition, and dome houses. Much information is also included on emergency kits, healing and medicine in the future, intuition training, and cooperating with nature. The prophecies of Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, the Hopi and of other intuitive visionaries are compiled and compared.
It is my intention to stimulate your innate inner wisdom so you may follow your own guidance concerning what to do about earth changes and even what type of earth changes you would take seriously. Honoring your freedom and creative ability is by far the better gift.
I hope you become inspired to be a Light for others. You can be part of a precious network of Peace Makers that will make all the difference. You can discover great purpose in being on the earth now and the rest of your life can be a grand adventure in consciousness. This is one of the very best times to be on our precious planet. Opportunities will abound for rapid soul growth through purification and service. Your body, mind and spirit are so valuable and needed. God bless you on your journey. Your life on this planet, at this time, is a gift.
We will live through times of miracles when angels will sing to the faithful through the heavens and his light will be seen in the clouds.
The earth changes, in whatever way they manifest, are all about love.
Dear ones, in the thousand years to come you will move from a fear-based society to a love-based world. That is the big one - the real ground shaking inner earth change. You can hardly imagine the wondrous results. Action will spring from the heart. Joy and peace will reign supreme. A spirit of cooperation and unity will sweep the globe. Miracles of personal and planetary healing will abound more and more in these transition years.
Love is the only true reality. It is the only thing that truly heals. The heartfelt application of unconditional love is the answer to earth changes - no matter in what form they may manifest. Love is your home. By choosing love as the basis of all you are and all you do, you literally bring heaven on earth in your life and in all the life you influence.
Choose love, dear ones, and you cannot fail. You can only prosper. Believe dear ones. Love is the spirit of the 1,000 Years of Peace.
 The lion shall lay down with the lamb. Blessed shall be The Peace Makers. It is coming dear ones. The righteous, the faithful, the innocent Children of God shall inherit the earth.

...God maketh peace with man through the law of love.

This is the Japanese Kanji Symbol for the word "Reiki"
Reiki is a form of Bioenergetic Body/Mind  Healing.
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