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"Visions of One Thousand Years Of Peace"   
“It nourished my soul through the terrorist crisis
and every day I picked it up and there was spiritual guidance,
 inspiration and research to divinely assist me.
It’s an incredible work,
divinely inspired and prepared for all the events we are now facing.
 It’s clear to me God had a hand in it.
When you read it, it is so profound and beautiful.
The prayers are so helpful. I’m going to keep it with me for whatever comes.”
- G. R., Editor
"A  celebration of life and a positive
approach to earth changes”
- book review, The Messenger

"The book goes a long way to help us rethink the
way we live our lives now and fills us with hope…”
- book review, Dan Klatt; author of Experience Unconditional Love This Year

“There is so much love in this book,
that it is not just the wonderful information,
 the act of reading it is a healing experience.”
- Katie King

“It reminded me so much of Conversations With God.
I thought God was speaking to me.”
- Mei Wei Wong

Joseph Nicely, M.A.,B.A

reveals his extraordinary visions and those of

Edgar Cayce,

the Hopi,


and many others of :

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Find out what wonderful changes are in store in the areas of:

Health,   Relationships,
      Work,   Food,


And Much More!!!

 --  How they are beginning to manifest themselves NOW ! !

He vividly describes parallels to
and the soon-to-be-unearthed
Halls of Records by the Sphinx.

He shares the fascinating story of his metaphysical journey,
 and its challenges as the psychic visions unfolded.

Receive clear guidance for living with joy
in the New Millennium and learn greater skills of

Intuitive Development,
Dream Interpretation,
And More That Can Empower You As A

Pioneer of the New Earth.

Revised, Expanded and Updated Second Edition

Celebrating Earth’s Future

A Guide to the New Millennium;

A Positive Approach to Earth Changes

Light a Candle for Peace


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