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Chapter 2
Meditation and Prayer:
Keys to the Transition

Those who say the highest angels of Light have withdrawn to let you fend for yourselves in the face of the changes are mistaken. How can you know? MEDITATE! The answer is within you. Which resonates in your heart? Which gives you peace? There is your answer.
Knock and you shall enter. Call and you shall be heard. Rise and the angels rise with you. Ask and you shall receive. You can walk and commune with the higher realms now. The way is ready and clear. Wait not for earth changes to force you. Many of you walk in harmony with us already and we sing such songs of gladness. Oh, the light that pierces the earthly realm! It is yours. Drink deeply of the cup everlasting. The holy chalice lies within.

In meditation our beings are enlivened with God Consciousness. The way to prosper and be in good health and safety through the coming changes is to consciously give ourselves over to the guidance, protection, and abundance of God. Our faith must become strong. We are called to become pure. It is time for healing of all kinds. The practice of daily meditation is strengthening, healing and purifying to every aspect of our person.
So much for our good in the future will flow from our commitment to meditate daily. The practice of meditation is, from my guidance, the most important preparation skill for any type of inner or outer changes. Other preparation skills for the time of peace grow from the practice of meditation and relate to it.
From just a physical standpoint, I see meditation as necessary for us now. As the transition times are upon us, the earth gives off more and more fluctuating magnetic and electrical disturbances, for the earth mother is evolving also. This can create anxiety in our bodies. Meditation counters and transcends these effects. Rapid changes that at times may seem overwhelming are stressful to experience. Meditation will greatly assist the mental, emotional and physical changes we are undergoing and help people to remain calm. Those who are calm will fare best and be best able to assist others.
With our bodies rising up to the higher vibrations of peace in the Christ Consciousness during meditation, our out-of-balance mental, emotional, psychic and physical bodies come back into beautiful at-one-ment and harmony. The gradual shift to the New Earth effects us much more than most of us realize. Already meditation has been such a saving grace for me as my being becomes more sensitive to the changing energies of the Earth Mother and the fluctuating energies of Mankind. In Chapter Four I discuss how the energies of the shift act as a metaphor or mirror for our inner experiences.
The assistance we will need will come from God in miraculous fashion when the physical sources we have been relying on become more unstable and unreliable. By attuning to the true source of all our supply in meditation, we show expectancy and cooperation. We allow the vibrations of the light-love-energy to permeate our beings in our daily lives. This enables God to help us in magnificent ways because we consciously choose his vibration. Such attunement to Spirit gives Spirit ready access to us for divine intervention and manifestation of our needs.
What is meditation? is the attuning of the mental body and the physical body to its spiritual is the attuning of thy physical and mental attributes seeking to know the relationship to the Maker. That is true meditation. (281-41)

How to Meditate

Learning to meditate requires patience and persistence. The rewards are great. The first step, according to Meredith Puryear in her book Healing Through Meditation and Prayer, is the setting of an ideal. "Just as a person is about to begin a journey first makes sure that he knows where he wants to go, else he will never arrive, so we must have an ideal firmly fixed as our compass for the inward journey."1
Your ideal can be a phrase which creates in you a clear emotional sense of the quality you wish to experience in the meditation. One I use consistently is "Not my will, O Lord, but thine be done in and through me." A shorter one might be "Others first Lord, others first; Divine Love heals all; Love; Perfect Peace; or The Spirit of God." "The Spirit of God" is highly recommended by Annie Kirkwood, author of Mary's Message to the World.
The phrase you choose is very useful when your mind wanders in meditation. Our minds tend to want to be active. You can recognize when your thoughts start going a mile a minute and without condemning them, gently think of your ideals phrase. Bringing your concentration back to it invites the stillness again. You can then use the essence of the ideal as a feeling to center on in the quiet.
There are a few preliminary things to do to help ensure the most optimum meditation experience and benefits. I like to wear loose-fitting clothing. The light-love-energy wants to naturally flow during meditation. Tight clothes can restrict and cause discomfort, especially around the neck and abdomen. Tight shoes can be taken off also.
I also suggest drinking a small amount of water, less than a quarter of a glass-full (purified if possible) or taking just a few bites of a piece of fruit or other food before meditating. Water is a symbol of spirit and it acts as a good conductor for the flow of spiritual energy through the body. Drinking a bit of water or a few bites of something helps to center energy more in the abdomen for this bit of digestion/assimilation. This energy is a form of protection from any negative energies around you from other people.
I learned this technique from a very psychic massage therapist who would often feel out of sorts after her clients left. She was picking up their negativity that the massage was releasing. She received guidance to take a few bites of food beforehand or a few sips of water. When she did this, she no longer picked up "stuff" from her clients. The energy brought to her abdomen protected her from picking up the emotions of her clients. You might experiment with this simple technique.
It is excellent to choose a space for your meditations that you will use consistently. Let it be a quiet, uncluttered area, preferably with soothing colors and spatial arrangement. Ideally your meditation space takes on the air of a beautiful sacred sanctuary for your communions with the Divine. Flowers, plants, special rocks and paintings or the Bible or other sacred texts nearby can also enhance the atmosphere of your special meditation spot.
Set a definite time that you can consistently begin your meditation each day. Having your meditations at the same time each day in the same place sends a powerful message to the subconscious that you are really dedicating an intention for a closer walk with God . This is particularly helpful in the beginning, because the body responds well to the regular routine. You will be able to go into the quiet easier and deeper with the habit of this consistent intention. Also a "meditation energy field" will develop at this spot. You may begin to feel the peaceful vibrations as soon as you sit down there. If you have a cat, you may notice it napping there or wanting to come close to you when you sit down to meditate. They love the harmonious, healing energy.
You might want to further set the mood by playing some beautiful, peaceful music, sitting out some fresh flowers or flower essences or lighting a candle and/or incense.
I also greatly encourage you to prepare a list of people and situations you would like to pray for at the end of the meditation. Have it close by your person when you sit down to meditate. Names can be added or deleted as needed. More about working with your prayer list comes later in this chapter.
Meditating with a small group once a week works wonders on enhancing your meditations experience. The peaceful group energy raises and expands the healing attunement experience. I suggest you ask the group to begin with a prayer of protection or say yours silently to yourself at the beginning of the group meditation. To find a group near you, refer to the address for the Matrix Institute at the end of this chapter and for the Search for God study group program of the A.R.E given at the end of this book.

Beginning the Meditation

I highly advise sitting to meditate rather than lying down. The purpose is for a conscious attunement. People tend to drift off to sleep when they lie down to meditate, robbing themselves of the conscious awareness that is so instrumental to receiving the benefits of meditation. When sitting, your feet are planted on the floor. This creates an important grounding of the energies which desire to move. When lying down, the energy dissipates into the air from an energy center located in the middle of the base of each foot.
With the feet grounded, the physical earth energies of the lower body are better able to merge with the high energy of Spirit from the top of the body. Becoming one God-energy of love is part of the objective - heaven on earth within you. With your feet planted to the earth in meditation you symbolize the idea that you are indeed a spiritual being having a physical experience on the earth. The ankles can be crossed if needed at times to shut out any unwanted negative energies.
Closing the hands is important. You can place the hands palm down on you thighs or have the thumbs and index fingers touching on each hand. Another alternative is to fold the hands across the abdomen with the thumbs touching. There is an energy center in the center of the palms from which energy can flow away from you and also out the fingertips. We want to be filled by Spirit in meditation. Keep a closed circuit for the flow of love within, rather than allowing it to go out the body through the hands or feet into the air. At the end of the meditation you will open the hands for the outward flow of energy with a very clear intent. More on that later.
Edgar Cayce recommended the following routine of gentle head and neck stretches as a way to induce relaxation before going into the silence. The slower you perform the movements, the better. (1) Inhale slowly and deeply, then slowly let the head drop forward as you exhale. Inhale as you bring the head back to the upright position. Repeat three times. (2) Let the head drop backward three times. Exhale as the head slowly drops. Inhale as the head rises back to center. Never force. Let the head go back as far as it naturally may. (3) Drop the head to the right three times, then to the left three times. Exhale as you bring it to the side. Inhale as you return it upright. (4)Drop the head forward on an exhalation. Rotate it around slowly in a gentle circle to the right three times. Exhale slowly as it comes around the front. Inhale as it goes around the back. (5) Rotate the head around to the left three times breathing in the back and out in the front. Then finish by bringing the head back to the upright position.
I also find it quite worthwhile to follow the head and neck exercise with a mental relaxation of the entire body. I start first with the head, imagining and seeing in my minds eye the scalp at the top of my head perfectly relaxed. Then I see my forehead and the scalp in the back of my head and around my ears at perfect peace. Then I envision and feel my eyes, cheeks, upper and lower lips, tongue and jaw let go and let God. I can really feel the jaw drop as I let go of tension there.
Next I see the entire neck deeply relaxed, then the shoulders, arms elbows, forearms, wrists, palms and fingers. Really let yourself feel the letting go deep into the shoulder blades and joints. Next I suggest the heart, then the lungs, then the ribcage and upper back deeply relax. I feel the heartbeat and suggest it be even, slow and effortless - the same for the breathe.
Then I envision and feel the entire diaphragm, abdomen and middle and lower back at perfect peace; then the buttocks and anus muscles and pelvis. Moving down to the feet, see the thighs deeply relaxed, then deep into the knees, then the shins and ankles, finishing on the heel, the arch and the toes on the feet. Feel anywhere that any tension may yet remain and let it go. Fill you entire being with a beautiful golden healing light that flows down through the top of your head. Suggest to your body that this healing light refreshes and renews every cell in your body. You are new, whole and complete. You are meant to be here now beginning this meditation. You are safe with nothing you need concern yourself with from the outer world.
Here is a breathing exercise Edgar Cayce suggested for stimulating the circulation to the three higher spiritual centers in the body prior to beginning meditation:
In breathing, take into the right nostril, strength! Exhale through thy mouth. {3 times} Intake in thy left nostril, exhaling through the right; opening the centers of thy body-if is first prepared to thine own understanding, thine own concept of what ye would have...(your ideal).{Inhale through the left nostril, exhale through the right nostril three times.} (281-28) (phrase in parenthesis added by the author)
When becoming distracted by thoughts that want to take over when you are attempting to remain in the silence, you can always return to simple awareness of your breath. In a dream a few years ago I went through a long, elaborate spiritual initiation experience. At the end a voice announced: "You have graduated to the breath." To be sitting in meditation, simply aware of your breathing, is a tremendous accomplishment. While it may seem like little is happening, you have actually entered into perhaps the most active state you can accomplish in this life. You are at perfect Peace in the ever present Now of God's creation. May you experience that bliss many times!
An optional preparation activity is chanting. This can be useful for gathering and focusing the mind and energy. You can feel the vibrations from the chant resonate through you. Here are two from the Cayce readings that can be most helpful in achieving a higher attunement.
…the incantation of the Ar-ar-r-r-r, the e-e-e, the o-o-o, the m-m-m, raise these in thyself, and ye become close in the presence of thy Maker... (281-28)
Here we have those incantations that are as but the glorifying of constructive forces in all of their activity within the human emotions that may be known in the present day; for glory, not of self, not of the ability of self, but the glory of the oneness of purpose, of the I AM of the individual for the glorifying of that creative energy within self that may keep the whole body, whole body-individual, whole body as of the group, the whole body as of those within the sound as it ranges from the highest to the lowest of the incantations within; following that known in thine own present as i-e-o-u-e-i-o-umn. (275-43)
Merideth Puryear suggests repeating the chant three to seven times or on occasion for a period of three to seven minutes. For a group meditation she finds the rolling OM-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m can be beautiful and helpful.
Dear ones, language is meant as a form of statement to glorify God in the earthly plane. The vowel sounds are symbolic of pure Spirit in their high vibration. The consonants are of the earth. The m-m-m is created as a particular vibration to merge with the vowel sounds. A word then is a literal statement of heaven on earth combining the vibrations in Oneness. Choose your words carefully! Let them always be of love for harmony and peace within and without. These chants given through the soul who was Mr. Cayce are a sacred gift. He risked his life for the information. Would that you treat the chants with respect and honor the soul who was so willing to lay down his life for his friends- who are all of us.
The above message refers to how Edgar Cayce would leave his body and travel through a tunnel to a place of light (the Akashic Records) where he would receive the records containing the information for the person. As he traveled up the lower portion of the tunnel, grotesque beings would grab at him and try to pull him away. They were so desirous of his light. They would also try to "get him" on the way back to his body. If they succeeded, he might not be able to get back into his body and could die. In over 14,000 readings he never wavered and kept to his purpose to help the person who requested the reading.
After completing the breathing and relaxation exercises it is vital to say a prayer of protection. You are opening yourself to the unseen energies of the universe. I did not know of the need to protect myself when I began meditating. A few members of my original meditation group, including my self, had some unwelcome experiences.
There are different levels in the Father's many mansions in Spirit. The earth has a fourth dimensional level on the astral plane inhabited by souls who for different reasons didn't move on into the light. Some of them wish to inhabit physical bodies again. When one begins to meditate without protection, these entities are provided with a channel to attach themselves to your aura. It is commonly felt in the back of the head or neck as an unwelcome pressure or a kind of a knocking sensation.
I do not wish to scare anyone out of attempting meditation. It is too valuable and needed now. When I start my meditations with a strong prayer of protection, I have never encountered any trouble. I know I am absolutely protected. Through opening prayer, we raise our consciousness high above the lower astral plane. Jesus tells us: "As to the degree of your faith, so shall it be given unto you." Here is the prayer I use to begin meditation:
"Dear Father, as I enter in to the Holy Tabernacle within, I pray for your blessing and your protection. I surround myself with the protection of the Christ. I seek only your highest throne of Grace and Beauty. I accept only the Christ Consciousness and no other influence. We are One, Father. Let thy will be done O Lord, in me and through me, thy will O Lord, not mine, but thine in and through me."
You will notice that the prayer ends with the statement of my ideal, "Thy will O Lord, Not mine." Here is where you may affirm your ideal for the meditation.

The Lord's Prayer

The Edgar Cayce readings place great store in saying the Lord's Prayer before every meditation. He suggested that it is a tool "to attain an understanding of One's relationship to his God."2 According to Cayce, every part of the Lord's Prayer corresponds to one of the main seven spiritual centers in the body. Its use quickens all the centers and stimulates a balanced flow through the whole system. The body responds to the feeling in the meaning in each portion of the prayer.
Each of the spiritual centers relates to a ductless gland in the body through which the spiritual forces seem especially to work. To use the prayer effectively, it is useful to have some understanding of these seven centers and their related glands. I will list them in the order they come up in reciting the Lord's Prayer. Please refer to the illustration on page 39.

(1) Our Father which art in heaven. This relates to the 7th chakra in the center of the forehead, a bit above the eyebrows. The pituitary is the corresponding gland. It is considered the master gland of the body, regulating all the others in conjunction with the hypothalamus. This center awakens our intuitive knowing and inner vision that will be so valuable to us in the times ahead. Hence this center is also known as the Third Eye. The color indigo is associated with it.
(2) Hallowed be thy Name. Here is the 6th chakra and the pineal gland. It is the Light Center and center of the Christ Consciousness. It is located in the middle of the top of the head. Some teachers suggest it is more toward the back of the head. Color: purple, violet.
Some teachers also refer to this center as the 7th one because it is at the very top of the body where high spiritual energy flows. However, the Staff in ancient spiritual literature is a symbol of how the spiritual energy moves in the body when it unites with and becomes one with the physical earth energy. It travels back up the body (the staff), through or over the head (the curved top of the staff) to the third eye ( the end of the crook in the staff - the forehead) In this interpretation, the third eye center is the 7th chakra because it is the high point or culmination of the rising spiritual manna (food).
(3) Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. This is the 5th chakra in the throat and the will center residing with the thyroid gland. It can also be considered the choice center where we choose to enliven our earthly bodies with God Consciousness. Do we choose God's will or our own? Do we make our will one with his? Color: blue.
The top three centers are considered the spiritual centers. The lower four chakras relate to the physical earthly experience. At the 5th chakra we have the opportunity with this part of the prayer to state our intention of spiritualizing the lower four chakras as the prayer then takes the beautiful God-light-love-energy down through the rest of the body. As in heaven so on earth.
(4) Give us this day our daily bread. Now we are all the way down to the first chakra relating to the gonads or ovaries. Here we have the motor of the body, the basis of creativity, and survival instinct. As the master spoke, " I have bread ye know not of." The bread (manna) of unconditional love here enlivens the area of base physicality to a higher function of God purpose (creativity in applying the ideal set for the meditation). Color: red.
(5) And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. The prayer skips up to the 3rd chakra in the solar plexus, the center of emotions. Here we suggest receiving forgiveness as to the degree we are willing to forgive others, thereby healing anger, resentment and even rage with the unconditional love energy rising up within us. Is this not a powerful and purposeful prayer for the good use of the manna on its way up the Staff of Life through the body? Color: yellow.
(6) And lead us not into temptation. This is at the second chakra below the navel. It is associated with the gland the Cayce readings call the cells of Lyden or Lydig. This is the center of male-female balance. Color: orange.
(7) But deliver us from evil. Now the creative energy from the first chakra is moving up through the 4th chakra in the heart center. This is midway between the three higher spiritual centers and the three lowest physical centers. At its best, it is the chakra of unconditional love. In his book, Vibrational Medicine, Richard Gerber, MD., notes that the ability to freely express love and harmony through an open heart chakra appears to be an important personality trait for the full blossoming of one's psychic and spiritual gifts of perception.3
The color traditionally associated with the 4th chakra is green - which is so much about healing. My sense is that as we come more into the vibrations of the 1,000 Years of Peace, rose and pink hues will also be more and more the colors of pure love associated with this chakra. All the chakras may take on lighter, expanded hues in the long era of peace on earth.
(8) For thine is the Kingdom. Moving back up now through the 5th chakra, the will center.
(9) And the Power. Now moving through the 6th chakra at the crown of the head, the Light center ( also known as the Crown Chakra).
(10) And the Glory, forever and ever. Amen. We have returned to the pinnacle from whence the prayer started at the 7th chakra, the 3rd eye of inner sight. Heaven is now on earth within. As above, so below. Our being is infused with the unity of loving Oneness. The circle is complete and desires to continue.
Now we can think of our ideals phrase once more and take the feeling or essence of that beautiful affirmation into the communion of the sacred stillness of the Holy of Holies within. We are ready for the golden silence.
Even just three to five minutes a day in the silence can benefit all aspects of a person's life. Fifteen to 20 minutes is a good amount of time to build up to. Then one might try for half an hour. Sometimes it feels right to meditate for an hour when I am able. My meditation time concludes with healing prayer for other life.

The Power of Prayer

I always end my meditations with prayer for other people, situations, nations, or for the earth. It is essential, in my opinion, to end meditation with prayer. The healing God force that rises up and expands within you in meditation naturally wants to flow. If you don't consciously send it out for the good of other life, then it may have nowhere to go but back in you. This can actually cause the meditation experience to unbalance a person or make them out of sorts. In fact, I would say that if you don't plan on any prayer at all to end the meditation, it would be better not to meditate. You might only do yourself harm. What good is it to attune to God if you are not going to apply it in any way?
Prayer at the end of meditation is tremendously powerful and effective. It is right, compassionate action. It is the application of life purpose. Here are some suggestions for effective prayer:
1. Let it be unconditional, so that the healing light-love-energy flows in whatever way it is needed. The prayer energy is intelligent (of God) and will go where it is needed, in the amount it is needed.


When we judge what we want prayer to do, we limit its potential. How are we to know exactly how the person or situation really needs healing? Are we aware of all the levels of their being that are involved in what they are experiencing? We can trust wholly that the God force does know and will flow for the highest good of all concerned.
2. Speak gratitude in your prayer, as if God has already granted what is prayed for. When I pray for myself, I say to God, "Dear father, I know you know my needs even before I ask and I know you are already moving to meet them. Thankyou Father for your many blessings." This sense of faithful expectancy is a powerful ingredient in effective prayer.
3. Acknowledge that the creative force of God is the Source of everything. Once you have done all that you can and have asked sincerely, have faith that God will take care of the rest.
4. Pray unselfishly for others, without any thought to what you might get in return.
5. Pray for yourself.
6. After praying for other life and yourself, say a prayer of gratitude for having been given this opportunity to be a channel of blessing. Give thanks for all that you have. I like to give thanks at the end of meditation for the people in my life, for my body that serves me so well, for the day, for my home, the food I ate that day, for having this quiet time and opportunity to meditate, and especially for the opportunities before me to be a channel of blessing or to be of service. You can even give thanks for your ideal. We have so much to be thankful for. This is prosperity consciousness that shows God cooperation. Sincere daily gratitude opens the way for spirit to provide for us and walk with us even more. Gratitude is a wonderful, humble statement of the recognition of your attunement with the Father.

I believe Notradamus was given such extraordinary visions of the future in large part because of his humble and grateful nature. In his Epistle to Henry II he said: “I fully confess that all proceeds from God, and for that I return Him thanks, honor and immortal praise…”
Ater your time in the silence and you feel the peace of the Father risen within, you can open your palms outward for the ending prayers. The healing energy will flow out the center of your palms. I suggest imagining the person, situation or place between your hands. I pray for them to be surrounded by God's healing light of the purest love in what ever way it is needed for the highest good. I say to God, "Here I am father. Send me, use me. Let me be a channel of blessing. Remove from me anything that would hinder me from being a pure vessel for your healing light to flow in whatever way it is needed. I do not judge Father. You grant the increase, not I. Thy will O Lord, not mine, but thine in and through me."
Your last prayer might be to surround the earth with the purest healing light in whatever way it is needed. The more people who pray for the earth in this way, the more such prayer will effect the degree we will gently enter into the 1,000 Years of Peace. With this prayer, you are accomplishing real purpose in your life. Many of us who are drawn to the spiritual path now, chose to come into the earth out of compassion. Heartfelt prayer is a pure fulfillment and statement of the very reason many of us came into the earth now, to help usher in the 1,000 Years of Peace.
Your consciousness in prayer and meditation helps powerfully, yet quietly and gently, to create peace on earth. Your prayerful energy adds to the same energy being created by thousands of other people who are quietly doing the same thing everyday all over the world.
In the simple act of only a few minutes a day in meditation and prayer, you are a pioneer of the New Earth. Individuals I will mention in this book who are living models of the 1,000 Years of Peace and who are giving so much to this transition, were - every single one - dedicated, disciplined meditators. What an inspiration.
Attunement to the Spirit of Love is so transformative that it will not need the majority of people on the planet to bring in the era of peace. Only a very small percentage is needed to effect the fabric of the whole and to bring everyone else into the awareness of the light. I, and you who read this, know what is happening. It will take 20 to 25 years or perhaps longer for the majority to realize it.

Meditation and Prayer Procedure

Before sitting down to meditate.
1. Set a spiritual ideal.
2. Drink a few sips of purified water or take a few bites of a piece of fruit or other food.
3. Light a candle and/or some incense (optional).
4. Put on comfortable loose clothes.
5. Play some beautiful, peaceful music (optional).
6. Choose a place and time you can consistently meditate at.
7. Do what you can to ensure that you will have quiet and not be disturbed (such as turning off the ringer on the phone and putting the answering machine on automatic and mute).
8. Place some fresh flowers or flower essences close by (optional).
9. Prepare a prayer list and place it close by where you will sit for the meditation.
10. Meditate with a small group once a week.

Beginning the meditation.
1. Sit with the spine straight.
2. Hands palm down on the thighs or have the thumbs and index fingers touching on each hand. Another alternative is to fold the hands across the abdomen with the thumbs touching.
3. Feet firmly on the floor.
4. Conduct head and neck exercises and relaxation suggestions.
5. Breathing exercise.
6. Chants (optional).
7. Say a prayer of protection.
8. Recount the Lord's Prayer as if you are hearing the meaning of the words for the first time. Let them resonate through you.
9. Affirm ideal.
10. Enter into the silence.

Ending Prayer
1. When you feel peaceful and at One with the Creative Force within, open palms outward. Send "surround" healing light in prayers for other life.
2. Surround the earth with light. Imagine it perfect, balanced and whole.
3. Express gratitude.
At the end of meditation is not the only time one can pray. Prayer can become a part of your entire day. It is a life-line to Mother/Father God. Our beings need to be nourished each day through right thought and inspiration in these times of change, just as our bodies need a nutritious diet.
A dramatic example of the power of faithful prayer in the face of earth changes is the story of a woman who lived in south Florida during hurricane Andrew. The teeth of the hurricane was bearing down upon her neighborhood in the suburbs. All the neighbors fled. She chose to stay in her home in faith that God would protect her. She stayed in a state of continual prayer. She was already well practiced at prayer. After the hurricane passed, her entire neighborhood was essentially destroyed. The homes on all four sides of her and everywhere she could see had been demolished. Yet her home stood there unscathed. To see the picture of it with the surrounding homes leveled all around it is a picture worth a thousand words. It was a miracle. Did her neighbors wait until a disaster to start to pray? Did they flee in fear and never bother to pray at all?
Was she quite foolish to stay? A real ying/yang relationship exists between courage and foolishness. There is the report of a group of people who stayed when a different major hurricane was bearing down on them. They just wanted to experience the hurricane in a party attitude, drinking and having fun at an oceanfront hotel. They drowned. Their consciousness was not of God. If more powerful and frequent natural disasters should happen as part of the transition times, the state of one's consciousness may be so important in determining the degree of our safety.
By adopting a prayerful and meditative dialogue with the Father now, you will begin to see miracles large and small happening in your life and come to have such faith that your prayers are answered. Then in a time of crisis you will issue effective prayer that will bring assistance in a variety of forms. Again, as the Master gave, "as to the degree of your faith, so shall it be given unto you." You can be fully protected through all of the changes. The more you train your everyday consciousness to be of God, the more miraculous will be your journey in the times ahead.
Individual prayers for the earth are exceptionally powerful now. Believe that your prayers can send a hurricane out to sea, keep a levy from breaking or change an earthquake from becoming a destructive 7 on the Richter scale and instead happen as a minor 2 or 3. These events are already being transformed by the prayers of the faithful around the world. The earth changes so far have happened with much less severity because of prayer. We could have experienced much worse during the accelerated testing period of 1996 to 1998. The prayers of each individual have an effect upon the fabric of the whole.
All is made of the energy that is God. Your thoughts are an energy of great substance that effect the energy of all life in a living collective meant to glorify God. All life is connected in Spirit through mind. When one acts in consistent and persistent prayer (for it is a most active doing) through faith and at-onement with the Father, all things are made possible with your intent that God's will be done. He is Love. How can anything but great good flow from your loving and compassionate intent?
Edgar Cayce was asked in a reading what caused the end of World War I. He replied that it was the prayer of all the mothers and fathers for the young men fighting on both sides. The prayers for their children ended a world war. Do you believe? What is the degree of your faith? Can you, through faithful prayer, personally effect whether a natural disaster is going to happen or not or how severe the consequences might or might not be? I say a resounding YES! This has already begun.
In the Old Testament story of Daniel, he was thrust into a lion's den by his persecutors. They fully expected him to die, but the lions could not touch him. His utter defenselessness was no problem. Great faith in God placed him there without fear. When I say our task is to transform our fear and come to a state of awareness of our oneness with God in the face of a possible earth changes, this is no idle thought. Prayer can get you through an earth event and the circumstances can have little effect on you.
I know of a married couple who were walking down a deserted street at night in the city where they lived. A tough inner city gang came out from an alley onto the sidewalk in front of them, blocking their way. A robbery and probably an assault were imminent. This is a scenario that can bring fear into anyone. It was a potentially life-threatening situation. The couple were firm believers though that Spirit was with them always and no harm could come to them if they called on the Father's Holy Light. In an instant each prayed silently to be surrounded by a white light of protection. They had already been practicing this technique many times in other less immediately threatening situations. They had learned from experience that they could trust their divine protection implicitly when their faith was like a rock. They walked on and the thugs parted as they went by. They proceeded around the corner and were not harmed. Never a word was spoken.
There are so many stories like this I could tell you about people in our time. The Course in Miracles tells us up front that there is no degree of difficulty in miracles. They are naturally occurring events.
From 1995 to 1996 I co-led a weekly group personal and earth healing meditation and prayer time. This is excellent to do in a group. The group energy increases the benefits for the participants and greatly increases the healing energy exponentially for the prayer time for the earth and other life. You will add to the energy of other earth healing meditation groups around the world. Understand, as you heal Mother Earth you will be healing yourself and others.
The Matrix Institute, run by Gordon Michael-Scallion and Cynthia Keyes, can send out a guided earth healing tape for you if you feel inspired to start an earth healing group. Their information will guide you on the format for the group meeting and also show you how the group is part of a network of similar earth healing meditation groups around the world.
 Write to:

 Matrix Institute
 P.O. Box 87
 Westmoreland, NH
 or call 1-800-Matrix 3.

For further study on meditation and prayer I recommend:

Healing Through Meditation and Prayer,
by Merideth Puryear, A.R.E. Press.
The Inner Power of Silence, by Mark Thurston,
Inner Vision Publishing Co.
Creative Meditation, by Richard Peterson,
A.R.E. Press.
The Secret of the Golden Flower, Harcourt Brace
Jovanovich, Publishers.
Unseen Hands & Unknown Hearts, by Kathy L.
Callahan, Ph.D., A.R.E. Press.

Meditation Classes and Workshops

 The Center for 1,000 Years of Peace
 Unit 1, 325 Price Road
Joseph Nicely and Staff
Sedona, AZ 86336
(520) 282-8882
Toll Free: (866) 573-7818


Chapter 3

Intuition: A Prized Skill for the Future

Intuitive ability will be the norm in the 1,000 Years of Peace. When all God's children are aware of their Oneness with God, intuition will go hand in hand with the heightened consciousness. When we grow in spirit, intuition is naturally enhanced. The daily practice of meditation and prayer brings out our intuitive ability more than anything we can do. Intuition is our sixth sense that in these times is coming to be just as natural and immediate as sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. Just as we will be needing our intuitive sense more, the Father is granting us this expanded ability. His grace is in action during the transition times.
It seems as if everyone I know is now uncannily psychic. Perhaps it is because, as this sense grew in me, I attracted souls of similar development. But I think it is much more. The new psychic awareness is making for a most interesting life. It is impossible to lie or have a hidden agenda with most people I know. They can sense when someone is not telling the truth. People are allowing their inner knowing to guide them to associate with the best people and to make the best decisions in all areas of their life. It is really allowing Spirit to be in charge. People are being guided in their relationships, their work and in where it is best for them to be. They are becoming much more aware of how synchronicity points the way. They are tuning in to messages from their higher selves and from the birds and animals. We are learning a new modus operandi. This is another way the 1,000 Years of Peace is already underway for the Pioneers of the New Earth.
More people are beginning to see that everyday events or coincidences are not random happenings of no consequence. Books, such as The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield which emphasize this awareness, are getting on the bestseller lists. We are learning that what we experience is part of an amazing, divinely inspired, guidance for our highest personal good. These are such exciting times. We are opening to ways we are connected at an energy level of love which infuses us and all other life. We can choose to flow in harmony with the abundance that manifests for our needs. Developing our intuition is to become aware of the moment-by-moment gifts that are showered upon us and of the creative ways we can use them. No longer will most of mankind ignore the great good and providence that the Father and the angels place before us every day.
In the Master Jesus's time he had food they knew not of. In our time we are coming to be aware of the spiritual food that is the essence of all material manifestation. As we heal ourselves we are better able to accept the food of life without shame or guilt. Our intuition is a great gift for us to train and nurture. It will lead us to heal to such a degree that we are able to stand before God, naked and unashamed. I do not mean without clothes. I speak of how we will be unashamed of our thoughts, words and deeds. He knows them all anyway. Our awareness of his knowing is coming to the fore. As we sup more and more consciously of the cup of unconditional love, how can we want anything else more? It is too beautiful and ecstatic. Our intuition can guide us and help us to accept what we all may want and need the most - to be wholly, completely loved, no matter what we have done or thought.

The 1,000 Years of Peace is a period in the earthly sojourn when pure, unconditional love will permeate every aspect of life. It is already beginning. There is no need to fear the transition. Open to the love of the father. He is ready to care for your needs. Many Legions of Angels have already joyously volunteered to be with us and guide us and help us in every way if we but have the wherewithal to call on them. I have heard wondrous choirs of angels singing such a divine symphony for us. This was no dream or fantasy. I was wide awake. The heavenly choruses were a joyous rapture that went on and on. The angelic realms are real and the veil is gradually lifting. Fear not. They are only Beauty and Love.

How can we fear the earth changes when we know that the unbounded love of God is taking us by the hand and will never forsake us? We can be blessed through these transition times with abundance and protection. Our intuition can lead the way. It opens us to be naturally guided to all the gifts we need. We can come to the point where we feel we deserve it. YOU DESERVE IT! You are a powerful spiritual being. You alone can do little, but with God, all things are possible. Forgiveness is so important in the healing that helps us come to this expanded state where our higher knowing can assist us so much. God can, at every moment, give us the strength to act on our deep inner knowing.
Two years ago I was frustrated because I just wasn't working on this book enough. Only two chapters were done out of eleven. I so wanted to get to work on it and finish. Responsibilities of daily life and other work were taking my energy away from the project I most wanted to do and that I felt strongly Spirit wanted me to do. A part of me was also using the many distractions to not have to face sitting down and writing, a classic case of writers block. Fear was also holding me back. What would people think of me?
I went into meditation. After some minutes in the silence, I asked for clarity on what I really wanted most to manifest in my life at that moment. The sense came strongly that I wanted a quiet place in nature for two months where I could be free of distractions and not have to pay rent or worry about bills to pay or using my time and energy to pay them. A knowing came to me that I could write the rest of the book in two months if I had this place. My logical mind wanted to argue that two months couldn't possibly be enough to write nine chapters. Yet my experience is that the deep inner guidance is to be trusted. Ideas started to pop into my head about people I might ask to house-sit for the next two months.
Suddenly a clear picture of one of my relative's houses was thrust into my inner vision. I was not considering this place at all. Spirit gave me this image. I knew it was located in the north and it was then a bitter cold January. My immediate reaction was, "No, that's not good enough. I want it to be in a warm place." But the fact that my higher self had placed that image before me stuck with me. It turned out that being in that house in the dead of winter helped me immensely to work away at this book. It was too cold to go outside for very long. If I had been in a warmer climate I most likely would have been pulled to be outdoors much more and it would have been harder to hunker down at my computer for most of the day. Spirit really did know the best course to follow.
I knew I had received genuine guidance in immediate response to my prayers in that meditation. If I was to be true to what I teach other people, I best act on it and see what develops. The only way to know whether the guidance is any good is to act on it and see what results. Without action, intuitive guidance is wasted. I have learned to trust that it is a great gift and it is almost a crime to ignore it.
Three days later I took a 22-hour drive to ask in person if I could stay at their house and finish my book. I sensed that a phone call would not do it. I had to go in person. The answer was yes and we discussed the details. The many synchronicities of this trip reinforced my awareness that Spirit was helping in many ways to bring this about.
By trusting the guidance and acting upon it, I was showing cooperation and enabling Spirit to assist me even more. This is a key to working with your intuition and for it to blossom for your highest good. There is a beautiful flow to life if we could just become more aware and tap into it. This is the new modus operandi (way of operating) - to let the flow naturally guide us onward for our best good. It takes courage to pull up the anchor and trust. The rewards can be mighty.
Recently, I was driving down the highway in Sedona, Arizona. I was worrying about something I had to do the next day. I was having doubts about my ability. Immediately, the only tumbleweed I ever saw in Sedona, went rolling across the highway in front of me. I laughed merrily. I knew it was Spirit saying all I needed to do was trust and the event would go just fine. Like that tumbleweed, I could let go and let God and Jesus and the angels guide me. A tumbleweed has to literally let go, and let the wind take it where it is best for it to be. The event went very well.
It was a great effort to suddenly move and cut all my ties in the area I had been living for five years. Other synchronicities there made it clear though that it was time to leave. The house was available rent-free for exactly the next two months only. I did not have the financial resources to just go off and rent a place for two month with no income coming in. I had to act or miss the golden window of opportunity.
Another facet of intuition is that it tends to show you opportunity in the present. When it is ignored, the opportunity can pass by. That is a great shame. It is as if spirit has been working to create for our right choices. When we fail to recognize it or are too lazy or scared to act, all that is ready to unfold at that moment is lost. We choose another way that probably ends up to be the less happy or less fulfilling route.
Everything worked out and within three weeks I was ensconced in my writer’s retreat. It was everything I had asked for - a quiet place in nature, free of distraction. What a miracle, for which I am so grateful. As I write this I have been here five weeks. I have three more chapters to go. I am going to make it. I still don't know where I will go or what I will do a month from now when I have to leave. I have faith that Spirit will show me the way and guide me on to what is next. As Edgar Cayce would say in his readings, "Why worry when you can pray?"
If you can make a commitment to yourself to allow your high intuition to guide you, these times of inner and outer earth changes can be a grand, creative adventure, not something to be feared or to cause depression or feelings of hopelessness.
When you begin feeling the latter, go within. Meditate and pray for guidance and assistance. You will be lifted up and these fear-based feelings will be transformed to feelings of peace, safety and abundance. Love conquers fear always. The two cannot live together. We are coming into a time of such love and security with God. Fear not. Let the Father and the Master and your Guardian Angel and all the angels take you by the hand and lead you. Your free will is respected. You need only ask.
My psychic ability came forward when I began to meditate daily in the late 1980s. Intuition also needs to be trained and practiced. I took classes and workshops in intuitive development. This helped me greatly to hone my intuitive skills and to develop confidence with them. The sharing and support at these classes was very valuable. At the end of this chapter I list classes and conferences for intuitive development. If you are serious about preparing for the times ahead, I highly recommend such training. Even one weekend of intuitive training can reap rich rewards for a lifetime.

Telepathy Now and Beyond

Telepathy will be a very useful tool in the near future. Webster's dictionary defines telepathy as communication of one mind with another by some means beyond normal sensory perception. In the 1,000 Years of Peace, the spiritually attuned people will have telepathy as an everyday part of their interactions. It will become normal sensory perception. The definition will have to be revised.
If the earth changes should possibly progress to wider and more severe natural events, we may come into a time when the mass telecommunications of today are not operating. Psychics will be depended upon to send and receive messages telepathically. This may be the only way to communicate over distances until the communications devices are back up and running to some degree.
Television and radio stations may not be able to broadcast in different areas at different times. The electricity in some areas may not be on for TV sets and radios to receive the broadcasts. Phone service will be impaired.
The spiritual communities in the safer areas will regularly exchange messages through telepathic "uplink" by their most psychic members. More people will be trained for telepathic work. The best teachers will travel among the safer or more stable areas as part of an ongoing exchange program.
We are all intuitive and telepathic. Most of us generally don't believe it or have confidence in it. One of my teachers, Linda Schiller-Hanna, notes that during the first few hours of intuitive training, people channel intuitive information with an average accuracy of 85%. I have experienced this in my classes. That is amazing. One need not feel you have to be especially gifted to do it. It only takes guidance to relax, imagine you can, and go with the images and sensations that come. It is natural and latent within each of us.
One interesting experiment I have tried with successful results is to send a telepathic message to someone far away. I go into meditation and when I am deeply relaxed in the quiet, I ask my higher self to connect to the higher self of another person who I wish to get a message to. This technique has saved me some money on long distance phone bills.
A case in point was the time when I really needed a particular person to pay me some money they owed me. The individual was living about 500 miles away. In meditation I called on my higher self to connect to their higher self. We are all connected in Spirit. In the higher dimensions there is no distance. I told her in Spirit that I really needed her to send me the money. I didn't try to get her to do it. That would be a form of coercion bordering on psychic attack. It would be an unethical violation of her free will. My intent was simply that she get the message from her higher self. How she responded was up to her.
The next morning she called me on the phone long distance to let me know that last night she had "felt" strongly that I really needed her to send me the money. She let me know that she had put it in the mail that morning. I received it in a few days right when I needed it.
Even though she did not actually hear my voice or speak back to me during the telepathic sending, she did get the message clearly when I sent it. I knew intuitively also during that meditation that she had received the message and was going to send me the check the next day. She really didn't have to call me.
You could try this experiment at the end of your meditations. See if the person sensed your message in any way. Keep working with it. Persistence and consistency may be needed at first. Also, since this is being done through the assistance of your higher spiritual selves, it is far more likely to be successful if the message is important and needed. A frivolous, game type of message has no real purpose to accomplish some good in the world. Here is another important point in working with your intuition: Always have a creative purpose of service if at all possible. It is a form of protection as well as something the higher kingdom would want to help us with.
Also in my readings I am able to teleport my astral self or higher being-awareness to other locations and see the scene and describe the place in detail. The place can be in the far past, the future or the present. I was astounded that I could do this in a beginners' psychic training workshop. Everyone else in the room could do it to!
One exercise in the class was to get with a partner and get very relaxed in a chair facing them. We were to say their name three times, then their resident address three times. Having the person say their name three times helps you to tune into their vibration. They were not to tell us anything about their house at that location. My partner and I were both able to describe each others' homes in detail and neither of us had ever seen the other's home before. Her home was two time zones away, in an area I had never been. I had accurately described her home inside and out, the front and back yard, and the neighborhood.
Later that day we were given an exercise to imagine we could project our psychic sight (remote view) to the motel room of the facilitator of the workshop. None of us had been there. She told us that she had placed something on a table in her room. The person who described it most accurately through remote viewing would win it. She gave us the address and room number. During the exercise, I immediately saw an angel on a metal stand. She was about 12 inches tall. Her face was white porcelain. She was surrounded by a beautiful, silkish blue. I saw a crystal in her hand. She had fine detail work about her. I wrote down my description.
The next day I discovered that I had won something! I had best described the details of a beautiful, hand-made, one of a kind, collectors' porcelain angel. The blue all around her turned out to be the material of her dress. She is called the Keeper of Dreams. Winning her helped me immensely to develop more confidence in my psychic ability.
The lesson in this story is that several people told me they had received an image of an angel, but had immediately put it out of their minds. Their objective mind said, "No, it can't be an angel." By not questioning or doubting what I got, I was able to get more details of the angel. That is another crucial ingredient in working with your intuition. Let the images and feelings come. As you go with it, no matter how dumb or nonsensical it is, trust that it will come to make sense as you are given more information.
Also intuition flows best when you are in a relaxed state and after you have prayed to be a sincere channel of the highest information for the greatest good of all concerned. So we come back to meditation and prayer as the grand facilitators of intuitive guidance. Note also how an ideal of service is emphasized for this work. Even if you don't think you can do it, imagine or pretend that you can. I suggest you try the remote viewing exercises several times and see how you do.
Linda Schiller-Hanna says in her classes that her best breathers are her best readers. Taking slow deep breathes helps the relaxation process for intuitive receptivity. I recommend yoga and Tai Chi as activities that can help enhance your intuition. Both practices work with the breath and are wonderfully relaxing and centering.
Nostradamus recognized that deep relaxation was key to his psychic abilities. He stated: “I emptied my soul, brain and heart of all care and attained a state of tranquility and stillness of mind which are prerequisites for predicting…” (Nostradamus and the Millennium, John Hogue, p. 32)
Some terms for working with your intuition are clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairsentience (clear feeling). You may find that one of these psychic senses is more prominent for you. My readings are a combination of all three. Your intuition will most likely be as well. We all have the ability.
Just imagine how people will be helped after a possible natural disaster during these transition times. Suppose they have no way of knowing how dear loved ones are faring in another area. The psychic can tune into them, get them a message from their loved ones and also tell the person requesting the reading exactly how the people look and are. They could be anywhere in the world. Suppose local officials really need to find out what is going on in other regions and request assistance, but all telecommunications are down. Psychics could be called upon to relay messages telepathically and also to use remote viewing to see the other areas and locate people. The highly skilled intuitives could be vital for a time.
The legitimacy of intuition as a respected working tool in society may be established through necessity during the times of change. The results will not be able to be disputed. In time, people won't need to seek out a trained, experienced psychic to do it. They will do it themselves, having been trained throughout childhood.
I am reminded of a reading a few years ago that I gave in Virginia Beach, Virginia. As soon as I began the reading, I saw a house in Amarillo, Texas, in my third-eye vision. I asked the lady present before me for the reading if she was trying to sell a house in Amarillo. I saw the for-sale sign. She was. I knew it had been on the market for some time and that there had been no interest. I also knew she needed the money from the sale so she could move on with her life.
Seeing the house and the yard and the inside of the house, I was able to suggest some things to upgrade the landscaping and make the inside of the house more attractive. I also saw a female Realtor who was with a Remax Realtor agency. I asked the lady if she knew of such an agency in Amarillo. She said there was one there. The guidance suggested that if she chose to change to that agency specifically with a female agent, the house would sell within three weeks. My client had the courage or determination to act on the intuitive information. She did everything the reading suggested and the house sold within three weeks. I was so glad for her.
I don't tell this story to toot my own horn so to speak, but to show that in the face of possible earth changes effecting the whole world, such ability will be so helpful, perhaps in ways we can't even think of now. Why not nurture this ability and get confident from seeing the results? Then, when the changes come, you will have a gift of possibly immeasurable value to share and even to teach others when the need is great.
There are simple and fun ways that you can experiment with your innate intuitive ability. A friend of mine had been driving on an interstate highway for over six hours. She began to feel fatigue. She asked Spirit for guidance on whether or not it was time to take a break. She wanted to continue on. Immediately a truck passed by her with large lettering on the side that read: "Perfect Timing." She pulled off to rest at the next area. Later, on that same trip, she prayed for guidance on what she could do to improve her relationship with her significant other. The next truck that went by had the lettering, "Be kind. Be safe. Be courteous." She resolved to work on these qualities in her relationship with her mate. Signs along the way on her travels always seem to speak directly to the question at hand for her.
Another friend uses pennies as a technique for receiving guidance. She prays to God for a penny to appear immediately before her if the answer to the question she poses is "Yes." When the angels show her a penny, she moves ahead on the confirmation and conditions always work out for the best.
One friend taught me to really pay attention to the first words I hear from the radio when I turn it on. She would get unfailing messages for her best good in this way. She expected them and knew it was her higher self and guides working for her on whatever problem was on her mind. I have also had excellent results by paying particular attention to those first words on the radio. Here is another important part of working with your intuition: A sense of expectancy facilitates the presentation to you of guidance from the angels, from your guides and from your higher self.
These simple techniques of present-state awareness may seem like ridiculous ways to decide on a course of action in some major decision in life. But the angels really do seek to guide us moment by moment. Again, we need only learn to pay attention and have more faith. Persistence and consistence are needed when you choose one of these techniques. The above stories are all about little daily miracles that are waiting for us to accept, as well as the big ones!

Psychometry On A Stone Age Knife

Another way to get information for a person or circumstance is the use of psychometry. This is the ability to discover facts about an object or an individual associated to it by being close to or in contact with the object. I learned some information about the use of intuition in the near future by conducting psychometry on a very old stone knife.
A friend had found the knife on a muddy trail after a storm one summer while hiking in a forest near the Hudson River in New York State. The rain must have unearthed it. He thought it was an Indian artifact. I asked if I could do psychometry on it and see if I could learn anything. I held the center of it between my palms. The knife was about eight inches long. It was fairly flat and made from one chiseled piece of stone with a rough surface like an arrowhead. The left end of the knife was a handle. But the marks for the fingers were not the right size for a human adult hand. It was a most curious piece.
When I tuned in, I immediately got a sense of cold. At first I thought this must be because the stone knife was cold. It was not. But I went with the feeling and saw an image of a female dressed in layers of thick skins. The temperature was cold. I knew it was the Ice Age by the look of the terrain and that she appeared somewhat humanoid, but more like the ideas of prehistoric man. This was no Indian knife. I sensed it was at least 11,500 years old.
When I want a date in a reading, I suggest to myself to see a ruler or yardstick. Each inch number is a day, month, year, or century depending on the needs of the moment. I ask my higher self to show me the right date. My "vision" then comes to rest on a spot on the ruler and I am given the time information.
The woman was using the knife to scrape a large hide on its underside. She was softening the hide. I had expected to see scenes of killing associated with the knife. Instead I got feelings of cold, but also of peace. It turned out the knife had not been used for killing at all. I was able to once again dismiss what my logical mind was rejecting early in the reading and allow the scenes and feelings to flow.
Then I saw a scene of the woman and her group in a forest. They were peacefully foraging for food - berries, roots and such. A male at one end of the group received an image or sense in his mind that some very large and dangerous animals were approaching from the valley to the north. They were a few miles away, beyond their physical sight, smell or hearing. He remote viewed them. He projected the image or sense of the animals approaching to the minds of everyone in the group. They were spread out in the forest to where they could not see each other, but they "knew" where each of the others were and what they were doing.
The male who had first received the intuitive information then suggested to the group again via telepathy that it would be good if they went off to their left and proceeded up the valley on the other side of the hills from the valley where the big animals were approaching. The group got the idea and without being able to see each other or speak to each other, they all reversed course and began moving in the direction that would take them well away from the impending danger.
These souls had not yet developed language. Telepathy was an excellent means of quiet communication in a dangerous time. They impressed me so much with how peaceful they were and how they were in such harmony with each other and with nature. In the future we will retain our high intellect, but also retrieve the ability to communicate like our far ancestors. The ability is in our genes ready to manifest again in times when telepathic communication will be needed. I emphasize that we are not going back to the stone age. We will take the best of the 20th century with us.
When all the members of a community become highly intuitive in the future, they will also become as peaceful as the souls I experienced in the psychometry session on that knife. Like our ancestors who easily flowed along in the face of climatic changes and danger, so too can we flow with our guidance peacefully through the changes before us.

Assisting Souls to the Light

Another way our intuitive faculties can assist the transition to the 1,000 Years of Peace is through prayer for souls in the borderland about the earth. For the great era of peace to enter in, the darker or more negative energies of the astral plane need healing. Sometimes when a person dies traumatically or if they were really enamored to their former physical existence, they don't go to the light at death. They become ghosts. Most of the time they are not evil. They are lost, confused, suffering and lonely. Often they don't know that they died and they don't understand what has happened to them. In my psychic work to assist these souls, I have developed great compassion for them. They are so unhappy.
During the 1,000 Years of Peace there will be such light in the earth and such harmony that I believe this borderland will not exist then or it will become a lighter area of more heavenly influence. Spirit needs volunteers now who can commit to transforming this area of our world. They will play an important part of the cleansing during the transition times.
I have learned not to do this work in the house the souls are still hanging around in. They tend to be quite telepathic and know why I am there - to assist them to choose to go to the light. They can be quite afraid of the light, not understanding what it is. If they are really attached to the place, they can be angry or hostile, thinking I am there to drive them out. It is best to go to another space that is of a good healing vibration, a sacred space where you can do the intuitive prayer service for them at a distance. This is an element of protection as well. Also it seems to work best to do this so that the session ends right at sunset. I can't really explain this, but I know that is the best time.
One of the first experiences I had with this type of intuitive healing work involved a house that a woman was renting alone. She felt uncomfortable in the house, feeling like someone else was there all the time. She asked me to do a "house cleaning" for her and to tune in and see what I got about the situation.
If you haven't seen the house in person or don't feel confident that you will see it via remote viewing, you can request photographs of the house so you can get a good image of it for the session. I had visited this house and already knew it. When I said my opening prayers for protection (see Chapter Two), I then went into meditation a little before sunset at my office. After getting relaxed in the silence, I stated my intention to assist any souls in the home. I prayed for the highest information for the greatest good of all concerned. I stated the address of the house three times.
I saw a little boy about five years old. He was the spirit in the home that the woman had sensed. He had been in this state for some years now. He had resided in the home in life. He had died and did not understand what had happened. He was very lonely and unhappy. My heart went out to him. I called upon my higher self to speak to his higher self. I explained what had happened to him and told him not to be afraid of the light, that if he went there people who loved him would be there. He was afraid. I prayed for those who loved him and who had passed on before him to assist and let him see them so he could go to them.
Then I saw a shaft of light come down through the ceiling in the hallway at the center of the house. I saw bright beings emerge from the bright higher light to stand near the ceiling, still in the shaft of light. Then three other souls with more definition to their bodies emerged from the bright light and came down and stood in the light on the floor. It was a young husband and wife and a little black dog. I was amazed to see the dog. I sensed that they all might have been older when they died. They were appearing in the likeness of how they were when the little boy knew them in life so he would recognize them.
I explained to the boy that the light was all love and that is where happiness and joy is. He first saw the little dog and became so glad. I knew it was his beloved companion from when he had been alive. He really wanted to go to the dog and forgot his fear. The little boy moved into the light. He petted the dog which was wagging its tail. He took hold of his parents' hands. They smiled at him. It was all so beautiful and peaceful. They all turned toward the light, including the little dog with his tail wagging towards me, and they ascended up to the angels who were waiting above. The angels turned upward with them and they all ascended together and went on, disappearing into the light. Then the light ray went up after them and also disappeared.
The woman renter reported that she no longer felt uncomfortable in the house after that. Some months later I learned that a beloved pet is often the first contact. What I saw was so beautiful. I will never forget it. I must not take credit. I was only the prayerful helper. The boy and the angels did it together. I was somehow the catalyst for the wonderful healing and reunion to take place.
Prayer is powerful if the intention is pure. This type of prayer also involves application of intuition. Helping these tragic souls can be so fulfilling. If you feel good about assisting souls like this, you can pray for opportunities to present themselves. Be warned though, you can get what you asked for. You may begin to experience circumstances where Spirit guides you to go live in houses that end up having such souls so you can help them. I went through a period where I lived at several addresses when I began this way of working with my intuition. It seemed that when I helped the souls move on, then spirit would uproot me and send me to live somewhere else where I could help some more souls on the astral plane.
If the idea of attempting this frightens you, it would be best not to try. It is for those who are really solid in their faith in God and his divine protection in all circumstances. This work is not for everyone. Please don't feel guilty if you decline. You have other forms of service to perform. There is the possibility that if you aren't fiercely strong in your sense of protection and absolutely dedicated to the highest service of the purest light, then the spirits could bother you when you open yourself to contact with them. In some cases, possession or physical harm could be a threat. Such important work for this time is for those who are secure in their place as a child of Light and are drawn to the work from their heart out of great compassion for these suffering brothers and sisters in the borderland.
You can see that the method I came to use is not exorcism. That to me is a form of attack. Trying to drive a spirit out of a house might only force them to defend, which might be to attack the exorcist back harder then the exorcist attacked them. And so a battle ensues. I call my method a prayer. It is so often successful because it is unconditional love and compassion - honoring the soul's free will which they have always, in the physical body or not. Also, it is a peaceful experience for me because I am not in the house when I do it. An exorcist goes right into the space and confronts them. This may work, but I would never do that. All God's children have a spark of love within. Where there is life, with love - there is hope. While they may not be in the physical body, the souls in the borderland are most definitely still alive in spirit.
On only two occasions did the soul choose not to go into the light. In both cases they were just too attached to the place and to what they were doing there when they were alive. Eventually they may respond to prayer or get tired of it and move on.
Often where there is one soul in the borderland at a location, other souls come who are attracted to the consciousness that soul has brought with him or her from life. A group of characters can be present. The story of the little boy is unusual for me, because there were no other spirits who had come to be around him. More often in the session, you will intuit other souls and may need to go room to room to "clean house." Imagining the whole house between your hands when you are at another place in prayer and surrounding it with golden light is helpful, as is praying for the highest angels to assist you and them.
As you imagine you can sense the souls, you can talk to them, (your higher self to their higher selves) and guide them to the light. I strongly recommend not trying to connect directly to them. Let your higher God-self in the Light talk to their higher God-self. This is to lessen the chance of them possibly trying to bother you. In some way, you will sense when the house is "clean" and can close the session by giving heartfelt thanks for the angels who assisted and for dear Jesus and archangel Michael for protecting you (or whomever you call on for protection). I also suggest expressing gratitude for the opportunity to be a channel of blessing. I think one should always end prayers for assistance of other life with expressions to God of gratitude.
If you are considering being of service in this way, I suggest you pray and meditate on it several times to see if you get confirmation from your higher knowing that this is for you and assurance that you will be fully protected at all times. You might reflect upon whether you feel you have cleansed, purified and healed yourself enough. Usually such sessions for those in the borderland take me about 20 minutes.
I offer one-day training classes for people who wish to do this work. Reiki II, where one learns clear long-distance healing techniques, is a required prerequisite. See Chapter Four for an introduction to Reiki.

Dreams of Earth Changes

Our dreams are wonderful sources for guidance about the future. Our high intuitive knowing comes through them nightly. Most people at one time or another have dreams about earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes or hurricanes. Sometimes they can be prophetic. Most of the time they are symbols of what is happening in our personal lives or what is about to happen with our emotional state. These images are reflections of our inner hurricanes, volcanoes, tidal waves and tornadoes.
In these times of concern about potential earth changes, I have found that people tend to take these disaster dreams literally. They miss the guidance they are getting for themselves. Even professional psychics struggle over this.
A few years ago I had a dream that the cities of San Jose and Sacramento in California were flattened in an earthquake. The disaster was so real in the dream. I debated whether to call the media in those areas and warn them. Upon further analysis of the dream, I realized that San Jose was Spanish for St. Joseph and Sacramento meant "the sacraments." The dream was really about my need to ground my reality. The high spiritual place I thought I was at might be something of an artificial construct that would not hold up unless I was active in service with my spirituality. A change in my attitude was in order. I realized the dream was about me getting grounded and perhaps more humble and aware of my failings. The dream was not at all a prediction of what would happen to those cities. I chose not to make any phone calls and those cities have yet to experience such a disaster.
One of my teachers and intuitive mentors had a dream where she saw a mountain in the northwestern United States erupt. It had been a dormant volcano. Her grandmother lived close to this mountain. My teacher was concerned for her grandmother because of this dream. The woman who had the dream decided to call the city near the peak to warn them of the impending disaster. Her warning appeared in local newspapers.
A few days later she received a phone call. Her grandmother had a serious fall and was in the hospital. Although my friend had plans for Thanksgiving only a few days away, she decided to fly across the country to be with her grandmother. This was a big, sudden disruption of her life at the time. It also meant flying right to the area where she believed her dream showed a volcano was going to erupt very soon!
When she came back from her trip she realized that the dream had been about her own emotions that were soon to "erupt" over her grandmother's accident during her visit in the area of the volcano. The actual volcano is still dormant in that area.
I have had dreams of tornadoes. They are always a warning to me that a time of emotional upset is coming. I have never encountered any actual tornado. I have had many tidal waves dreams also and know they are about me. A friend had several dreams of tidal waves. She was adamant about fleeing the coast immediately because of these dreams, sure that the tidal waves were coming and if she stayed, she would drown. I was able to help her see that the waves could be interpreted directly with what was going on in her life and that they were unlikely to be a prophesy of real tidal waves in the immediate future. Actual tidal waves never came there.
Here is a listing of these nature event symbols in dreams and how they relate to emotions:

Earthquakes: unstable conditions; crumbling foundation; old attitudes crumbling; feelings of changes or a shakeup coming; preparing the ground for a major change of attitude.
Tidal Waves: waves of subconscious emotion; overwhelmed by repressed feminine emotion; water - spiritual forces flowing through the Endocrine glands; deep water -deep meaning; waves of unfulfilled sexual desire; old attitudes or ideas being swept away at mid-life.
Tornadoes: overwrought, tormented mind; a whirlwind of destructive emotions coming; stormy, sudden release of pent up emotion on the way; ideas leading to destruction; impending derangement.
Volcanoes: God - the eternal fire or force at our core; states of inner eruption; something is about to erupt or emotionally explode.

People do receive prophetic dreams of disasters that do happen. I do not mean to discount that. It is important in these dynamic times of change to pay attention to dreams. I recommend discernment though and not just assuming the literal interpretation right off the bat, particularly in these early years of the transition, when our job is to heal ourselves. Our dreams can help.
To begin working with your dreams, it is a good idea to place a notebook with an open blank page at your bedside with a pen beside it. Number the pages. Having the notebook there sends a message to your subconscious that you are ready and expectant for a dream. As you are falling asleep, affirm that you will have a dream with helpful guidance for yourself and that you will remember the dream. Upon awakening, it is important not to get up right away, but to lay there for a few moments and see if any images, feelings, words or sensations come to you from the night. One image can lead to another and in a few moments you can have an entire dream recalled. Write it down right away, even if it makes no sense at the moment. Once you get up and start doing things, you engage your conscious self and it is much more difficult to try to retrieve dream elements after that.
I like to give a dream a title that reflects the main thrust of the dream. I leave the first two pages of my dream journal blank. This is where I record the titles of the dreams, the date of the dreams and the page number they are on. As you build a body of dreams, you will begin to notice recurrent themes and images that are very useful to recognize. An orderly dream book helps you to easily look up past dreams.
Only you can properly interpret your dreams. Someone else could have the same elements in their dreams and have them mean something entirely different. I suggest purchasing one of the dream dictionaries listed at the end of this chapter. When you look up the elements in your dreams, you can place the descriptions from the dream dictionary on the blank page across from the page you used to record the dream. This blank page can also be where you write your interpretation. Sometimes a dream might suggest more than one interpretation. Pay attention to the feelings of the dream. No matter what you conclude the dream is trying to tell you, it is important to take action on what you imagine the dream might be saying, even if you are not sure of it. Such action shows that you are willing to cooperate with your intuitive guidance and you will be given more dreams to help you. You will know it was a good interpretation if your action brings good results. If you are really stumped on the interpretation, you can ask for a dream to interpret the previous dream.
If you want to help someone else with their dream, I counsel you to say, "If this were my dream, I think it would mean......." Then the person can listen to how you relate to the dream and sense if there is anything in your interpretation that seems to connect or make sense for them. Usually it does provide helpful insight. Having a dream group where you can tell your dream and then several people can give you feedback, as if it had been their dream, can be most illuminating. We are all more intuitive than we give ourselves credit for.
Your meditation time is also an opportunity to receive guidance from Spirit. After communing in the silence, you could pose a question to your higher knowing. Ask at the end of the meditation, not at the beginning. Stay relaxed and expectant. Become aware of any feelings, images, words, pictures, colors or sensations that come to you. Write them down after the meditation, even if they don't make any sense to you. It may take several meditations until you get an answer that resonates to you. Be consistent and persistent. Often this type of prayer doesn't succeed because people give up too soon.
Try making a decision about a problem, then asking near the end of meditation if you made the right decision. That way you have really weighed everything and only need confirmation or a no. I believe it is easier to get immediate and clear guidance on a subject when your question only requires a yes or no response - just like the lady who is so successful asking to see a penny. If she sees a penny, the answer is yes. If she doesn't the guidance is no. Simple and effective.
I absolutely do not encourage anyone to use oujia boards or automatic writing to seek guidance. This is opening yourself to lower spirits on the astral plane who may not have your best interests at heart. They can pretend to be higher guidance than they are and fool you with information that gets negative results. There is the danger of possession. The inspired guidance of your higher self in God from within yourself is safer and of a far more reliable source.
You now have several exciting techniques for working with your intuition. Write to me at the address in the back of this book when you start getting helpful results. I would love hear your stories. I have absolute faith that the Father will show his obedient children the way in these times of change. We need only be open and expectant of the wonders, large and small, that he works daily to lead us to our highest good.

Intuition Training

Intuition Training Intensives for the New Millennium and Classes for Assisting Souls in the Borderland
(by Joseph Nicely and staff)
The Center for 1,000 Years of Peace
Unit 1, 325 Price Road
Sedona, AZ 86336
(520) 282-8882
Toll Free: (866) 573-7818

Linda Schiller-Hanna's Natural Psychic School
of Metaphysics
189 Tolbert St.
Wadsworth, OH 44281
(330) 334-6120

The Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies
215 67th St.
Virginia Beach, VA 23451-2061

Suggested Reading

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Harper & Row.
Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self,
by Henry Reed, Warner Books.
You can Be Your Own Psychic, Doris T. Patterson
and Violet Shelley, A.R.E. Press.
The Dream Dictionary, by Jo Jean Boushahla and
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How to Interpret Your Own Dreams, by Tom
Chetwynd, Bell Publishing.
Dreams: Tonight's Answers for Tomorrow's
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Dreams, Your Magic Mirror, by Elsie Sechrist,
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Chapter 4

Healing and the Vibrational Medicine of Tomorrow

In the 1,000 Years of Peace people will know self-healing techniques to bring themselves back into balance at the level of mind and emotion. Conditions will be healed before they show up in the physical body as dis-ease (out of ease).
If people can't self-correct, they will first go to a healer who works intuitively with the vibration/energy of the human energy field. Going to a doctor or getting an operation will be the last resort. If they do go to a doctor, he or she will be well versed in the Spirit/Mind/Body Connection. Now the medical community is just coming into a consciousness of treating people with attention to the whole person. Not far off from now, Spirit will be added to their equation, as it will be for the physicists and other scientists as they too come to comprehend how only God or Love can explain how the vibration of energy works.
People will go to doctors during the 1,000 Years of Peace only after they have not responded well enough to their own self-healing abilities or to the ministrations of an intuitive healer who more than likely will incorporate sound as a healing modality. The doctors of tomorrow will practice vibratory medicine with new technologies and prescriptions. New devices will be used to diagnose discordant energy in the human energy field. The doctors will work with more subtle energies within the human body. Already some medical establishments are treating broken bones with a low-frequency electrical vibration. They are building conclusive data that the procedure helps the bone heal faster.
Graduates of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing work intuitively with the human energy field. When I attended her introductory workshop, she talked about how she could sense cancer in someone as energy in their auric field around the body. She, and the angels working with her, were able to clear the energy "gunk" before cancer ever appeared in the body. Can you imagine being cured of cancer before it could even be diagnosed in the body? The future of vibratory medicine is already here.

Reiki - A Gift for Earth Changes

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and practitioner. Reiki is also a form of healing work where healing energy is channeled. It can be applied to any condition. I know many accounts of miraculous healings of all kinds through the simple practice of Reiki. I have witnessed such healings first hand. The beauty of Reiki is that you don't need to be a high intuitive to practice it and you don't have to go to a four-year healing school to learn it. Any one can learn it in one day or over one weekend. Reiki is a most effective self-healing technique as well.
It is my conviction that Reiki is spreading out over the planet now as a great gift from Spirit to Mankind to help us usher in the 1,000 Years of Peace. If I had my wish, there would be a Reiki practitioner in every family and a Reiki teacher on every block.
Over the first 20 years of the 21st century physical earth changes may accompany the inner changes, depending on what enough people do with what they know to do concerning their awareness of their oneness with God. How peaceful the transition plays out depends upon us.
At different times, in different areas, medical care may be nonexistent or in short supply in the first two decades of the 21st century. Anyone with Reiki healing hands can treat any condition on the spot without depleting themselves of their own energy. The Reiki practitioner is just a willing channel for a special vibration of God's healing light-love-energy to flow through them unconditionally in whatever way it is needed for the highest good. As the practitioner allows the Reiki to flow to other life, he or she also recieves the benefits of it as it flows through them.
The Reiki healing energy is intelligent. It goes where it is needed. The practitioner does not diagnose or prescribe. The client is not examined nor do they have to take any clothes off. The Reiki goes right through it. The practitioner doesn't really have to even touch the person. Reiki can be sent effectively over any distance. It can also be applied for animals, plants, devices and appliances, spaces, situations and events (large and small) and for the entire earth. Describing all the ways Reiki has helped me, other people and other life, takes me a few hours to relate to students in my classes.
Reiki originated near Kyoto, Japan, in the late 1800s. Its founder was Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki has been translated from Japanese to mean "universal life energy." I have come to appreciate it also as "the unconditional application of our awareness of our Oneness with God." The practice of Reiki is one of the finest and simplest means for us to be of service with our precious time in the earth. One could say that Dr. Usiu rediscovered an ancient healing technique for the use of modern man.
The story goes that Dr. Usui was a teacher in a Christian school in Kyoto. One day some of his students, who were about to graduate, came to him and asked him if he could teach them how Jesus healed people. Dr. Usui had been teaching them about the Master's healing ministry. He replied that he did not know how Jesus did it. This bothered him greatly, that he was not able to answer this heartfelt question from his students.
He decided to resign his teaching position and search for the answer. His quest lead him to study ancient Sanskrit texts on healing in the great temples around Kyoto. He came to sense that the answer lay in the sacred healing symbols from these texts that the Buddhist monks had used for centuries in their meditations.
After years of study and travel, he still did not have the answer. He decided finally to go alone up the holy mountain of Kuriyama about 16 miles from Kyoto. There he prayed, meditated and fasted for at least 21 days. One version of his story says it was for 30 days. Regardless, early on the last day he had a powerful transcendent experience during his meditation. He saw a shining light moving toward him at great speed through the trees. It hit him square in the middle of his forehead. Brilliant colors burst forth from the light. Suddenly he saw the healing Sanskrit symbols glowing in pure gold, suspended in the middle of the great light.
He said, "Yes, I remember." When he came back to normal consciousness, he discovered that he now had the ability to channel a wonderful healing energy through his hands. He also knew that he could transfer the same ability to other people. He would be able to train other teachers. The means to do so had been given him. For the rest of his life he practiced and taught Reiki.
Reiki did not spread from Japan until 1938, when one of Dr. Usui's Reiki successors, Dr. Chijiro Hayashi, made Mrs. Hawayo Takata a Master Teacher. She was an American citizen of Japanese descent living in Hawaii. When she was in her 70s she trained 22 Reiki Master Teachers in the United States before her passing in 1980. Reiki is now well established in Europe and around the globe.
Reiki is not the only miraculous healing ability coming into the earth now. I am told of an intuitive chiropractor who can stand before a room full of people who all have spines out of adjustment. Without touching them or without having spoken to them or examined them before hand, he stands there and adjusts their spines. He is working prayerfully with the energy that connects them all in the room. The story would seem to stretch conventional believability. But this is an example of the exceptional healing ability that is coming to healers now.
Another Reiki Master I know was able to adjust my spine using the long distance Reiki while speaking with me over the telephone. She was in another city at the time. I felt the vertebrae move back into position. Such healings are considered miraculous or just scoffed at now. Yet in the 1,000 Years of Peace the miraculous will be commonplace. The pioneers of the New Earth are already living the life to come for everyone.
With my Reiki hands, I have felt collapsed lungs spring back into place during a treatment which I and two other Reiki practitioners gave together. This was for a person who had been in intensive care for two weeks with two collapsed lungs. The person wasn't getting better. Two days after her Reiki treatment, she was released. She had also been placed on lists for prayer. Many people were praying for her.
Reiki has brought people out of comas, instantly healed a dog that was choking to death, and healed a serious burn within minutes so that you couldn't even tell where the person had been badly burned. I have been debilitated to the degree that I could not walk when I was out in the wilderness with night approaching. With self-Reiki applied periodically to loosen my locked-up knees, I made it several miles down a steep mountain on my own. The next day I was fine. You could not have known that anything had happened to me.
Reiki has been applied to tumors for people who had been scheduled for major operations. After the Reiki treatments, the tumors disappeared and the people no longer needed the operation. It is common for my Reiki students to tell me of doctors who stand before the X-rays with their mouths hanging open when the X-rays show a healthy person, where only days before it had been quite a different story. Their typical reaction to their patients in these situations is: "I don't know what you are doing, but whatever it is , keep doing it." They don't seem to want to know.
I have prayed alone with Reiki and it brought peace to an entire emergency room of a large hospital on a busy Friday night during a full moon. The place had been a madhouse of pain, screaming, stress and turmoil only seconds before with multiple accident and shooting victims present. The staff was greatly stressed and overwhelmed. As I imagined everyone in the emergency room between my hands, I prayed for the Reiki to flow. This is a Reiki long-distance healing technique taught in Reiki II. Literally, within 20 seconds, the whole place became peaceful.
I also did Reiki in that emergency room that night on someone who had internal bleeding and spinal injuries from a car accident. When she was finally examined and given tests and X-rays, they could find nothing wrong with her and sent her home. God and Jesus and the angels did it, not I. The vibrations of unconditional love heal. Every other Reiki teacher and practitioner, are just the willing, glad channels. The attractive essence of Reiki, to me, is its peaceful, elegant simplicity.
Can you see why I wish everyone who had any inclination to do so should take the Reiki training? In natural earth events it will be so needed and it can be applied in every type of situation. Should you seek a Reiki teacher for training, try to find one who gives four attunements over a two-day period. You should receive a manual and a full demonstration of a Reiki session. The teacher should directly supervise you in receiving and giving a full session during the class. You should have the history and benefits of Reiki explained to you as well as what is involved in the second and third degree training. You should be shown a Reiki self-treatment and give yourself one during class time.
It is also excellent to take training from a teacher who sponsors a weekly or monthly Reiki group where students can continue to receive treatments and practice under their teachers supervision. My Reiki group is usually the highlight of my week. There is also nothing wrong with requesting that the prospective teacher supply you with the names and telephone numbers of the lineage of their teachers so you can be sure of their authenticity. They must be able to show their lineage back to Mrs. Takata.
Also if the teacher tells you that there is no need for them to teach you a specific sequence to giving a Reiki treatment because, according to the teacher, your intuition will guide you, you are being denied a vitally important part of your Reiki I training. Be an intelligent consumer when you are looking for a teacher. Unfortunately, the quality of teachers can vary. Find one who really feels right to you. When you are ready, trust that the best teacher will appear.
If, in your prayers and meditations you find there is no teacher in your area you feel great about and you feel I may be the one for you (particularly if you resonate to the message of my book), you might consider sponsoring me to come and teach a class for you. I would be most glad to do so at a reasonable cost to cover my expenses. I am dedicated to bringing Reiki to as many of God's children as wish it. Once you receive your four attunements, the Reiki will always be with you. It is the greatest blessing in my life.

A Message to the Healers

The vibrational healers will have their day soon. Some are chafing at the bit in frustration during this grace period. They wonder why their healing ability is being so much ignored and even ridiculed. It seems we have this wonderful ability to help people and hardly anyone wants it.

Fear not, healers. The time approaches when your exceptional abilities will be in great demand. It is not far off. Patience. Patience. The sacrifices you have made and the tough, painful inner healing you have courageously undertaken on your own are about to reap huge dividends. Your vow of compassionate service will have multiple opportunities to manifest. Use this holding pattern, this grace period, for self-healing, for cleansing and purifying, for resting and growing strong and whole. You will share all that you will be able to soon. You will become respected and honored.

Healers: Rest. Heal. Use this time well. Whatever your specialty is in the healing arts, BECOME A TEACHER OF IT. You could exhaust yourself practicing should the need become real over the transition years. You may not be able to help everyone who needs your assistance. It is wisest to teach then and place an army of practitioners before the people in the earth event area. Let many other sets of hands heal all who are in need while you teach. Become a MASTER TEACHER of your healing art now. That is how you can help the most life should the transition times be more challenging than we would like.
Reiki Teachers: Teach other teachers now. This is the window of opportunity. If you do not because you fear other teachers will take away your students and your income from Reiki, you do a great disservice to your brothers and sisters on the planet. With Reiki, we are especially poised to be our brother's keeper. Trust that God will supply your every need. You are in high service. Do you think he would abandon you? When one day you go to meet your maker and your life review passes before your eyes, do you want to see the thousands of people who suffered through the changes because you withheld the Third Degree training to so many? Even without outer changes, the Reiki can help so many with their inner healing on many levels.
Do you ask $10,000 for Reiki Three training, even if it is for only over one weekend? Shame on you. The Reiki is a wonderful blessing in your life, a great gift. Share it generously now, even if they cannot pay. Soon, money won't matter a bit. Why wait for earth changes to share the gifts generously? The need for teachers is now. The life of the earth needs as many Reiki teachers as possible. Please don't hold back out of ego or fear. God's healing light wants to flow. It is natural and good to let it. There is such purpose to our Reiki teaching now. Live the purpose you were born to.
You had a birth vision before you came to the earth in this lifetime. It is part of the collective world vision. Perhaps you do not yet remember. Do not deny your purpose when you are so close to fulfilling it!

The MAP Program

Another excellent self-healing tool that is available to us now is called "MAP." MAP stands for the Co-creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program. Essentially, the program consists of naming a medical team of angels for yourself and having your team work on you under specific guidelines and perimeters for your own healing. MAP is not for working on other people.
The White Brotherhood is not a racist group of angels! The term refers to the High Angels of Light. White is the pure light composed of all the beautiful colors of the rainbow. They are a brotherhood signifying their unity under the glory of God.
Map differs from other healing modalities in that no human practitioner is involved. Again, it is not meant to be done on another person. The program is for self-healing.
Machaelle Wright is a co-creative gardener in Virginia. She is the founder of the MAP program. Her ability to receive communication from the devas or angels of the plants in her garden came after many years as a disciplined meditator. Her garden grows under the direction of the nature intelligences. In her book outlining the MAP program, she tells the story of how she had been going to a chiropractor for adjustments related to pain she was experiencing due to physical changes she was undergoing in response to the work with the devas in the garden. I suspect also that these changes are part of her transition through the times of change. Our bodies are adjusting to the new energies. Pioneers such as Machaelle may be experiencing these symptoms first as they are the early leaders, mentors, guides and models for many others to follow.
Sometimes the chiropractor was not able to work on Machaelle when she needed it, because of a busy practice. Also, the chiropractor was a rather long drive away. In her meditation, the nature devas suggested to Machaelle that they were prepared to offer her a new step in their work with her that would be an extension of her co-creative partnership with them in the garden. The devas suggested that under their direction she could receive the chiropractic work through them instead of going to the chiropractor. Thus began the Medical Assistance Program.
Machaelle found that she could lie down in a room for about 45 minutes and open what she calls "a coning" to her personal MAP team. She tells them what is out of balance. The White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Team works with the Overlighting Deva of Healing in Nature, Pan and her Higher Self to administer healing. As she continued her personal MAP sessions, she was able to write a book detailing how other people could set up their own personal MAP program. The book is entitled MAP the Co-creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program.
At the end of this chapter I list the address where this book can be purchased. If you are interested in learning more about the MAP program, make sure you get the second edition as it has more information and is updated from greater experience with MAP. Machaelle is emphatic that anyone who is interested in beginning to work with a MAP team must read her book first. Without the detailed instructions and suggestion from her book you cannot do the program. I assure you that I say this not just so she can sell books, but because it is so important to educate yourself on MAP before attempting it. By attempting a session without using the proper procedure or without understanding it, could cause you more harm than good. I find her material fascinating. It is a model of the state of consciousness people will enter into in the 1,000 Years of Peace.
The MAP team only works on what you tell them to. They feel that what you are conscious of is what you are ready to have them work on. They greatly respect our free will. The main thing that seems to keep people from trying MAP is their feeling that they are unworthy of angelic assistance or that it is too frightening. The program is not for everyone.
I have been working with my MAP team for over three years now. The second edition of Machaelle's book shares the experiences of people who are now enjoying the benefits of MAP.
When I am feeling particularly out of sorts, I do a MAP session. Forty-five minutes later I am up and about as if the symptoms I had 45 minutes earlier never existed. The healings under the gentle hands of my angelic medical team have been rather miraculous. There is no fee. I tell you that legions of angels are with us now who so desire to assist us through the transition to the New Earth. We need only call on them. MAP can be done in conjunction with medical care and/or as one continues to receive treatment from healers and therapists. MAP can also replace all of these other personnel.
In the wake of possible medical emergencies and natural events when medical care may not be available, your MAP team is ready to serve 24 hours a day.

Edgar Cayce on Healing

Edgar Cayce said in his psychic readings that, "Spirit is the Life. Mind is the Builder. The Physical is the Result." Because of his understanding of Spiritual Law as it applies to our physical existence, he is often called the Father of Holistic Medicine.
The vibratory medicine of the future will recognize that disease starts at the level of energy as our minds think thoughts on an habitual basis that are not in tune with the love/vibration of God. The discordant vibrations register as negative emotions which show up first in the aura or energy field around our bodies. With persistent, recurring negative thoughts or as a result of trauma, these out-of-balance emotions can become imbedded in the cells of our physical bodies. If the abhorrent attitude persists, we become ill.
Mr. Cayce also said. "Thoughts are things." They have real weight and substance. They build in the physical earth plane. The creative power of our thoughts manifests in the physical. This is why Mr. Cayce often advised in his health readings that if the person really wanted to get well from physical ills, they needed to change their attitudes.

Attitudes and Emotions

Our attitudes and emotions have as much to do with the state of our health as the food we eat or the rest and exercise we get. We are coming into a time when man will be far more aware of how his thoughts instigate what he experiences and of how they effect the state of his health. Since thought is so instrumental in the creation of our reality, why not focus our intentions upon the positive outcomes we desire? We do this by setting high ideals.
As we may experience more extreme weather patterns over wider areas, so too might our attitudes and emotions sway or flip flop between the opposing poles of the Old Earth consciousness and the New Earth awareness.

"As the spiritual renaissance progresses, it must
overcome a polarization of Fear."
- Wil in The Tenth Insight, by James Redfield

One moment, hour or day we may be consumed by negativity, pessimism, uncertainty, anger, despair, hatred, fear, selfishness, hopelessness, a perception of being victimized, burdened, exhausted, weary, filled with heaviness, stress, or self-loathing. The next moment, hour or day we can be bursting with vitality, optimism, good will, high spirituality, courage, a lightness of being, buoyancy, freedom, joy, creativity, fun, inspiration, hope, generosity, or compassion.
Our world view can shift dramatically in an instant. Someone can interpret the world as getting worse and worse. It's all hopeless. We are doomed. We think these are times of such acute suffering and confusion. Why, oh why, do I have to be on this God-forsaken planet now?
That same person can perceive in the next hour or day that the world is in the midst of a glorious transformation. He then "reads" signs everywhere that tells him in no uncertain terms that man is solving the problems of the day with admirable perseverance, cooperation, character, wisdom, faith and innate intuitive ingenuity. He feels he is so lucky to be alive in this very special time in the earth.
These conflicting attitudes and emotions are normal for these often stressful transition times to the New Earth. Like the poles, we fluctuate between extremes. Through this process we can recognize the opposites well and be empowered to choose our way.
As the world may seem to be becoming more chaotic and difficult, we may also see conditions becoming far simpler, clearer and easier. The choice before us every moment is between fear and love. These are the substances of our inner polarization.
It is only natural for the collective consciousness of mankind to oscillate between the old world view and the new one. The emerging spiritual renaissance cannot be denied. It is inevitable. Love is our home. Love is our truth.

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.
Therein lies the peace of God. -A Course in Miracles

Living the Christ Consciousness

The Edgar Cayce readings suggest to us that a key to maintaining good health is by being of service. It is through unselfish giving that we receive. Action to help others with no thought of what we are going to get in return brings inner peace. That is living the Christ Consciousness, bringing our awareness of our Oneness with God into our activities. Physical earth changes would provide ample opportunities to assist others in many ways.
Thus ye will find peace as he has given, that peace not as the world knoweth peace, but that peace which comes from the awareness of the presence and of the promises of the Christ, that He has chosen thee as a messenger, as a light, as a haven for many in the hour of stress, in the hours of disturbing forces; that ye may give that strength, that blessing to others in His name... (2533-7)
The above message was given to Edgar Cayce earlier in the 20th century to encourage him in his spiritual service to others. I think it can speak to the rest of us as well.

Medicine Prayer

Should physical earth changes effect the planet as some psychics predict, people may find themselves in need of physical healing when medical care may not be immediately available. Rolling Thunder, a modern native American medicine man, suggests a prayer for making the medicine you might someday find useful in the right time and place. Here is his suggestion of what to do when you are caught with no medicine: Notice how he talks of vibration.
"You can take a glass of water and pray over it and make medicine out of it. A lot of times the Indians will be caught with no medicine and they want to cure a fever or something like that. They'll take a glass of water, pray over it in the morning when the sun's coming up. When the sun's rising in the morning, vibrations-what you would call vibrations in the earth, we call it the Great Spirit's power-are strongest then and they're bringing forth new life. When the sun starts to rise we make our prayer, and when you see the bottom of the sun, that's when it ends. Let the rays of the sun hit that water and you can make the medicine out of it if you want to do that and you need that medicine."4

Meditation as a Healing Tool

If you are practicing meditation, even if for only three to five minutes a day, you have already engaged an important aspect of the vibratory medicine of the future for your own self-healing now. Mother/Father/God's love is the energy every cell and atom of our bodies is made of. Love is the substance of our being. All life is a form of vibration at the atomic and subatomic levels.
In meditation the vibrations of love enervate every aspect of our mental, emotional, auric, psychic and physical bodies. Love is what heals. So much good is happening in that stillness. Perhaps it is something of a Zen statement to say that the quiet and stillness of meditation is our most active state. By engaging in daily meditation you are an active Pioneer of the New Earth. You are helping to create the vibratory conditions on earth that will allow for the most peaceful transition to the 1,000 Years of Peace. You are laying the foundations of planetary healing by your own inner healing.
Meditation is a natural self-healing technique. The practice is excellent therapy for the stresses of these times - your own vibratory medicine. Our minds and emotions need peace and healing as much as our physical bodies. Meditation is vibratory food (manna or prana) for the mind and emotions as well as the physical body.

* * * * *

There is no reason to wait for earth changes to seek techniques for self-healing. The means to keep ourselves in balance and to take charge of our own health are at hand. The 1,000 Years of Peace has already begun for those who choose such holistic approaches to wellness. The vibratory medicine of the future is becoming available now. The great changes in the nature of health care are already afoot.

The Sons and Daughters of One are never forsaken. Such thoughts, dear ones, are illusion. Man will attune to new energies. Your bodies are already changing at a cellular level. The crystals will be instrumental in their vibration to help you harmonize and be strong. (See Chapter One.) You will return to a close relationship with the joyous innocence of the natural world that will nurture and sustain you and your beautiful shining orb. Think abundance in all things. Thoughts of lack and belief in limited supply assist in creating limited resources.
Much that you thought only perceivable and available to the greatest saints and most highly developed spiritual leaders will be known and practiced by all. Miracles are your birthright. Come to expect them!
Yours is a world coming so magnificently into the Brotherhood of Light. You will get there soon, walking in full waking-state God-consciousness. You can hardly imagine what this really means and how it will utterly transform your lives. You can also barely believe the assistance that is with you now at many levels. We, the Brotherhood, the High Council, the Ascended Masters for, of and including Sananda, known to you as Jesus and then the Christ, are with you, as well as many other dominions of the angelic realm. All serve the Father. We are one.


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Chapter Five

Pole Shift: Fact or Fiction?

Many intuitive visionaries see a greatly changed earth in the future. The changes herald in a wonderful, long era of peace. The dreams and visions of hundreds of ordinary people from all walks of life share the same extraordinary vision. Biblical prophesy and the legends of native cultures, such as the Hopi Indians of the American Southwest, tell of a time of changes followed by a long era of peace. Clearly, something major is afoot. An event happens in our time which is not business as usual. We are undergoing a transition period to the 1,000 Years of Peace.
In this chapter and the next I will examine prophesies of physical changes in the earth during the transition times, including warnings of a pole shift and what forces may come into play to make the transition a peaceful one.

Oh, the wonder of being on the earth now! For the glory of God and for compassion for the earth and all the life upon it, his dear children descend into matter in this hour of transcendence. Know dear ones, when you love in the earth you create a loving essence which flows to the cosmos as a source of joy and healing for your brethren who exist in other dimensions within God's many mansions.
Only on the blessed earth is this particular vibration possible as it originates through the veil of your three dimensional reality. It is a particular fine variation of the Light-Love-Energy that is the All. It can be produced nowhere else. This then is a portion of the grand purpose of humanity in the earth.
Eons ago, the angels warred among themselves in the heavens. The war was a part of long ago unfolding events of some of the angels becoming self absorbed over a great long period of time and losing their full consciousness of God. They brought about the conditions where it would be necessary for the three dimensional experience for the souls who had become enamored of their own thoughts and will versus being pure, willing channels for the thought and will of God.
You come into a time now where those on the earth in the human bodies will reside in full God-consciousness once again, glad to align their will with the will of the Father. You will know and rejoice in Oneness with all life. Those of you who have your many moments of love, see and feel and know God in all his beauty in the clouds, in the flowers, in the animals and in your brothers and sisters in the fleshly apparel. The radiance of your loving thoughts is actual energy which emanates from your world and accomplishes great good in other realms.
There is joyous purpose in these transition times to a long era of peace on your beautiful, shining orb. Each one of you and your earth are precious and unique in the cosmos. The divine creativity now underway on your three-dimensional world glorifies God. It has been eons nurturing earthly life to this birth time of transcendent bliss. You will start a new calendar from Year One after the great changes.
Putting together the piecework puzzle of my guidance and that of so many others, I most reluctantly consider the possibility that conditions for mankind may get worse rather quickly before they get much, much better for a long, long time. However this is not set in stone and might never happen. The inner changes within people are the sure earth changes that are already underway. The scope and duration of any possible physical earth changes are very much still up in the air. We may yet experience a peaceful transition instead. It all depends on what we do with what we know now.
I have struggled mightily with the decision to share the information I have been given concerning potential physical earth changes. Through much prayer and meditation and time in nature, I gradually came to terms with the role Spirit seems to have for me. The visions are to assist my dear brothers and sisters to rise above their fear of earth changes and calmly prepare, expectant and hopeful of the very best. We can come to understand the beautiful purpose and love that is behind all that is happening and all that is about to happen. Our crisis is a birth.
Visionaries who see a new order or understanding which challenges the status quo are historically rejected and ridiculed in their time. Look at the lives of Galileo and Jesus. Yet something is very different about what is happening now. A great spirituality is soon to sweep the globe. People are really waking up and taking heed of the visions and feeling a great urge to prepare. They thirst for direction. Astounding changes, such as the collapse of Communism, are getting our attention. Record natural and man-made disasters and weird weather patterns every year engulf larger and larger areas. Such events seem to be becoming more frequent.
In psychic readings for individuals over the last six years especially, information has been coming through me to assist people on how to prepare and where the safest areas are. I always preface such information with the words, "You might consider..." The guidance is never a command or admonition. Again, we all have free will to choose our way.
Always I accept no intermediaries in my readings. There is no named entity who speaks through in them. It is inspired, rather than channeled. I accept only the information for the highest good for all concerned from the Throne of Grace and Beauty. I surround myself with the protection and the purity of the Christ Consciousness before I enter into remote viewing of the future.
The earth changes information has been startling and consistent. The real judge of its authenticity is whether it helps people or not. This has happened already and only time will tell if the guidance will help them in the future.
At an unexpected moment in 1995, a gentle voice spoke in my mind during a quiet time and said: "You will be living under the palm trees in Virginia Beach." There are no palm trees growing naturally there now. The area is in a temperate zone. A few of the resort hotels have imported some palm trees to place by their swimming pools to give an air of the tropics. A couple of mini-golf courses have palm trees. They wrap the entire long length of the trunks with heavy burlap in the winter to try and keep them alive. They look unhealthy. Their time in Virginia Beach is not quite yet.


A pole shift would cause a temperate area to become subtropical, thereby enabling people to live under the palm trees in an climatic zone not currently hospitable to palm trees. The pole shift would also certainly cause emergency information to be on the radio everywhere (See Chapter Eight).
The pole shift may be a gradual event that is already underway, culminating in a 25 to 30 degree change. It seems no two psychics agree on the degree of the shift nor on how long it will take or when it might happen. I think this is because it is all still very much up in the air. It is becoming much more likely that it will not happen at all. The new north pole would be further away from the United States. The south pole closer. Climate zones would shift all over the world. Should the pole shift nearer to Northern Europe, I see that area as one of the hardest hit. The gradual shift may be responsible for the many record temperatures, both hot and cold, and for the wildly fluctuating weather, severe storms and floods of these years.
It seems every day now there is record this and record that. The jet stream and major ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream are being greatly effected. These may be precursors to the final last resting of the planet into the new position, Should this possible scenario play out, I see the planet experiencing a series of three big jolts before the year 2021 - then the great long era of peace. Gordon-Micheal Scallion, another sensitive who has experienced visions of the future, sees three major earthquake events ending by the year 2013.
The Native American prophecy of the Hopi also suggests a possible sequence of three earth upheavals. They see a coming day of purification when we will be judged to determine if there are still humans on earth “…who are refined enough spiritually to serve as evolutionary seeds for the establishment of the 5th world,” a long “…time of peace, plenty, love and everlasting life.” (John Kimmey, Light on the Return Path) If however, no righteous ones of good heart remain, then the earth will roll over three times.

The only tools necessary on this next trek of our collective journey are consistent self-awareness and a good, pure heart.
-Marcia Schafer, Confessions of An Intergalactic Anthropologist, p. 108.

The Association for Research and Enlightenment conducted a research project on Earth Changes in 1995 among its membership. Participants were given a format for intuiting visions of the future through dreams and meditation. The results show that the respondents foresee a world that has been shaken by many changes.
In the 1980s hypnotherapists Chet Snow and Helen Wambach, authors of Mass Dreams of the Future, led over 2,500 people in "future progressions." They were hypnotically taken to the 2100 A.D. period or to aound 2300 A.D. Only about 5.5 % of the participants saw themselves living in the 2100 period and 11 % saw themselves in 2300. Something had happened to greatly reduce the population. Then in a few centuries it grew modestly.
The many vivid personal dreams from these future progressions show that humanity will exist in four basic communities in these two future eras: New Age spiritual settlements; hi-tech cities dependent on artificial environments; more primitive, isolated survivor-communities; and space-farers. Mr. Snow gives hope that the earth may experience a global spiritual awakening instead of the transformation being through destruction. Which path we take is still ours to choose.
When Edgar Cayce was asked about the possibility of a pole shift, he gave it to occur between the years 2,000 and 2,001, or a new cycle begins. Here also is a hopeful "either-or" scenario. He gives the year of a pole shift, but in the same sentence he suggests something else could happen instead - "a new cycle begins."
Today I sit revising this text in preparation for the second edition of this book. The date is January 27, 2001. According to the above prophecy, there can be no doubt that the new cycle has begun instead of the pole shift in the year 2000. This is joyous news.
He foresaw the beginning of the changes in the period from 1958 to 1998. He also predicted the 1,000 Years of Peace to follow the times of change. In a reading on April 15, 1932, he responded to questions concerning the return of the Messiah with the following: As given, for a thousand years he will walk and talk with men of every clime...they shall reign of the first resurrection for a thousand years; for this will be when the changes materially come. (364-8)

Edgar Cayce on Earth Changes

The unseen forces are the greater forces, according to my understanding of Edgar Cayce's readings. These forces are the simple fruits of the spirit that are to be applied in daily life. These are given over and over by Cayce as: kindness, gentleness, love, brotherly love, mercy, compassion, long suffering, and patience. These are the qualities that will endure.
His reading 1602 suggests that we will be able to use the creative force of the cosmos for our needs. I conclude that it is our job to cleanse and purify that within ourselves that we are ashamed of. Then we may come naked into the all-seeing eye of God and feel no shame. Cayce calls the time coming "the Age of the Lilly." It will require purity to be in the earth.
A psychic friend, whose guidance and beautiful visions I have come to respect very much, received in 1996 that the pole shift would happen in 2003. A highly gifted intuitive teacher of mine was told in early 1997, that mankind has been given a 10-year grace period.
None of the well-known psychics of the day concur on the exact timing of the changes or the debated pole shift. There does seem to be consensus that if it occurs, the shift will manifest by 2021. The exact date of the possible pole shift does not appear to be set in stone. The evolving God-consciousness of man can still have an effect on the timing or severity of earth changes. Ideally, the consciousness of man shifts enough so that the vast physical changes in the earth never materialize in our time or are greatly diminished and spread out over many decades.

We are not to dwell on catastrophic earth changes and economic demise; if we do, we will draw these things to us. If we stay conscious and guide our thoughts, they will catapult us into a desireable reality and we will have controlled our destiny.
-Marcia Schafer, Confessions of An Intergalactic Anthropologist, p. 77.

My sense is that the prayers of the faithful have already delayed events. We may have a bit more precious time in this grace period. Should we not pay attention and use the time well?
I believe Nostradamus gave such catastrophic predictions in his famous quatrains in order to frighten people into taking action to avert the disasters. The best prophecy that does the most good may be that which never comes to pass.
My suggestion is to prepare for the worst-case scenario, yet be ever so hopeful and expectant of the very best. When the consciousness of the soul who was Edgar Cayce was tuned into in a recent reading on earth changes, the information that came through was to the point: "You must prepare physically."
Mankind may soon grow weary of all the messes in the world and a new spirituality comes to all. My intuition tells me it will take many years for the population to realize this has happened. In 2021 I see masses of people realizing they have awakened to the Christ Consciousness. This does not mean just Christians per se. The term Christ Consciousness refers to all people who come into their awareness of their Oneness with God, whether they be Moslem, Hebrew, Buddhist, Christian or adhere to no major religion at all.

Ashton Pitre

Another person who has been receiving earth changes visions and guidance is Aston Pitre of Marble Falls, Texas. He has been accumulating earth changes information for over 40 years. The humility and sincerity of his character impress me very much. Here is what he shared with me and kindly permitted me to share any way I could.
"The purpose of these changes is to get rid of the negativity we have placed on the earth. The earth changes are not a punishment or a condemnation from God. It is a natural activity of the earth every 25,000 years. People who die will go to another planet to heal and purge their negativity and become children of light again to replenish the earth later when they are in tune with its new harmonies.
It is important to share what you know with others.
Some safe areas will be north and central Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Do not live within 150 miles of a large body of water, big river, lake or ocean.
The pole has already shifted 7' (given in 1995). In a 3-hour period it will shift 45'. North becomes East.
Everything must be built on love and sharing, not money.
We have so many wonderful things to look forward to- new inventions such as a machine to talk to the dead. Able to simply talk and a machine can type what you say (It's here already!). He sees crystal houses in the future. Homes will be dome shaped after the changes. There will be new foods to pick off the vine and the tree. We won't have to kill animals or go to work at jobs. People will be able to hold seeds and see the blossoms before they plant.
There will be no need for doctors or medical care. People will heal themselves if it is needed. Crystals will be used with sound and vibration. Mental telepathy will be used to know where others are and communicate with them. People will not be able to lie and hide it. This will lead to whole new ways in society and government to operate."
Mr. Pitre has drawn a map of the future United States topography. It reflects his visions of the future. Both coast lines and the Mississippi River and Great Lakes areas are greatly changed. Ashton says his map is conservative. He tells me that Annie Kirkwood, author of Mary's Message to the World and Messages to Our Family, considers his future map to be the most accurate. See Chapter Seven.
He sees two suns and two moons visible in the sky.
Has been receiving information for 40 years. He has yet to be wrong. He doesn't do personal psychic readings - too busy helping with earth change material.
Ashton said to me. "Don't pray to stop the changes. Be glad for the cleansing rather than nuclear holocaust."
Is it not encouraging to have Mr. Pitre remind us that we can actually find good in the possibility of a pole shift? No palm trees would be growing after a nuclear winter. As time goes on it is more and more unlikely that this pole shift scenario will play out. But if it does, I want to be living under those palm trees in Virginia Beach!
Gordon Michael Scallion, who calls himself an intuitive futurist, has been featured on the Ancient Prophesies special on NBC-TV. He has published a future map of the earth which shows many changes in topography throughout the world. His future map of the United States is very similar to Ashton Pitre's. They never knew of each other's future maps until after they were distributed.
In his monthly newsletter, "The Earth Changes Report," Mr. Scallion tells of the hundreds of future maps people have sent him after they came across his map. They feel impelled to share their visions which came to them before they were aware of his. It seems many people have seen an amazingly similar vision of America where the Mississippi River has widened greatly, especially at its mouth. The Great Lakes have expanded into the lands south of them. The country is split in two by all of this. The east and west coasts are inundated by flooding, much of it permanent, particularly on the west coast. Uncannily similar future maps from other individuals have also come my way.
Edgar Cayce also details these future changes in topography. In reading 3976-15 he states: The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America. There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas, and there will be shifting then of the poles -so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow. And these will begin in those periods in '58 to '98... (underlining added by the author)
From his reading 1152-11: Many portions of the east coast will be disturbed, as well as many portions of the west coast, as well as the central portion of the U.S....
And what is the coastline now of many a land will be the bed of the ocean. Even many of the battlefields of the present {1941} will be ocean, will be the seas, the bays, the lands over which the NEW order will carry on their trade as one with another. Portions of the now east coast of New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear. This will be another generation, though, here, while the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia - these will disappear. This will be much sooner...The waters of the Lakes will empty into the Gulf...Los Angeles, San Francisco, most all of these will be among those that will be destroyed before New York even.
Such predictions are scary, but there seems to be a growing consensus that such predictions from years ago are being changed by a vital, core group of souls who are dedicated to the vision of a peaceful transition.
Mark Thurston, an executive director of the A.R.E., wrote a book copyrighted in 1997 which is entitled Millennium Prophecies, Predictions for the Coming Century From Edgar Cayce. This is a topic which he is most qualified to address, having been a lecturer and leading expert in the teachings and philosophies of Edgar Cayce for over 25 years. His study of Cayce's earth changes readings lead him to believe that the changes will be gradual and that there is great hope of a peaceful transition rather than one involving catastrophe. On page 197 he states: "Just a handful of spiritually dedicated people can create a peaceful, loving form of change in which all humanity will participate. And that, at its core, is the fundamental millennium prophesy of Edgar Cayce." In his research for the book, a geologist gave him convincing evidence that a pole shift was highly unlikely or even impossible at this time.
Another student of the Cayce readings, John White, in his book Pole Shift examines the potential of a pole shift. This book was first published in 1980. In an update in 1991 he states that the possibility of a pole shift is highly unlikely. He does not think that a pole shift will happen as predicted. He presents the idea that today's sensitive prophets of catastrophe are actually reflecting the collective psyche of our time with images of planetary death and regeneration. Rather than literal events, these images can be seen as symbolic harbingers of hope pointing to the possibilities of human regeneration and planetary transformation.
He suggests we shift our consciousness from the pole of egoism to the pole of enlightened living. The earth can be stabilized by the God-consciousness of humanity, attuning ourselves spiritually with life. Let us embrace the idea, along with other sensitives and scholars of our time and of times before, that human consciousness can determine the ultimate outcome of planetary forces.
The following information points to the year 2020 as a most significant juncture in the transition to the new earth.

The Reading in Egypt

During the first two weeks of May, 1994, I had the great good fortune to fulfill a dream of many years by going on a tour of Egypt. The tour was under the theme of "Awakening the Initiate Within." One day, while our cruise boat floated leisurely down the Nile near Luxor, another member of the tour, L. D., and I exchanged personal psychic readings during a workshop which explored possible past lives in Egypt. What follows is a portion of her reading to me. It is given here from the notes I took as she talked slowly in a deeply altered state of consciousness.
Striking and completely unexpected earth changes information came through at the end of her reading, after she had related her past life experiences. She did not know that I had been lecturing on earth changes and researching material on the subject. I believe this extraordinary prophetic timeline of the future came through because of my commitment to assist people with earth changes. I thank her for graciously allowing me to print it. What is within parentheses are my comments or questions related to the information.
Sees millions of people rising up by their purity. Many will need help going up. Going to different realms. They think they are being punished. They will be able to do it. Buckling mountains, changes. Those people will die quickly. Millions going to different realms. Many transcend to higher realms. Those that will not rise up will have much karma.
Important now that we see good in others. Help others to see higher planes in earth existence.
We are light beings who choose the heaviness of our earth bodies. Avatars are there to help us.
In pyramid (Great?). It is a beacon with huge space ships above. Not in the body. Avatars on the other side help pools of souls move to other realms with giant spaceships. This is not a shock. Move to other parts of the cosmos.
(I had a dream several years ago where I saw thousands of souls suspended in the air in what I can only describe in three dimensional terms as inside a gigantic cavern, yet there were no walls. It seemed to be a holding area for all these souls. It was their light beings shining rather than their physical bodies, although the shape or outline of the physical bodies were faintly evident. What was prominent were their soul lights. It was like a place, but yet it was not a physical space, more like a huge area in the heavens bathed in a gentle, golden light.
The souls were safe and calm. There is a Magritte painting of lots of English businessmen all standing, suspended in the air in their bowler hats and with their black umbrellas. This painting has a feel to it that is akin to my sense of the vast holding area of the risen souls.
I feel these are the great "etheric" spaceships. They are not physical space ships like those of UFO encounters. I believe this dream shows the mass ascension of souls L. D. refers to. The cavern was an "area" of heaven, not a dark place at all. Many of the Lightworkers will choose to go with them to help them through this process. The raised consciousness we acquire on this side goes with us and will be needed there too for those who won't understand what they are going through. The souls will then move on to further adventures in consciousness in others of the Father's many mansions. They will continue, glorifying God as co-creative companions.
Could this vision be of the first resurrection described by John in the book of Revelation in the Bible? ...And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light...(Rev 22:5)
Someone is smiling - saying this is accurate.
It is worse to know and not do. Those who know must.
Sees ships going in different directions from beacon of pyramid. They are not visible spaceships. Wherever we are we will be able to go up. People may not go through death throes. The soul just rises up and is gone. The body is left behind.
Big push in 2020 - one of them, mass rising.
Seeing a bird with wings - like a hawk with a big beak (Phoenix?).
People realize they need to purify, remember who we are and start returning to God.
A great period of enlightenment. 2020 - a lifting up, an ascension of millions. A time of jubilation and indescribable joy. Those who cannot ascend will have to work on it more. Big chunks of souls will return to the source, staying a long time and going on to other places to help
We are here to help others clean up their act - reading, gentle things like Tai Chi.
Always meditate. Look beyond appearances of those we don't like. See their light. Send them light - even to Saddam and Hitler. Forgive and send light.
Make an effort every day to do a kindness without ego. No one knows. Every day send light to someone who has treated you badly. This helps them and helps you. Have compassion for those who are vicious.
Send light from the 4th chakra. Internalize, not intellectualize. Get rid of everything uncomfortable toward others. Love them.
Preparing for 2020. Major changes before that.
(The next portion of the reading talks about initiations. This does not refer to some secret society or mysterious rituals. L. D. refers to the ways people will heighten their awareness of their Oneness with God. It is initiation into the spirituality which sweeps the globe. People will be meeting their spiritual teachers.)
Initiations have to be completed now. Use whatever we can to complete initiations. Some may need crystals or secret words or energy from hands for opening chakras. There are many ways to do it.
Must find different ways to help initiations. People will recognize that they need to raise their chakras.
(According to ancient Eastern traditions, chakras is a term for the energy centers in the body. The practice of meditation "raises" and expands the life force within us that is the Light-Love-Energy of God. It is in meditation that we commune with the God Force. Through this time-honored practice, we can peacefully come into harmony with the Christ Consciousness. In my opinion, this raising of the chakras [meditation] is the most important preparation skill for any type of earth changes and for attuning to the vibrations of the 1,000 Years of Peace. It is almost essential for ensuring the most peaceful possible transition.)
There are dark voices that need to be overcome by sources of good. We created the darkness.
Initiations are going to be speeded up in many places. Leaders and initiates will meet seemingly by chance - all over.

The intuitive evidence appears to point toward potential earth changes which have already been greatly reduced by a critical mass of spiritually oriented people during the transition to the 1,000 Years of Peace. Where can we be safe during these times if the physical changes that have been visioned do come about to some degree? All will not be lost. There are areas all around the world that will pull through well. In Chapter Seven I present detailed information on the safety lands and on how God's faithful children can live in safety and with abundance through any type of earth changes. Included is a never before published map that clearly shows the safe areas in the United States.
Instead of focusing on the possible changes in fear, it is far better to set our hearts and minds on the ever so positive vision of what is being created through whatever changes we experience.
As John says in his Revelation in the Bible: Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: ...they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years. (Rev 20:6)

...- in the same manner that the prayer of ten just should save a city, the deeds, the prayers of the faithful will allow that period when the incarnation of those only that are in the Lord shall rule the earth, and the period is as a thousand years...And when there are - as the symbols - those only whose desire and purpose of their heart is to glorify the father, these will be those periods when this shall come to pass.
Be ye all determined within thy minds, thy hearts, thy purposes, to be of that number! (281-37)

What is the law? Dear ones, it is simply this: What you sow you reap. So why, as a beautiful child of God, choose negativity? As the Master Jesus said to those who adored him when he walked on the earth only 2,000 years ago: "LOVE ONE ANOTHER." Believe dear ones. This truly is the answer to earth changes.
Sadness we foresee in you at the wonders that may cease to be. Yet new wonders will arise to lift your hearts. Balance is natural. The new heals the loss of the old. Be at peace, my children. Be at peace. Are you not more and more tired of what is not good or right? A new heaven and a new earth is proclaimed. Rejoice!



Chapter 6

The Hopi Vision and Nature Awareness

The Hopi Indians of the Southwestern United States have a powerful prophecy of the future which shows potential earth events and the great era of peace to follow them. The prophecy has been passed down through many generations in their sacred culture. The vision is told through symbols drawn on a rock petroglyph. No one has been allowed to photograph the rock, but drawings have been made of it. Out of respect for the Hopi and for the sacredness of the rock carving, I choose not to show it here, but to describe it.
Here is my interpretation of the vision which the Hopi elders say is at least 1,000 years old. Starting in the lower left hand corner is the figure of the Great Spirit with a bow and arrow (the tools he gave to the Hopi). He is holding a reed. This may represent the passage through which the Hopi emerged into this world after sheltering in underground caverns at the end of the last cycle.
In the center of the petroglyph are two horizontal lines. The upper horizontal line is the materialistic way of being in the earth. Standing on this top line is a Hopi figure between two white people. This Hopi has adopted the materialistic path of the white people. Interestingly, their heads are separated from their bodies. In another version of the petroglyph, the bodies are headless. These people are not in harmony. Their brains are not One with their hearts. The intellect and the feeling nature are separated. John Kimmey, who apprenticed with the noted Hopi elder David Monongye, calls them the two-hearted ones.
The lower horizontal line is the good and true life path at One with nature and the Great Spirit. A vertical line on the left joins the two paths. People can move from one to the other as their consciousness changes. John says this line represents Repentance, a time of grace when two-hearted ones can return to the good true path. Hence, he entitled his taped manual for the new millenium: Light on the Return Path. I believe we are now in that period of grace when we are being given every opportunity to move from the ways of two-heartedness, which is out of balance, to one-hearted loving wholism.
Because of the lack of harmony of those on the materialistic path, the earth goes through two man-made world events of purification. These are represented as two circles that intersect the true, good path causing disruption and discord. The farthest left circle is World War I. The one beside it is World War II. They are unnatural, man-made events. To the right of each circle representing the world wars is a second vertical line connecting the material path with the path true to the Great Spirit. These two vertical lines represent the opportunity to return to the good path after each of the two world wars.
There is a third circle to the far right which represents a third great purification event. This circle sits on the line of the good path in unity with nature. It does not dissect or disrupt the path with the Great Spirit. It is very different than the first two circles. This is not World War III. If it was such a man-made event, it would go through the horizontal line of the true path, like the other two circles. It does not because the third worldwide event is a natural one. This third circle represents the pole shift, other natural earth events or a peaceful transition to the long times of peace. This third natural event can manifest as either nature forcing mankind to turn to God or as a peaceful critical mass of God-consciousness leading to sweeping growth in the consciousness of all mankind. It depends on what we do with what we know now.
The third event of nature brings integration and wholeness. In the petroglyph, the true path continues strong and unabated long after the third event. A wise elder with a cane stands on it. This figure is integrated and balanced. The head is clearly now attached and in harmony with the rest of the body. Corn stalks are drawn on the line beside him. The corn stalks represent the wonderful era of peace to follow the third worldwide event. Corn is highly important and sacred to the peaceful ways of the traditionalist Hopi. The elder figure and the corn on the good path of the Great Spirit continues on, representing the 1,000 Years of Peace.
In the upper right corner the materialistic path becomes erratic and then fades away. There will be no unbalanced, disruptive peoples over the 1,000 Years of Peace. The Hopis believe we are now approaching the third purification event.
Moira Timms, in her book Beyond Prophecies and Predictions, tells us that the traditional Hopis pray for their system of ethics and vision, as taught to them by the Great Spirit, to be utilized by the white culture in time to avert the complete breakdown in the energy systems which hold the earth mother together. Nature events could well be the result of that breakdown if enough of the white people do not integrate the teachings.
A dear friend of mine was on a bus going through the southwest several years ago. A Hopi elder happened to sit down beside her. During their conversation he related to her how the Hopi were just waiting. They know that one day something will happen. The white man will start coming to their land for help. The Hopi will take in only the white people of good heart who will be taught the Hopi ways to survive and live in harmony with nature.

A Message From The Heart

Dear red brothers, it is time for your prophesy of old to be fulfilled. You carried the cherished Law of One from the Atlantean land. Before the white man ever stepped forth upon the Americas, the wisest of your wise had a great vision. It was not just one who had the vision. It was shared among your nations.
In the vision they saw the white man coming, laying claim to the land of your ancestors, to the land you shared and respected. It was seen how the white man would exploit the land in strange ways and how he would destroy so much of the lives and the way of life for so very many of the first Americans. Tragedy and a loss of self respect would cloud the true hearts of all the tribes.
Even among the terrible bitterness and hatred, the vision also saw that just enough of the red men would survive who would keep the old ways alive. There would be great purpose to this. After a time just enough of the white men would seek out the wisdom of the elders among the tribes. Some of the white men would have a great desire well up in their hearts to learn the ways of respecting all life and coming back to a deep reverence for the land.
The vision saw how one day the whole earth peoples would become one great hoop, one great nation, where all races, white, red, black, yellow, brown and the new blue would honor the old ways and live in peace on the Earth Mother. All would listen to the spirit of life and cooperate.
This time rapidly approaches. Much change is in the air on many levels. And so a great challenge rises up to the red man of today and to all the aboriginal peoples of the earth. Can enough of you cleanse the terrible emotions of what has been done to you and your people? Can you have the courage to forgive so much and purify yourself to a higher consciousness for the greater good of all God's children and for the waters and the mountains and the birds and the sky and the animals and the plants and the rocks and the soils and the trees?
My red brother, the life of this world needs your courage. We are at the critical crossroads when the vision can be fulfilled or lost depending on the thought and action of all of us. You know the way of the true heart. There are whites of true heart you can teach. The time comes when all who are left on the earth will live from the heart. Those who cannot may possibly perish from this life to be reborn in another of the father's many mansions. There is yet time for goodness and decency to prosper. We are never forsaken. Let us choose to honor the best in each other and journey together up the sacred mountain.
Sit in your inner counsels and make the big debate. Open your schools for teaching the white man and the other races. Become emissaries that travel the four directions all over the globe. The powerful worldwide multimedia network is there, waiting to be used for the best purposes. What an opportunity! I tell you, a new spirit grows in the hearts of your brothers among all the races. Enough can listen and act. True hearts respond when true hearts speak.
I see a magnificent eagle soaring high in the sky. The white buffalo returns. (This has already happened.) When the international space station is up and running or when so much unnatural red is seen in the sky - let us all pay attention. It does not yet have to be. Move when the moving is right.
My red brothers and sisters, open your hearts and arms to the white ones who seek. Let them be lost no more. We all need compassion now. Our journey is one. When the courageous examples are set and well known, the other races can follow. Each person can rise up to their higher self in dignity and honor. Every one of us has vast value and potential.
I see a new earth. The cities are gone. The forests have returned everywhere. All the children honor the Great Spirit and a long era of peace reigns among us all. There can be no lies. There can be no destructive deeds. Even the thoughts of disharmony will be known by others and helped back to harmony. The pure, the innocent among all the races will inherit the earth. This time of pain and woe will ease and we will all walk the walk and talk the talk of brotherhood.
Into the light, my brothers and sisters. Into the light. Ho.


Forging a New Cooperation With Nature

Rolling Thunder...talked about nature-about plants, animals and the inhabitants of the earth-and how mankind's strength and ultimate survival depend not upon an ability to manipulate and control, but upon an ability to harmonize with nature as an integral part of the system of life.
- Doug Boyd

In the 1,000 Years of Peace people with be in much more harmony with nature. They will see that when a bird, animal, snake or even an insect appears, it is there for a reason and is a direct manifestation for that individual. The spirit in nature is ever ready and willing to assist us if we would but pay attention. The appearance of creatures has real meaning and can provide astounding guidance. We don't need to wait for 1,000 Years of Peace to start receiving guidance and help from nature. Even living in a city, if one is open and aware, this help can become a common experience.
The American Indians have a rich tradition of seeing the meaning in the appearance of creatures and acting upon the guidance given. I have said that all races will come more to the consciousness of indigenous peoples. Here are a few stories of my experiences in the last few years.
In the fall of 1994 I felt the need to cleanse and purify my body more so I could be a better channel of service through my readings and through my healing and teaching work. I enrolled in a three-week course at the Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. Their program centered on eating only a raw foods diet supplemented by wheatgrass juice. I did have a wonderful cleansing and felt tremendous afterward.
However I only had the funds to attend for two weeks. I paid for the first week in advance. At the end of the first week I had to decide whether to pay for the second week and stay for it. If I did, it would use up my remaining savings. I knew the program was very valuable, but I also had just opened my office in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I did not know if it was wise to use those savings that I might really need for starting my business, especially for advertising and as a cushion until my client base grew.
On the day I had to decide whether to stay or leave, I could not arrive at a decision. I went out and sat by the pond at Hippocrates and went into meditation. After being in the silence, I asked the question of what it would be best for me to do. I prayed for guidance.
As I sat looking at the pond, I saw a dragonfly alight on a reed right beside me. It cocked its head and peered right at me and stayed frozen in that position. The dragonfly is one of my special totems or spirit guides. I had some extraordinary experiences with them before.
I immediately knew from my experience and study what the dragonfly was there to tell me. The plains Indians would place symbols of dragonflies on their shields because the dragonfly had this ability to quickly change direction. With the essence or spirit of the dragonfly with them, the warriors believed they had the power to easily maneuver or flit about right among their enemies without being touched.
The dragonfly was telling me it would be best to go. I could quickly change direction. He stayed there peering at me until I registered that thought. Then his work was done and he took off.
If that wasn't enough guidance for me, spirit gave me confirmation. On the rock behind him, four chameleons came out, moving about. They changed color right before my eyes, as they adapted to the colors on the surface of the rock. This was also a sign to me that, like them, I could adapt quickly and move to other surroundings. When the thoughts registered, the chameleons also disappeared, their mission for me complete.
I now was confident that leaving was the best thing to do. In a few days I got back to Virginia Beach on my birthday. When I checked my answering machine I was surprised and delighted to hear a message that a spot had opened up for me on a tour of Egypt. This was something I had really wanted to do.
Months before, I had put my name on a waiting list for the tour. There were 50 people in front of me on the list. I had forgotten about it as I thought my chances of going were quite remote. However, a man who had reserved his own room on the tour had changed his mind and decided to save some money and have a roommate. I was the first single male on that long list. My savings were just enough to make the down payment and hold my place on the tour. What a grand birthday present!
The tour to Egypt that spring was a highlight of my life. It was an important journey of initiation for me. Some valuable information for this book came out of that experience.
If I had stayed at the Hippocrates Institute another week I would not have had the money to pay the deposit on a place in the Egypt tour. I also might not have returned in time to get the message about it and the opportunity might have passed to someone else.
Isn't it remarkable to think that such a synchronistic flow of important events in my life came about because of a few moments by a pond with a dragonfly and four chameleons? This is how our intuitive faculties can assist us as we open up to the energies of the New Earth. The rules of living are being altered. We are coming back to very old and natural ways of being where we can live our greater good in communion with one another and with nature.
Another example of how animals can give us needed guidance was my encounter with a wild fox. In 1993 I put together a Reiki-teaching tour through the Northeastern United States and on up into St. John, Newfoundland. By the time I got to New Foundland I had already been traveling and teaching for several weeks. I had taken the ferry from Nova Scotia to New Foundland and stayed two nights at Gros Marne National Park. The scenic beauty was wonderful, as it had been throughout the trip.
I knew I had to get pushing on though, as I had a Reiki class to teach in St. John on the far eastern side of the island province. I had a few days left to get there.
All through the trip I had only been driving in the daytime. This was safer for long drives and assured me that I would rest at night and keep my strength up for the over 5,000 miles I was traveling alone. I thought though that for this one night I might drive a good way in the dark so I would be closer to St. Johns and arrive a day early to give myself a rest day before preparing for my class. I had been warned that moose are very difficult to see at night and cause accidents. Also the highways were almost deserted in the sparsely-populated wilderness of the large island.
I was nervous about choosing to drive that night. Had I made the best decision? Sunset approached as I was driving out of Gros Marne National Park after an afternoon of exploring the magnificent scenery. As I was still mulling my decision to travel that night, I noticed a fox come out of the woods ahead of me. He (I believe it was a male) stopped in the middle of the road and looked at me. It happened so suddenly, that I swerved around him and then pulled over and stopped. In my rear-view mirror I saw him peering at me. Then he went down an embankment and disappeared.
I waited. In a minute he came up from the embankment and sauntered around my car to come and sit on the road shoulder beside me on the driver's side. I needed only to roll down my window to touch him. He was so beautiful, with sparkling intelligent eyes that I will never forget. We sat there for some moments communing with one another. Not another vehicle came by during this exchange.
I went into meditation and asked what the message was from my dear animal brother. I knew he was going to stay until I "got it." The message was that the fox in native lore can act as a harbinger of good journey for someone far from home. That certainly was me right then. I knew the message was that I would be OK to travel that night and not to worry.
When that thought registered, the fox got up and went back into the woods in the direction he had come from. I went on my way, driving that night until a bit after 11 p.m. on a mostly deserted road through the forests. I had no problems. It was the only night travel of my seven-week trip.
I have been blessed with other meaningful encounters in nature that gave me very reliable guidance for decisions of the moment with varying degrees of importance. One was with a skunk on a forest path in Nova Scotia on the afore-mentioned trip. I was camping out after a day of driving and decided to take a hike at sunset. No one else was on the trail and I was wondering how far I should go on the unfamiliar landscape before turning around and getting back to the campsite before it was pitch dark. The trail was on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Bay of Fundy. I didn't want to step over the edge in the dark or trip and possibly injure myself with no one around to hear me.
A skunk appeared out of the forest onto the trail ahead of me. He trotted along in front of me on the trail. Every once in a while he would look back as if to say, "Come on, its OK to go this far." When he eventually went off the trail and disappeared, I knew this was the point to turn around and head back. I arrived at my campsite just as the darkness had settled in. The timing was perfect.
I think we have gotten away from a beneficial communion with the natural world. We see an animal, bird, snake or insect and while we may or may not appreciate their presence, we generally do not sense the synchronicity and its message for us. We are cut off from opportunity. It was some years of meditation and growth before I came into my new awareness. We are all getting there to some degree.
Perhaps the next time a rabbit or a spider suddenly appears in front of you, you might pause and go into the quiet. You can ask the spirit of the creature for the message. If you get one, act on it! Nature is trying to help you. A rule of intuitive development is that by acting on guidance, even if you are not sure of it, you show spirit cooperation. Then even more guidance opens up for you.
Should earth events happen, creatures of all kinds will attempt to warn us and guide us through it. You can choose to awaken to the appearance of our friends in nature and receive the help you may need. It would be a shame to be ignorant of it and not benefit from our intuitive interrelationship with other life.

 The Role of the Dolphins

 I believe that dolphins are very special totem friends who are assisting mankind with our awakenings in this dynamic time of consciousness expansion. In my many experiences with them, I have come to know them as playful, joyous, highly intelligent, telepathic and interdimensional brothers. They are healers filled with unconditional love. I encourage anyone to meditate upon them or be with them whenever you can. They have gifts for us to help us now. They understand our thoughts and know our feelings. Their “sonar” can scan our bodies, finding what is out of ease (dis-eased). Then they send sound or vibration to heal it.
Many of my future visions were given in meditations on the beach in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The dolphins always came at those times and stayed in the water in front of me until I finished. It seemed that other people never saw them. I know that somehow the dolphins assisted.
There are many stories of extraordinary experiences with dolphins. Once Jacques Cousteau saw a group of them standing upright at the bottom of the ocean in a circle facing each other. He said he know it was a conference. Michele Gold, in her wonderful book, Angels of the Sea, describes the time she observed two dolphins gracefully moving sand with their rostrums at the sea floor. When they left, she realized that they had drawn a perfectly symmetrical flower for her to see in the sand.
In the early 1980s I was in the ocean with some wild Altantic dolphins at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. I had waded in from shore and was standing in water up to my chest. The dolphins were feeding all around me on a school of small fish (anchovie?) that had come this close to shore. I knew I was perfectly safe. I could not see the dolphins underwater as the surf had the water really churned up.
Suddenly, two dolphins leapt out of the water from opposite directions on each side of me and passed each other in the air directly over my head. They were so big. Their bodies seemed to pass over me forever.
They had to have been in communication with each other to do it. They each must have needed some distance to swim and get up the momentum to leap. They could not see me or each other in that frothy water, yet they leaped from opposite directions in perfect synchronicity, passing each other in the air over me with hardly an inch of space between their flying bodies. These were wild, untrained dolphins.
 In the summer of the year 2000 I was able to observe a pod of Pacific dolphin in much clearer water. They were about 100 feet away from me as I thought to experiment with sending them Reiki. As I did so, I asked them in thought if they felt the Reiki and if it was helpful to them. I no more than had that thought, when the largest one broke from the group and raced toward me. I called him The Elder.
 He came up to within one foot in front of me and positioned himself sideways so his eye was right in front of mine. We stared at each other for some moments as he kept himself perfectly still in front of me. I again asked if they had fealt the Reiki and if it was helpful to them and if he could understand what I was thinking. Immediately, he backed away a few more inches, still keeping his eye focused and level with mine. Then he opened his mouth in what I knew he knew was a smile to me. Then he slowly, deliberately and emphatically nodded he head “Yes” twice. When he knew that I knew his answer was “Yes” to all of the above questions, he darted back to join the others.

“I feel that dolphins are the guardians of the human race, lighting the way to peace on earth.”
-Michele Gold in her book, Angels of
the Sea: Sacred Dolphin Art of Atlantis

I do not think of dolphins as creatures anymore. In some ways they may be more advanced than us as sentient beings. To me they are Angels of the Sea. More and more, we will connect with them in magical ways. We will come to commune with them and understand them at deeper levels as the veil is lifted and as they assist us during this transition. We must do all we can to save them and keep them well. I believe we need them in ways we are just beginning to comprehend. I cannot imagine my book without them on the cover.

 Animal Guidance Glossary

 To help you experiment with getting guidance from nature, I have compiled the following short glossary of God's creatures based on my experience, intuitive guidance and study. It is by no means complete. You can free-associate and come up with your own ideas of the creature's character or essence which has meaning for you. When a creature appears you can check for it and see of anything in the description seems to ring true to you. If it does, act on it. The real test is whether you get positive results or not.
With practice, the technique of recognizing the presence of a creature as a meaningful manifestation just for your benefit, will become second nature. Always say prayers of gratitude when it works for you - gratitude to God and to the spirit of the creature who is a brother who came for you out of love. Their presence is a gift. Whether in a dream or in real life, when a creature appears, it may be a signal that we are ready to integrate something of its nature into our waking consciousness.

Badger: being more assertive, fierce in living your spiritual ideals.
Chameleon: adapt easily to new circumstances, transition.
Crow: personal integrity, speaking the truth, What are you squawking about? Put your thoughts back to the law of love. Practice faith.
Dolphin: Keeper of the sacred breathe. Joy. Laughter. Ready to answer questions for yourself and others.
Dragonfly: change, ability to alter course quickly.
Eagle: keen, far-sighted vision, the highest wisdom, courage, great truth spoken or thought.
Hawk: Wake up. Get alert. An insightful message is at hand.
Fox: We are all family. You are not alone. Harbinger of good journey far from home.
Mouse: Look closer at the details; get grounded.
Rabbit: Abundance, fertility, overcoming fear.
Spider: What web have you cast? Clear the cobwebs. Look at your dark side. Heal the dark stuff - It's poison. Heal the torn web of your life.

For a much more thorough list and for helpful information on discovering and working with your creature guides, I recommend the Animal Medicine book and Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson.

 Nature Awareness Resources

 Perelandra Center for Nature Research
P.O. Box 3603
Warrenton, VA 22186
(540) 937-2153
(Workshops offered only periodically
- closed to the public most of the year) to the public most of the year)

The Findhorn Community
Findhorn, Scotland


Chapter 7

The Second Coming and
the Concept of Safety and Safe Areas

The thought of a pole shift or of vast physical earth changes can invoke fear into the hearts of men. Our job is to transcend the fear of earth changes through faith in God and through the eradication of selfishness. We cannot overcome fear or selfishness by ourselves. We do so by becoming willing, glad servants of God, desiring with all our hearts that his will be done in us and through us.
By giving up to the Spirit of Holiness what we have created that is not of God, we win the race set before us in these dynamic times of change. Crisis is an opportunity. The opportunities to come back into our awareness of our Oneness with Spirit are themselves manifestations of his great love for us. Peace is not something we have to engineer within us or in our outer world. It is already there. We need only enter into it. These transition times and the long period of peace to follow are really a time of coming into remembrance.
By demonstrating our willingness to do God's will, we allow our lives to become miraculous. Thoughts and acts of selfless service to even the lowliest among us become the shapers, the builders, of that shield of protection through any type of earth changes. Yet no influence without or within may be of a detrimental force to self - so long as self will surround self with the thought and ability of the Christ Consciousness, and then practice same in its dealings with its fellow man. (2081-2)
The way to practice the Christ Consciousness, our awareness of our Oneness with God, is to apply the fruits of the Spirit toward our brother. These fruits of the Spirit are love, brotherly love, compassion, joy, gladness, kindness, gentleness, long-suffering and patience. It is by these simple virtues that we show God our willingness to do his will. Such fulfills the universal law of love. It is entering into the consciousness of the 1,000 Years of Peace.
Here a little, there a little, line by line, precept upon precept, we sincerely become our brother's keeper. The great challenge now is to love unconditionally as Jesus did. He set the pattern in his perfect life for the rest of us to follow. Over the 1,000 Years of Peace, I see that all God's Children in the earth will have become Christed. To be Christed is to give up selfish desire to the Spirit of Holiness so it may be healed and to have our faith become like a rock and move and be in perfect harmony with the flow of divine manna, the spiritual food of blessings. Let us drink freely of the Waters of Life.

In these times the sacred heart of the inner light brings the Christed ones together.

The 1,000 Years of Peace has already begun for those of God's children who will let it be so. We prepare the way and need fear not. Our selfless, fearless, defenseless devotion gives the Spirit of God the opportunity to assist us in miraculous fashion in every area of our lives. We alone can do little, but with God so much is possible. The faith of a grain of mustard seed could be enough to see us through to the times of peace.
He has given his angels charge concerning those that seek to be a channel of blessing to their fellow man, that purge their hearts, their bodies, of every selfish motive and give the Christ - crucified, glorified - a place in its stead. (696-3) Mighty spiritual protection for our physical lives is always at the ready. It rushes to our aid in time of need, especially when we call upon it in prayer.
The miraculous is our divine birthright. The book, A Course in Miracles, was first published in 1979 by the Foundation for Inner Peace. The inspired material in this book is an effort to correct the message and teaching of Jesus and the Christ which has become misinterpreted over time. The first chapter of the course begins with the statement by the Master:

There is no order of difficulty in miracles.

The course teaches that miracles are naturally occurring events which are everyone's right, but we must be purified first. The miracle is instigated through prayer. All healing is essentially the release from fear. The undoing of fear and the application of forgiveness are key ingredients to leading a miraculous life. The course supplies hope and comfort in these challenging times with the words from the introduction:

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

We can begin to move through these times of transition in absolute, miraculous safety even in the face of a pole shift by accepting our personal responsibility to believe and apply our awareness of our Oneness with God.
The Master comes again into the hearts of those who would bid him enter and sup with them in the holy tabernacle within. He may abide in an open heart only through invitation. By so doing, we become the companions with our
maker that we were ever meant to be. [He] may come at will to him who wills to be one with [Him] and acts in love to make same possible. (5749-4) ...those that call on him will not go empty-handed... (5749-5) The risen Christ is that dear friend, that elder brother, that would ever assist, guide, direct and accompany those who willingly chose his presence.
No matter what our trials, temptations, joys or sorrows in facing the possibility of earth changes, the Spirit of God will take his faithful children by the hand and lead them through the wilderness. Our strong faith is the preparing of the way for his return in Glory. The Second Coming happens when the needed climate for it has been created in the consciousness of the faithful who look for it with unswerving expectancy.
The faithful, the pure, the just, the innocent shall never be forsaken. They shall inherit the earth in a new Eden as it was before the fall. For those who would enter into it, the 1,000 Years of Peace has already begun.

The Master does come again, first within the hearts of those who seek his bidding. His and the Father's glory will again be seen in the clouds, by those who expect it and look for it and who would prepare the way.
The Fathers blessed children who come into awareness of their spiritual being and into an understanding of the law of love as it manifests and moves creatively in the earth, are the ones who will recognize the Second Coming in a beautiful form that transcends the physical plane.
How the angels will sing to the glory of God on that day. Changed and new, a spirituality sweeps the globe. A collective pause, a sigh, then peace reigns for a thousand years.

While we may recognize that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, still we are in physical bodies on a physical planet. My guidance is strong that we must also prepare physically.
There are areas of the earth that will fare best should more widespread natural events occur. From a purely physical perspective, very generally, the best areas may be:

At least 150 miles from a large body of water in rolling hills with a town of 50,000 people or less at an accessible distance from your home.

Being up on a high mountain could be as disadvantageous as being in a major metropolitan area on a sea level flood plain. Viable community will be important. Being alone in a wilderness or dealing with masses of people in a large city could be difficult.
The following list is a compilation of the intuitive information I have received on safe areas over the last seven years and of supporting research. Although no area will be immune, I feel the following areas will generally be the safest from potential flooding, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and social, economic and institutional degeneration or collapse.
Please remember again that this is a worst case scenario. The great hope is that these events may yet never come to pass, or if they do, it could be over a gradual period of many decades.

General Safety Lands

* More southerly portions of Ohio, south central Indiana, large pieces of central and northern Pennsylvania away from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, the Finger Lakes and Adirondack regions of New York State in the hills above the lakes, and many portions of the inland, hilly areas of New England;
* Much of the midwest from 150 miles west of the Mississippi to the Rocky Mountains - Nebraska, Kansas, North and South Dakota and portions of adjoining states (See white areas of the future maps in this chapter);
* Upper central Montana and the lower portions of Canada that adjoin it This becomes a major food producing area with a more temperate climate; the lower Canadian provinces very generally;
* Sedona, Arizona; becoming more and more a place of spiritual pilgrimage of people from all over the world and of every religion, but not becoming a larger town by much; The pilgrims come. The pilgrims go when they have received their initiations, healings and visions. As the flame of spiritual stewardship moves from East to West early in the 21st century, the light of the Spirit of the Ancient Ones in Sedona blesses all who come. They go away from their experience in Sedona enpowered to lift up God’s Children in other places;
* The Four Corners area of the Southwest centered on the Hopi land, The Four Corners area has been the most stable and perhaps the oldest land mass in the United States that has survived earlier upheavals and pole shifts. It will do so again. Much can be gained by praying for the traditionalist Hopi there who consider themselves stewards of the balance with nature for the entire planet. Our prayers for them and all the native peoples of the world can assist them in their prayers and dances and to help them maintain their culture. It is time for partnership and for many to join the prayer vigil for the earth;
* The Appalachian mountain chain in the eastern United States, from northern Georgia up into Maine. Pick your spots though. There will be more and more problems with tornadoes, mud and rock slides on steeper slopes and flooding along rivers, creeks and streams. Even a mountain rivulet can become a torrent. The foothills or lower, gentler-angled slopes are best - above or away from streams or creeks. I sense Charlottesville, Virginia, becoming a financial center in time;
* I see Denver, Colorado, becoming a center of technology and scientific research as the 21st century moves on. It has the potential to become a climate-controlled dome city. This may all come about because it is one of the major cities of the world not situated by a large body of water. It is high enough, yet not too high or steep in the mountains. It is one of several cities in theworld to rebound quickly from any potential earth events. Electricity and other essential services will come on line there after only brief interruptions. The citizens come together to take control in only a few days. Buildings remain usable for the most part. Although damage is real, it is lighter than in other cities. The disruptions that occur are quickly contained in Denver.
Scientist and inventors will gradually migrate there because it is the place where computer systems are running and the manufacturing base, especially hi-tech, is still on-going. Vital communications equipment comes from there that is instrumental in the new regional governments to communicate with each other and thus preserve democracy in a federation of 12 to 14 regional entities encompassing three to five states each. The regional groups will naturally arise out of necessity to meet the needs of the rebuilding. At first, the regional governments will be provisional as they work to coordinate relief efforts and share what they can.
New inventions from the Denver area will also help rebuild and stabilize society. Manufacturing will become more important there because the infrastructure for industry rejuvenates so quickly. A feeling of pride and admiration wells up in me as I sense the Old West fierce pioneer spirit that is in the genes of many of the citizens. The valiant resourcefulness of the people has a great deal to do with the rapid recovery of this area.
The Denver area may have the most small planes that can still be flown immediately after earth events. This area may have the most spare parts, fuel for the planes, pilots, mechanics and useable runways. The planes will be refitted with pontoons to become amphibious so they can find places to land on pieces of water. Safe landing areas on the ground may be far and few between in the beginning months after the changes.
Big planes won't be usable because of greater fuel use (fuel becomes too precious for a time), needing longer runways that are damaged and because they fly higher. The new, fluctuating magnetic stuff in the atmosphere will send their instruments hay wire and cause crashes as their systems fail. The small, pontoon-fitted planes will be able to get around by flying low to the ground.
I emphasize these small pontoon planes because they will be essential for flying key new leaders of the regional governments to coordinating meetings as they evolve into a union preserving democracy and the nation. Sea travel is risky because of recurring tidal waves. Land travel is difficult because the roads are so damaged. The same with rail systems and airport runways;
* In my remote viewing vision, Virginia Beach, Virginia, is one of the most interesting potential safe areas of the future. While coastal areas around the world may experience severe flooding and loss of land permanently, I see Virginia Beach as actually raising up somewhat in elevation and gaining more seacoast. However, there is the potential of three short periods of flooding in the area. But the waters will recede in less than six days each time. After the second and third time people may get discouraged and choose not to rebuild, fearing it happening again. There is a strong possibility that this will not happen at all.
The presence of exceptional praying souls in that area have already kept several hurricanes away. This core of praying individuals may well continue to preserve and protect this vulnerable coastal area. Virginia Beach may end up as perhaps the most miraculous safe area or it could not -depending very much on the consciousness of the spiritually gifted souls there. I see a brotherhood of angels in a city of light in the sky there centered over the state park in the northeast corner near Fort Story. The angels of light will assist this area mightily, especially if enough of the core people continue to do God's will in selfless service to their fellow man.
If the pole shift scenario materializes, I see that land will appear of the east coast that can be seen best from the North End area of Virginia Beach. This will be a portion of Atlantis risen again.
Ashton Pitre's future map of the United States on page 127 shows a land mass having risen off the East coast of America and areas of potential flooding. I thank him for allowing me to include it. I now think that there is less than a 15% chance of such flooding ever coming to pass. Over the next ten years this can decrease to less than a 2% probability. I include this future map only to show what the prayers of the faithful are already mitigating. As the peaceful consciousness of the transition grows exponentially, so too does the possibility of unusual major earth events decrease exponentially. White areas on the map are the safer lands. The next page shows my composite future map. The white areas are again the safer lands. By pointing out these areas on the map, I do not mean to imply that the black areas will no longer exist or will become uninhabitable. The black areas simply have the potential to be more effected by flooding, other natural challenges and negative human activity.
Once again, low hills at least 150 miles from a large body of water and in and around a city or town of 50,000 people or less are the best potential safe areas around the world. Older land masses that have traditionally been much quieter in regards to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and hurricanes will continue to be the more stable areas.
* The Pampas region of South America will become a more major food producing area; New Zealand and Australia very good - away from the coasts; Israel is my dark horse safe area candidate for the future. It has the potential of becoming a major food producer for that entire region.

The New Jerusalem Vision

I had a vision that Jerusalem had become the first city or area of the earth to be given up to United Nations jurisdiction permanently. It had become owned by the people of the world due to its great importance to so many millions of Christians, Jews and Moslems. As spirituality came to live in the hearts of all God's children, the realization that Jerusalem belongs to all to share in worship sweeps the collective consciousness. All choose to share ownership.



Jerusalum becomes a shining monument to worldwide cooperation. It becomes the first land area to no longer be a nation as we now perceive the term. As this is shown to work so well there, the concept is applied to other areas of the earth that are deemed to be vital to the interests of all the earth's citizens. The land will not be taken. Nations will willingly donate natural areas to be upgraded to the new world park status from their national parks. The rain forests around the world will be first because the quality of the world's air will come to be seen as a serious worldwide problem that all nations must cooperate to resolve. Preserving and then expanding the rain forests will be vital to this effort.

* * * * * *

Pockets of the safer lands will be unsafe. Pieces of the less safe areas will be relatively OK. The message is to pray and meditate alone and in small groups. As you attune to spirit, you open yourself to guidance that will lead you to where it is best to be - your safe area, which may be different than for those around you. I believe those who know God as their source will feel the inner promptings and recognize the synchronicities in their outer world that will lead them to choose their way when the time is right.
Eventually, much land over the earth returns to forest. Industries spread out more over the countryside rather than in cities.
Organizations that are already implementing strong regional networks and decentralizing their national or international headquarters are right on for the future, particularly if they allow spirit to direct their activities. One such organization is the A.R.E. Their board of directors has recently made a commitment to make no important decision for the organization unless a clear consensus is reached through guidance in meditation.
Their choice to be patient and wait on God and align their will with his, provides an excellent role model for the future. While their regional plan came about to better serve their membership, I sense that spirit is also guiding them to ensure that the treasure of the readings of Edgar Cayce and the services of the A.R.E. will live on to assist people all over the world through the regional and international Edgar Cayce Centers which may be more on their own for a time in the wake of earth changes.
Our task is to act from the center of love in our hearts and transcend our fear. Think of the future as a soft wax that can be reshaped through the hands of love.
Rather than thinking: "Where can I go to be safe?" the better question might be: "Where can I go to be the most helpful?" The Cayce readings say over and over that a key to health is to be of service. You may find that when you desire out of compassion to be where God would have you serve, fear of earth changes may vanish.
I know two nurses who lived in one of the safe areas given in this chapter. Both are quite cognizant about the many predictions for California. Both saw how conditions seemed to be deteriorating there. They both knew people were leaving the state for these reasons. Yet one moved to San Francisco and the other went to Los Angeles. They did not know each other.
In talking with them before their moves, they both expressed the same motivation. If the earth changes began in earnest they wanted to be where their nursing skills could help others the most in an emergency situation. They chose to move into the teeth of the predictions out of compassion. The fear of death was beyond them. They were at peace with themselves about their decision. They will be calm and will be a light to many in the hours of need, if the physical changes come about.

Parallels to Atlantis

I want to tell you a story now that relates very much to the decisions of those two nurses and the decisions that may face many of us. I did remote viewing of another time and place in the past when humanity was faced with prophecies of great changes. Those who heeded the prophecies had to decide how to respond. This was in the days before the final destruction of Atlantis around 11,000 B.C.
In my vision, the remnants of Atlantis had become seven islands. It had once been a great continent. Two much earlier times of upheavals had reduced it to its present size. The grand capital city of Atlan was laid out in concentric circles from the harbor. It was as if I was up in the sky, looking down upon the seven islands. then I went closer to gaze at Atlan. Then my view shifted to above a magnificent temple dedicated to Poseidon. It sat on the highest ground on the island with the city laid out all around, sweeping down to the ships in the harbor. It all shone gloriously in the sun.
Then my vision went inside the temple. Great statues adorned the central hall. The focal point was powerful Poseidon astride a great chariot charging through the waves of the sea.
I saw 12 maidens residing in the temple in service. They were revered for their innocence and purity. Their beauty and character were unsurpassed. The high and mighty of Atlantis held them in high esteem. To be in the presence of these holy young priestesses was to be touched by unconditional love. Peace was their true raiment. It was as if each of them possessed the attributes of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Just as her apparition appears in our time and so dramatically effects the lives of those who feel and witness her presence, so too did the dear maidens from the temple of Poseidon grace the lives of the populace in the grand capital city of Atlan so many forgotten centuries ago.
Many Atlanteans did choose to heed the warnings and leave on ships to other lands before the final volcanic eruptions and accompanying earthquakes and tidal waves sent the last remaining islands under the sea. They dispersed to the Americas, Europe and Africa. They had a great impact on the civilizations which came to flourish particularly in Central and South America and in Egypt.
Much to the dismay of the people, the beloved maidens of the temple chose to stay. Thousands of the servant classes were left behind, abandoned to their fate. There was not room for so many in the fleeing vessels. Many of their masters did not even think of their slaves as real people. They were "Things" to be disposed of as they liked.
The maidens of the temple had great compassion for the Things. They believed the Things were also God's Children who had souls. So the temple maidens, the best of Atlantis, chose to stay and bring comfort to the Things when they would be terrified during the final destructions. There arose an outcry from the high and mighty who felt the maidens must not be allowed to stay behind. In the end, those of the Law of One prevailed and the free will of the pure, lovely servants of the Most High was honored with great reluctance. Their courage and selfless compassion were never forgotten by those who fled to other lands.
And now, like ages ago, the pattern of choosing God and our path of service in the face of great changes may be before us again. Are we to be lights and assist others to recognize their light and develop it? Are we back, we former Atlanteans, to do it right this time and avert the destructions and move into a new era in human history peacefully? Selfishness, misuse of power and lack of God consciousness among so many in Atlantis was the cause of their downfall. I believe ours is a time for ancient karma to be healed as we move with faith and joy into 1,000 Years of Peace.
Many will sense what may be coming in their area and choose to stay out of compassion for their family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. They have a beautiful purpose in staying. Others will migrate to the safer lands because they feel guided from within to do so. Their choice is also beautiful, for their purpose is to live through the changes and assist the children in the beginnings of the New Earth. They may move, thinking it is for their physical safety, but spirit is also guiding them to go where they may best grow spiritually, continuing to purify, learn and develop. Those who leave the earth do the same in other environs. When they are ready, there will be lots of opportunity for them to return during the Age of the Lilly (the time of purity).
Choose, dear children of Light. Choose and be at peace with your decision. In meditation and through prayer, look for the guidance you need. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door will open. The Christ spirit waits there for you. You may sup of the holy cup which flows within in the spirit of love.
These earth changes predictions are not set in stone. The potential future can be altered when enough individuals become a critical mass utilizing their free wills in a positive direction. Look at the example of Jonah in the Old testament. Jonah prophesied the destruction of the city of Nineveh due to the people's negative thoughts and deeds. The people took Jonah's words to heart and changed their thoughts and actions and the city was saved. We too can have faith in our ability to act upon the predictions that abound in our time and influence the nature of the earth changes. As to the changes that are coming...these will, as indicated, depend upon what individuals and groups do about what they know respecting His will, His purpose with man. (1602-6)
We are already experiencing societal changes that are not of a vast geological nature. Much that is positive and rather miraculous is already happening in our world. Look at the fall of the Berlin Wall! We possess a great potential for personal transformation through the application of our spiritual heritage in these transition times to the 1,000 Years of Peace. The threat of a pole shift may be a testing to see if we will choose to put God first in our lives.
One of the most beautiful passages in my study of the Cayce readings is found in 294-185. It was given as part of an interpretation of a dream Mr. Cayce had after he had been re-arrested for practicing medicine without a license. The gist of the reading focused on seeking explanations for the laws governing Mr. Cayce's personality and abilities in relation to giving his readings. While the portion quoted below was meant to encourage Mr. Cayce at a time of personal challenge, the words cut to the heart of universal law and can be applied to us all in the possible challenges ahead. It addresses the need to turn to Spirit as the way to deal with any type of earth changes and to overcome fear.
'Fear not.' Keep the faith;...Though the very heavens fall, though the earth shall be changed, though the heavens shall pass, the promises in Him are sure and will stand - as in that day - as the proof of thy activity in the lives and hearts of those of thy fellow man. For indeed and in truth ye know, As ye do it unto thy fellow man, ye do it unto thy God, to thyself. For, SELF effaced, God may indeed glorify thee and make thee STAND as one that is called for a purpose in the dealings, the relationships with thy fellow man. Be not unmindful that He is nigh unto thee in every trial, in every temptation, and hath not willed that thou shouldest perish. Make thy will then one with His. Be not afraid.
That is the interpretation. That the periods from the material angle as visioned are to come to pass matters not to the soul, but do thy duty TODAY! TOMORROW will take care of itself. These changes in the earth will come to pass, for the time and times and half times are at an end, and there begin those periods for the readjustments.
For how hath He given? "The righteous shall inherit the earth." Hast thou, my brethren, a heritage in the earth?
The generations of the future may have some gentle envy of you. They will see you as the very lucky ones who experienced the times before the changes, the changes themselves, and the beginnings of the times after. They will perceive you as blessed to have experienced it all. They will know only the times after and will have to be content with the stories you pass on to them.
You will be seen as the pioneers who kept your faith and forged bravely ahead into untrod territory. Your adventures may become that of legend and myth.
What will happen will happen with God's grace. How you experience it is up to you. What for one person may be trail to be feared and avoided, for another can be an adventure in consciousness to be rejoiced for and welcomed with open arms. The choice of perception is yours. Choose, dear ones!



Chapter 8

Supernutrition, Emergency Preparedness
and Dome Houses

"People expect a lot during a disaster, sometimes much more than they should reasonably expect. And even with the best planning, people should realize that it takes time to mount a regional disaster response. The best advice has not changed. People should be ready to fend for themselves for at least 72 hours after disaster hits."
- James L. Witt, head of the Federal
Emergency Management Agency

Intuitive individuals have predicted potential earth changes in our lifetime. It behooves us to take Mr. Witt's advice and prepare for being on our own for at least several days as a prudent precaution in case physical earth events might be a part of the transition to the New Earth. This scenario is in a state of flux and could possibly go either way. How peaceful our transition is depends much on how many people embrace the consciousness of the long era of peace having already begun. If we do not reach critical mass with new earth consciousness, nature events may be a part of our experience. The many regional events we have known in the 1990s may become wider in scope and more frequent. The Y2K scare in the beginning of the year 2000 helped us prepare for any eventuality.
I see that the Y2K scare was a great blessing for humanity. The majority of the people on our planet have no idea about possible natural disasters in their area as part of the transition or they don't even consider the idea that we are in the midst of any kind of transformation. But they prepared for Y2K just in case computer malfunctions on a wide scale would impact their lives. So they purchased and stored food, came up with alternative ways to heat their homes and keep the lights on. They stored water and bought water filters and more. Now they have on hand what they need for other types of emergencies that may occur. This is the great good that the Y2K scare accomplished. Hopefully, the pole shift threat will pass just like the Y2K problem. By preparing with caution for Y2K, thousands of people unwittingly prepared for earth changes.
The possibility of more emergency situations in the early part of the 21st century was brought home to me in an extra-sensory experience I had in which I received guidance on this topic.
One bright summer day in June, 1994, I was driving my car down Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where I was living at the time. Atlantic Avenue runs parallel to the ocean, about a block from the beach. I was listening to a public radio station. Much of Georgia had been declared a natural disaster area due to all the flooding that was going on there.
The public radio station was broadcasting what was on the radio in the disaster area in Georgia, so the listener could get a feel or a sense of what things were like there. The broadcast was not just nice music or chit chat. It was all vital emergency information such as where the water truck would be in one town and when it was expected to arrive. Such and such elementary school had just opened as a shelter in another town. People left homeless were directed to go there. One man could not find his family. If anyone knew where his family was they were asked to please let them know his location.
I pulled up to a red light right in front of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (the A.R.E.). This is the organization based on the work of the famous American psychic, Edgar Cayce. He lived and worked at this location. His own readings suggested that he move to Virginia Beach near the ocean because being so close to the large body of water there would be conducive to giving his readings and also because the area possessed special healing properties. I was living only some blocks up the beach from the A.R.E. during the period when I received much of the information for this book.
So I was waiting in my car at that red light. Then a male voice that was not my own announced in my mind: "This is what will be on the radio everywhere." The voice spoke calmly and clearly. I knew with absolute certainty at that moment that the statement was true. It was as if my whole being resonated with it. I knew that one day this type of information which was now playing on my radio would be on the radio everywhere. Something would happen all over the world and it was not far off. This would be in my lifetime.
One of the most sobering thoughts concerning the possible pole shift is that it would mean that all of the earth undergoes natural events at the same time. Every locality will be on its own for days or longer. Help from the outside world will be far slower than when only one area is hit at a time. Days or weeks may go by before we even get an inkling of what has happened in other areas. Even now, when all the rest of the earth has not been effected and can respond to a regional event, Mr. Witt tells us in the quote at the beginning of this chapter that it takes 72 hours to mount a response. I believe this will be longer after the pole shift, if it might still occur. The response time would vary in different areas.
Storing supernutritious foods that have a long shelf life and which do not need to be cooked is a high priority in my opinion. Well-rounded and thoroughly thought out emergency kits for the home and car are essential if we are not to be caught with our pants down, so to speak. Supernutrition and emergency kits could be a lifeline in those early days after the great shift. Then the building of the New Earth can begin.
I have emphasized the need to prepare for the worst, yet be hopeful and expectant of the very best. Through the power of prayer and of a spiritual renaissance which may soon sweep the planet, the pole shift may yet be averted. I so do want to dismiss the many prophesies of the vast physical earth changes, yet they are too great a body of work to ignore completely, even though my guidance now is that these physical events are unlikely. The voice that spoke to me that day in Virginia Beach in 1994 may have been a warning about the many regional disasters we have already experienced in the late 1990s. Perhaps though, the warning is about what is yet to come.
I do not want to be labeled a survivalist or a doomsday nut. When I tuned into Edgar Cayce in Spirit, his clear guidance was: "You must prepare physically." On another occasion the advice was, "Prepare for the worst; yet be hopeful and expectant of the very best."
I would be so glad, if after scaring thousands of people into buying all the ingredients and spending time putting together their emergency kits, they never ever had to use them. Yet if we do end up needing them, I will be so grateful that many lives were saved or made more comfortable and healthier and that many people had on hand what they needed when it counted the most.


The fluctuating electromagnetic forces of the gradual pole shift (if that is the case), the severe weather and the accelerating stresses of modern life are taking a toll on our immune systems. My guidance is strong to begin eating the most nutritious food we can find on the planet. We need to keep our immune systems healthy. Already antibiotics are having less and less of a curative effect. Highly nutritious foods will also strengthen and purify us for staying open to our high intuitive guidance. We may need that guidance.
Even without earth changes, supernutritious food is part of the transition. The 1,000 Years of Peace will require purity to be in the earth. It is time to purify our bodies with highly nutritious food so we can be in tune with the energies of God-consciousness and be channels of blessing in these times. A purer body glorifies God and shows a willingness to do his will.
It is my hope that, through these warnings of the future, you can be inspired to prepare physically and spiritually. It is important to meet possible coming events with peace and knowledge. The information in this book is not meant to make you more fearful. In Mary's Message of Hope, by Annie Kirkwood, Mother Mary says, "Fear will not be useful if you allow it to paralyze you into inaction." We are meant to act and remember who we are - loved and loving children created to glorify God with our expressions of love.

Be yet hopeful of the very best. The beautiful light and love of God are with his faithful children forever.

Following is the worst -case scenario we may wake up to one day if the earth changes suddenly come on in earnest. Again, this is in a state of flux depending upon what we do with what we know. I hold to the vision of a peaceful transition, not to the belief or energy of wide-spread natural events.
Imagine that earthquakes and after shocks have been happening through the night. They are world-wide. No locality on the globe is immune. Electricity is out for days, weeks or even for months. In some areas it may never come back on line. Water mains burst. The water supply becomes contaminated.
Cooking food is difficult. Disease breaks out. There are injuries and shock. Toilets are inoperable. Medical personnel and medical supplies are limited. Homes are unsafe for habitation. Few, if any, radio or TV stations are able to broadcast. With electricity out, TVs and radios don't work to pick up whatever emergency information is being broadcast. Batteries soon run out. Information about the outside world is practically nonexistent.
Dirty rain falls for days. The rain is dirty because of the volcanic ash in the atmosphere from the volcanoes that have erupted in different places along the Ring of Fire. The sky darkens for many days.
At first glance, this is indeed a sobering and depressing picture. But there is very good news. Means exist to overcome potential problems in outstanding fashion and I'm going to tell you all about it right now.
Preparing for the worst case scenario is relatively easy. Nor is it very expensive or time consuming. Everything we need is at our disposal. The Father has given us such gifts. Take heart. You can be in charge and feel empowered about your preparedness.
In this chapter I give you five elements of emergency preparation. I tell you what my guidance is for what is needed; why the items are needed; how they work; where you can get them; and how best to store them so they won't become damaged or contaminated when you need them.

Emergency Food Supplies

The most immediate item of concern is the purchase of emergency food supplies. At this writing in February, 1999, one company which sells such food is now eight months behind on processing orders. The demand for these supplies is increasing exponentially as we experience more and greater weird weather and natural events. As time goes by, it may take longer and longer to get these supplies.
I could even say that it may be urgent to place orders now. In 1983 Chet Snow, co-author of Mass Dreams of the Future, had himself hypno-progressed to July, 1998. He discovered that he was among a small colony of survivors in the Sedona, Arizona, area. There had been major events.
The time has passed without these events materializing. In an article in "Atlantis Rising" magazine (Number 16, summer, 1998) Mr. Snow explains that the entire scenario had moved back 2.5 years due to changes in consciousness. This places his adjusted time for major earth changes to December, 2000 - January, 2001, right in line with Edgar Cayce's prognosis which he gave decades ago. Once again, his time frame has passed. We are perhaps being given an extended grace period. There is still opportunity for ordering emergency food and other essential supplies in case these events may still come about.
If you have access to the Internet you will find several Web sites for companies offering these items in quantity as their entire product line. If you do not have a computer that is on-line, many local libraries now offer free Internet access. Search under the words "emergency kits." However, you cannot order from the library computer. They are read-only. As the demand grows, more companies are coming on-line with these products. One excellent Web site for emergency supplies are See the end of this chapter for a list of suppliers.
I cannot tell you how much food to order. That depends on your budget, your circumstances and your inner guidance. At least a three-day supply seems prudent. Some people are ordering a certain amount every month as a way of building up a better supply as their resources permit. Taking some type of action is empowering and lessens anxiety.

Remember Dear Ones, you are not preparing just for earth changes. You are really preparing for the Golden Age of 1,000 Years of Peace. By seeking to meet the Father within in daily meditation, you prepare yourself for greater communion with him in service to your fellow man and to the earth. His light will stream forth into the earth and the enlightened age will begin. Let joy and excitement be your raiment.
Nothing can separate you from your divine maker except the state of your consciousness. Only you can perceive separation. It doesn't exist. The Father will not withhold anything from those who seek earnestly to know his face and who rejoice at his coming.

Local stores that sell camping equipment may also carry the packaged foods. For ordering by mail I recommend B&A Products. The address is listed at the end of this chapter.
B&A products is operated by Byron Kirkwood, author of The Survival Guide to the New Millennium. His preparedness recommendations are based on his wife's exceptional intuitive guidance from Mother Mary on earth changes. Annie's "Mary's Message Newsletter" will keep you abreast of the latest guidance from Mother Mary. Byron also includes periodic articles on updated information for emergency preparedness.
The companies that sell the long term storage foods have three-day kits for one person and up to a full year's supply for four people. The shelf life of these foods is normally ten years or longer.
Alpine food products has a no-cook variety which is available through the B&A catalogue. I stress the importance of storing food that does not need to be cooked. An electric stove may be shut off with no power. If the power or gas is on in the home, it may not be safe to enter to do any cooking because of structural damage. With the many days of rain, wood from the forest would be soaked and useless for cooking fires. Scrounging dry wood from your unstable house could be dangerous and how long would it last?
The supplier which has the most nutritious packaged foods I have yet found is the Plant-based Nutrition Program. They sell a starter kit retailing for $134.90 which includes 30 to 60 servings each of five different food group products. This price includes shipping and handling. The wholesale price for distributors is $99.42, including shipping and handling. Also included is a personal power mixer for ease of mixing.
The five foods in the kit are: (1) Pro Fiber E.F.A. - very pure protein fibers and essential fatty acids. (2) Best of Greens delivers five specific phyto nutrients to activate metabolic function. This is an excellent mixture of green foods containing chlorophyll, which creates powerful antioxidant enzymes, and dozens of trace minerals. This outstanding mix of green foods are highly alkalizing to balance P.H. The polypeptides in it boost immunity. If I had to pick one product from the Plant-based Nutrition Program to include in an emergency kit, it would be the Best of Greens. Also included in the starter kit are (3) Phyto Carrots, (4) Immune Plus and (5) Bio Fruit. The address and phone number are listed at the end of the chapter. I am not a distributor for them and will not benefit in any way from your order.
Besides the packaged foods, I have found two other sources of highly nutritious green foods which really fit the bill for earth changes. They can readily be included in an emergency kit. They don't need to be cooked or refrigerated and have long shelf lives. They are sprouts and blue green algae such as spirulina.


For four important reasons, sprouts may be the best emergency preparedness food. Another excellent solution to the food problem is to buy and store a supply of seeds for sprouting.
First of all, a newly sprouted seed is probably the most nutritious food on the planet. This fact is so important in the face of earth changes. People will need to eat highly nutritious food to keep their immune systems strong, to provide needed energy and to ward of shock and depression. Sprouts are loaded with a range of vital nutrients - more than any other food. It is incredible that they are not a staple of diets everywhere.
In the few days it takes for a seed to be ready to harvest, it may have increased its amount of vitamins almost 700 percent. The reason a seed is so packed with nutrition is that it must supply the food the plant needs to grow until the plant has developed roots mature enough to get its nutrition from the soil. A seed that has been sprouted for only a few days is rich with vitamins A, B, C, D and E, protein and enzymes. There are very few calories.
Secondly, the shelf life of the seeds for sprouting is practically limitless. A jar containing seeds was found in King Tut's tomb. After being stored there for over 3,000 years, the seeds were given moisture and they sprouted right up. If the seeds are kept dry in airtight containers out of the sun, their shelf life is exceptional.
With the timeline for earth changes so variable among psychics and so subject to change depending upon the consciousness of mankind, the sprouts may not be needed for twenty years or more, or they could be needed next week! The packaged survival foods could spoil after 10 years. The sprouts will be there, ready for use, almost indefinitely.
Thirdly, sprouts need no cooking or refrigeration. In our worst case pole shift scenario, refrigerators and freezers will not be operating. Their contents would spoil rather quickly. When sprouting seeds are kept moist and dark in a jar or bag or on a plate or pan, they will expand to become supernutritious food in two to four days without refrigeration or cooking.
The sprouts can be eaten right from whatever they were grown in at room temperature. They are almost effortless to grow, organic and surprisingly tasty.
The fourth great thing about sprouts is their exceptional low cost in quantity. The sprouted food literally only costs pennies a day, whereas the packaged long-life foods can run from $40 for a three-day supply for one person on up to $3,000 for a premium one-year supply for four people. Of course you would want a mixture of the packaged foods and the sprouts. One could live well on the sprouts, but who likes to eat the same thing day after day if you're not used to it? The sprouts can add valuable nutrition to the packaged food and extend it.
A even better way to be prepared is to start growing sprouts on a kitchen shelf now and making them a part of your diet before the potential changes begin. That way, you already know how much more energy you have and how much less you get colds or diseases with a sprout bolstered diet. You will already enjoy them and be so glad to have sprouts as a part of your life. Then when the changes come and the super market shelves are emptied you will not experience as much withdrawal symptoms from not having the processed, chemical laden, cooked foods. You will not suddenly be going to sprouts cold turkey.
Believe me, it is no joke. People will experience cooked-food withdrawal. There is a chemical dependency that has built up from all the sugar and other additives. If you are already loving organic sprouts, you won't experience so much cooked-food withdrawal.
As a side note, there will also be withdrawal symptoms from the sudden cutting off of television. People who normally spend hours a day in front of a TV, and there are millions, will have a very difficult time when that is suddenly withdrawn. They will crave it. Being much more judicious in the amount of TV we watch can help us a great deal to prepare so that the sudden loss is not a deprivation trauma that will have real emotion effects on the TV-addicted.
I thank God that the best food for earth changes is abundant, cheap, keeps forever and is easy to store and prepare. Sprouts are a miracle and a blessing for these times of change.

Growing Sprouts

Materials needed: Sprouting seeds; a wide-mouth one-quart mason jar or lunchbag-sized paper bag or a tray or a plate; Cheese cloth or fine screen or nylon net or cloth towel or paper towel; a rubber band or a mason jar ring; potable water.
There are many kinds of seeds that are great for sprouting. The ones that are most often showing up in supermarkets already sprouted are alfalfa, mung, radish and lentil. They have surprisingly different delightful tastes and textures. Two types of seeds to avoid are tomato and potato. They are poisonous in quantity and the taste is avoidable. Varieties of sprouting seeds can be purchased at natural food stores, some supermarkets and by mail order. Mail order is much cheaper in bulk. A list of suppliers is at the end of this chapter. The natural food stores and mail order companies can sell you kits for sprouting, but it is so easy to do it with readily available materials in your home. I got three wide-mouth mason jars for sprouting at a total cost of 25 cents in a thrift store.
The sprouts can be grown in just about any kind of container as long as there is room for the sprouts to expand. The containers are best not made of metal or wood. I prefer the mason jar. Prepare a cover for it either from cheese cloth, fine mesh or nylon. The bigger the seeds, the wider the mesh can be. Alfalfa seeds are tiny, so a tiny mesh is necessary. You can use a rubber band to hold the mesh over the top of the jar. With a canning jar you can use a jar ring for this purpose, minus the center disc.
You can wash about a quarter cup of seeds or beans under running water first. Try to get seeds that have not been treated in any way. The washing can be a good precaution to remove any possible insecticides, spoilage agents or preservatives.
Place the seeds in the bottom of the jar and immerse them in a cup of lukewarm water. The seeds will expand in the water as you leave them there to soak overnight for 8 hours in the summer and up to 12 hours in the winter. Then drain the jar, pouring the water out through the cover. I like to capture this now dirty looking water to feed my plants. It is quite nutritious for them. You can drink the water or use it for making food as well.
Then immediately rinse the seeds in the jar with fresh, cool water. I like to swish it around just a bit to make sure any clumps of seeds break up and they all get moist. Pour out the rinse water through the jar cover. Now let the jar stand for two or three days as the sprouts develop. Cover the jar with a towel or put it in a dark spot. This helps the sprout to think it is in the dark earth and needs to grow quickly to come up to the sunshine. Each day rinse the jar with fresh, cool water and pour out the water. This is just to keep the sprouts moist. You can rinse them two or three times a day. I find if I forget, the sprouts grow fine with only one rinse a day. After two or three days you will have a jar full of sprouts ready for eating. The larger beans like the mung may need another day or two.
A few hours before eating, you can take the cover off the sprouts and expose them to direct sunlight. This gives them a nice greener appearance and releases chlorophyll, making them even more nutritious. The sprouts will keep for a few days. You can mix different kinds of seeds so that they grow together for variety.
There are people who value their sprouts so much and like the taste so much that they refuse to do without them while traveling. This is where the lunch-size paper bag comes in handy. The moist seeds can be growing in there while the bag is tucked in or hung over the seat pocket on an airplane or train. It can be suspended from a backpack or belt. It is fun to grow your own supernutritious food while you are traveling. We tend to get more stressed on our immune system and be more susceptible to getting acidic and open to viruses when we travel. The sprouts become alkaline food in the bloodstream, strengthening the immune system and supplying energy. I need more energy when I travel.
As an experiment a few years ago, I grew sprouts in my car on a long 7-week Reiki teaching tour through New England and the Atlantic provinces of Canada. I kept my sprout jars in two plastic bowls on the floorboard in front of the right passenger seat. One jar had seeds soaking or seeds in the first day of moist growing. The second jar was a day or so from harvesting. The third jar was for munching at any time. This was much more nutritious than buying junk food in gas stations or eating fast food and far less costly. It wasn't all I ate, but I can attest that I remained quite healthy and energetic throughout that trip where I drove over 5,000 miles and conducted 112 Reiki attunements.
The sprouts can also be grown spread out on a tray or plate and covered with a paper towel or cloth. In the event of a pole shift, the glass mason jars could break. Then the paper bag or a tray or other surfaces could be improvised for growing sprouts. The purest water you can get is best for sprouting. With the pole shift or in any emergency situation, the water supply could become contaminated. The sprouts will draw in the contaminants from the water and you end up eating the contaminants in the sprouts. A section on water purification follows in this chapter.

Green Foods: Spirulina, Kamut, Barley Green

Green foods such as spirulina, kamut and barley green are another source of supernutrition that, like sprouts, do not have to be cooked and can be stored for years without losing quality. They are excellent emergency or survival foods.
Spirulina is a microscopic blue-green algae. The cells of this vegetable plankton have a spiral shape. Hence the name spirulina which means "little spiral." Spirulina contains a higher percentage of protein than soybeans, beef, eggs, tofu or milk. It is easily digestible. It is the highest whole-food source of vitamin B-12. There are virtually no cholesterol, starches or fats. Spirulina contains more iron than spinach or liver, three times more vitamin E than wheat germ and 25 times more beta-carotene (provitamin A) than carrots. Light Force, a leading supplier, testifies that spirulina contains more antioxidants than any other whole food source. It is also richer in chlorophyll than either alfalfa or wheatgrass and includes trace minerals and other important micro-nutrients. Spirulina is called a superfood because its nutrients are more concentrated than other foods.
Spirulina can be purchased in powder or tablet form. I have found Light Force to offer the highest quality at the least expense. Their one-pound, sealed, light plastic container is a real bargain and is very durable and long-lasting for storage. Used on a daily basis, the cost comes to about 50 cents a day, by my estimate. The one-pound supply usually lasts me well over one month, often over two months taking it once a day. It is an excellent nutritional supplement for earth changes. I have now begun feeling the need to take it twice a day, once in the morning and again in the late or mid afternoon. It is best not taken before bed because of its energy-giving properties. It could keep you awake.
I find a significant energy lift within minutes of eating only a teaspoon-ful of spirulina powder mixed in a smoothie with orange juice or pineapple juice. I often add a banana or other fruit. The smoothie is delicious and a great way to start the day. We will need pure, energy producing foods just like this if the pole shift happens. We will be quite physically busy dealing first with the emergency situations and then with the rebuilding. I find I do not get so sore after strenuous exercise if I take spirulina a few minutes beforehand. Also, I don't encounter an energy drain after the workout.
A small bottle of spirulina tablets would be a smart part of any emergency kit. The spirulina tablets can be eaten directly from the bottle. It is super nutritious food that needs absolutely no preparation and will last for many years in that sealed bottle without losing any of its value.
The Light Force spirulina is only available through private distributors. I used to be one so that I could pass on discounts to my friends. I wanted everyone I knew to benefit from this superfood. I no longer distribute so that you, the reader, will not think this is just a sales job for me to make money off of you.
To order call (800) 722-0444. Light Force has merged with Royal Body Care. The spirulina is starting to come out under the Royal Body Care label. The one-pound amount retails for $50.00. Ask for a free membership and receive a 15% discount. Spirulina sold in health food stores is usually more expensive at this volume. Recently, I have begun buying my spirulina at Vitamin World. They sell a four-ounce jar for $8.99. As a member I have been able to purchase it for ½ off that price or at a 30% discount.
Kamut and barley green are another source of powdered, green, nutritious, raw food. For ordering them, see the end of this chapter for the address of the Plant-based Nutrition Program.

Pure Water

In an earth changes event, drinkable, safe water quickly becomes a real need. Any emergency kit should include water purification tablets. They can be purchased at many stores that sell camping equipment and are included in the emergency kits offered by the suppliers listed at the end of this chapter.
There are several other ways to purify water. One is to boil it vigorously for three to five minutes. Another is to add 8 drops of Hypochlorite Bleach to a gallon of water. Let it stand for at least 30 minutes before using. The bleach should not be over six months old. Do not use glandular bleach. It is poisonous. Liquid household bleach can be used. It must contain hypochlorite, preferably 5.25%.
Pure water can be had through evaporation. There is an emergency way to get pure water - even in the desert. Although this particular technique requires some materials like an 8' by 8' piece of hard plastic sheet, a six-foot tube of some kind and something to catch water in - like a small can or glass and an ax or shovel or something to dig with.
Dig a wide hole in the ground about two feet less than the width of your plastic sheet and one foot deep, approximately 6' by 6'. A smaller hole will work too. Place your water catching receptacle in the bottom of the hole in the center. Stretch the plastic sheet over the hole. Anchor down the plastic sheeting around the edges with rocks or whatever is at hand. Weigh it enough in the center so that it dips down toward the center of the hole, but not touching the top of the container. Center the dip in the plastic directly over the container.
At night, precipitation will form on the underside of the plastic, run down toward the center and drip into the receptacle. In the morning there will be an amount of water, depending on the amount of condensation over night. The piece of tubing can be secured from inside the receptacle out through the edge of the plastic. A person could drink from it, like from a straw. That way, the whole assembly can be left intact for the next day's supply. If you don't have the tube for drinking, you will have to take off a part of the plastic and retrieve the container.
Although this sounds gross, it is an excellent idea to have everyone urinate into the hole around the edges throughout the day (without going close to the container, of course). This gives needed recyclable moisture into the ground under the plastic sheet. Only the pure water will evaporate out onto the underside of the plastic at night. This is a good survival technique if no other source of potable water is at hand in an emergency and you have no other way to purify water. Several of these plastic water-catching holes can be created over an area.
Another way to purify contaminated water may be through the use of colloidal silver electrodes. It is possible to purchase or build a small generator to create the colloidal silver for $60 to $80. According to the manufacturers, suspending the two electrodes in a large container of very contaminated water, can kill over 650 disease-causing organisms in a matter of minutes. This water is said to have real healing qualities. As yet, I have not tested this. I include the information so those who chose to do so can try it. If it works, it may be one of the best things to have on hand in the face of potential earth changes when the water supply may become contaminated. Information on suppliers is included at the end of this chapter. You may request information, article reprints and testimonials from them. Let me know about your experiences.
Other sources of potable water (suitable for drinking) in an emergency are ice cubes, hot water tanks, toilet tanks (not the bowl) and canned goods. You will need to turn off the gas or electricity to the hot water tank before draining it for emergency use. The water valve to the tank should be turned off also. Rainwater can be purified as well as water you allow to fill up your bathtub and sinks - if you can think to do that before the water cuts off for any reason.
I also see that it is helpful now to drink water out of blue-tinted drinking glasses and store it in indigo or blue-tinted containers. Somehow, there is something missing for our vitality due to the lack of this color, probably from pollution. The light flowing through this tint restores this needed vitality into our drinking water.

Emergency Kits

The suppliers at the end of this chapter have various sets of emergency kits. Following is a list of ingredients I recommend. You could build your own kit perhaps mixed with items from the suppliers. You may think of other things to include, or decide some of the items are not that crucial. If you are serious about physical preparation, it might be a good idea to have two kits - one for the car and one for the home.
Rather than this being a chore, a family could make it a fun activity. Let everyone contribute what they think should be included. Even a five-year old can get inspired ideas! Give a prize for the most creative contribution, the most practical, the smallest, the most light weight, etc. Let everyone give at least one item, even if you, the adult, think it is silly.
One rather expensive item I highly recommend is a BayGen free-play radio. It never needs batteries. Wind it up with a simple fold out crank for less than one minute and it will play for half an hour. Battery operated stuff won't be any good when the batteries run down and you can't recharge them or get more. Even solar powered radios or flashlights will be unreliable if there is little sun for days. Information will be very important during the pole shift. With this radio, you may be the only one around after a few days who can still pick up emergency transmissions. It plays AM, FM and SW bands. Mine gets better reception than any other radio in my house.
B&A Products sells the BayGen radio for $100 plus $7 for shipping and handling. That is the best price I have found for it. They also sell a small emergency Dyna-lite for $7.00 that works without batteries or solar power. Gentle squeezing action produces the light. It is durable, weighs only 5 oz. with a 5" length. This is good for a backpack for when your battery-operated flashlight goes on the blink or for stretching a flashlight's batteries useful life. Use the Dyna-lite as much as you can instead.
Another important item, I feel, is a small book or booklet of positive, uplifting words. Like your body will need material food, your mind, emotions and spirit will need spiritual food in the early days of the pole shift. It may be a depressing and discouraging time depending upon your circumstances. Having truly uplifting material to read will provide genuine sustenance, encouragement, hope and faith. Any material that is personally positive and uplifting to you will do.
Let us be hopeful and expectant of a peaceful transition, yet prepared for any eventuality.

Dome Houses and the Sacred Circle

Having a self-sufficient dome house made of natural materials in the right location is ideal for earth changes. If physical earth changes happen on a worldwide scale, possibly including a pole shift, they are sure to be accompanied by high winds. These winds may go on for years although they will decrease in magnitude over time. We may experience more widespread natural events in the years ahead.
A rectangular or a square structure provides real resistance when a high wind comes straight at it. Something has to give and destruction happens. A round shape diffuses the wind around it and is far less likely to have significant damage in the same wind. I saw a picture of a dome house that had been in the path of a tornado. A large tree fell directly on top of the dome house. The photo showed how the structure was not damaged and the tree had slid off the round dome and came to rest on the side of the house. This is very unlike the pictures we see on the news of trees falling on houses during high winds and causing much damage and collapsed roofs. The dome structure is safer and much more durable in an earthquake, hurricane or other disasters, provided it is well, anchored or on high stilts in a flood prone area. A concrete dome will not burn if a fire breaks out.
An interesting fact to consider is that an igloo stands up better to modern artillary than a concrete wall (Bizarre News, March 10, 2001). I find this hard to believe. It must be because of the strength of the dome shape.
The second reason for having a dome-shaped home is that it is a circle. Indigenous cultures all over the world built their dwellings in a round shape that is conducive to harmony. It has always made great sense, even without earth changes. The circle is a high spiritual symbol meaning unity, completion, and wholeness.
This shape will be important, particularly for the Lightworkers, during the changes. We will need everything we can to stay centered and balanced. Living within the circle will assist us in our ability to serve others. In the end, I see the dome shape as all about service, not survival.
The ring or circle of power was used under many names for numerous purposes by various races of Mankind from the dawn of your history. Why do you think cathedrals have the big, round ceiling rotundas right in the center of the building? Mosques also have the round or domed minarets. American Indians do their purifying sweat lodges in a dome shaped enclosure. The circle is healthy and nourishing. It helps us uplift to practice high spiritual ideals. It is sacred. It has energy. It protects. New rituals and dances will evolve based on the circle.
In the future, the square or rectangular homes will gradually become obsolete. A fortuitous sequence of events will happen quickly to fill the need for housing. I had a vision where I saw round-shaped dwellings made all of crystal. The cities were gone. It was beautiful forest everywhere, with crystal structures rising above the treetops. Dome shapes were the only architecture I could see. For the details of this vision see Chapter One.
A dome house can receive electricity from on-site solar panels, windmills or turbine generators in a creek or in some other water power source. Food and fruit trees can actually be growing inside the dome or in a greenhouse section. I see that a self sufficient, concrete dome house is the best housing to be prepared for any eventuality in the transition times to the New Earth. Domes excel in energy efficiency by enclosing the largest volume of space with the least amount of exposed surface. They are outstanding in strength, style, function, economy and low maintenance.
Below is a list of dome kit suppliers. This short list is certainly not complete. Such companies exist in most areas of the United States. I have listed two concrete dome house manufacturers first. Most companies offer to deliver the shell which can be put up in a few days. Then you contract to finish the interior and systems of the home or do as much yourself as you can. Most dome companies provide training, floor plans and videos. Prices per square foot vary according to how much space you want, type of materials, the number of windows, doors, accessories, site considerations and other factors.

Manifesting Abundance During the Transition

This chapter on emergency preparation is not meant to instigate a fear of lack over the transition years. The father will supply the needs of his faithful children. Be of good cheer. And when ye trust in Him, ye are sure - and need never be afraid of the material things. For, does He not feed the birds of the air? Does He not give the color to the lilly, the incense to the violet? How much more is that as may be in His very presence, if ye apply self to become worthy of acceptance in His home. (333-1)
Continue to do what you feel is right. Have faith that spirit with supply your material needs. For, know, the earth and all therein is the Lord's. The silver, the gold, the cattle on a thousand hills are His. He knows thy needs, but thou must choose as to what ye will do with the talents He hath given thee. As ye apply, as ye make use of that in hand, more is given thee. For, day unto day is sufficient, if use is made thereof... (1206-13)
Spirit, the real life, knows only the eternal present. The past is over. The future will happen. But the present is sure. Every present moment holds the tremendous potential of your greatest good. We are one with God always. The flow of his light and love can permeate your being in the beauty of the ever-present now. The future becomes the now. It will take care of itself. We need only do our duty today.
Bless you on your journey, dear child. The all-embracing love of the I AM, the Radiant Master and your angels are with you. You are never forsaken. Move more and more into communion with the light within your own heart and those who share the light will join hands with thee and will dance with thee into a bright new day.


 Dome House Companies

 Concrete Dome Kits (800) 608-0001
American Ingenuity (407) 639-8777
Natural Spaces Domes (800) 733-7107

Timberline Geodesics
2015 Blake Street
Berkeley, CA 94701
Emergency Kit Items

water or water packets
pocket knife
water purification tablets
hunting knife
folding scissors
BayGen radio
pup tent
positive, inspiring reading material
folding saw
a three-day food supply (minimum)
work gloves
compact, lightweight blanket
large crowbar or wrecking bar
first aid kit
folding shovel
sprouting seeds
cup or mug
small paper bag (for sprouting)
packer stove
emergency candles
toilet paper
toothbrush and toothpaste
insect repellent
large lawn and trashbags
pencil and notepad
sewing kit
water filter
metal mirror
baby wipes
dust mask
address book
pairs of white sport socks
spirulina tablets
jeans or workpants or shorts
towel and washcloth in zip-lock bag
First Aid Guide, by the National Safety Council First Aid
Institute ( an excellent small pamphlet for an emergency
kit). Order at (708) 285-1121 or (617) 859-3900.

Catalogues for Emergency Preparedness Kits,
Food and Self-sufficiency Products

B & A Products
Rte. 1, Box 100
Bunch, OK 74931-9705
(918) 696-5998

Tomorrow's World
(800) 229-7571

The Survival Center
(800) 321-2900

Yellowstone River Trading Co.

Montana Success Center
(800) 848-4481

Eco Source Catalogue
9051 Mill Station Road Bldg. #E
Sebastapol, CA 95472

Web Sites

 Sprouting Seed Suppliers

 The Sprout House (413) 528-5200
Walnut Acres (800) 433-3998
Garden Spot Distributors (800) 829-5100

Colloidal Silver Generators, Kits and Information

Silver Solutions
P.O. Box 923
Forest Grove, OR 97116 (888) 505-6005

Spirulina and Other Green Foods Suppliers

Royal Body Care (Light Force) (800) 722-0444
 The Plant-based Nutrition Program (800) 333-075

 Preparedness Books

 The Survival Guide to the New Millennium,
by Byron Kirkwood (Order at 918 696-5998)
No Such Thing As Doomsday (Order at 800 327-7656)
Wright's Complete Disaster Survival Manual,
By Ted Wright (Order at 800 766-8009)
Black Dawn, Bright Day by Sun Bear
The Earth Changes Survival Handbook, by Page Bryant
Survival Into the 21st Century, by Viktoras H. Kulvinskas
(much info on raw foods)
Feasting on Raw Foods, edited by Charles Gerras
(many recipes)
Standard First Aid and Personal Safety,
by the American Red Cross
Making the Best of Basics: Family Preparedness
Handbook, by James Talmage Stevens
Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care
Handbook by David Werner
How To Live Without Electricity and Like It,
by Anita Evangelista


Chapter 9

Connections to the Past and Future:
The Halls of Records,
The Intergalactic Family

Edgar Cayce, one of America's best documented psychics, passed on in January, 1945. One subject touched upon several times in his "readings" was of a Hall of Records which he suggested lies buried near the Sphinx in Egypt. His readings say that when humanity is ready for the information, it will be discovered by the same souls who sealed up the records over 12,000 years ago. He gives the names of two of the people in their previous lives at that time. He also revealed that similar records lie near the island of Bimini off the southern coast of Florida and in a pyramid in the Yucatan area of Mexico. According to his readings, the Egyptian civilization was at its height in 10,500 B.C. - much earlier than most Egyptologists would have us believe. These records in the hall give the true history and purpose of man in the earth, as well as containing actual artifacts and

descriptions of Atlantis and of other great civilizations of antiquity such as Mu and Lemuria. The heights Nubia rose to will be verified. This information may be vital to the needed raising of consciousness for mankind to transcend into the New Age. Information on the construction and purpose of the Great Pyramid may also be included. Records of the preparation for the Christ and of the teachings that unified the world around 10,500 B.C. are there. The history of the souls gradual affiliation with matter and the spiritual evolution of man in the earth are explained. Instruments used for healing in those long ago high cultures will be found.
The Paul Soloman source gave several readings on this Hall of Records. He gives the location somewhere between the Sphinx and the Nile. One of his readings says that formulas and instruments for the cleansing of our atmosphere, for restoring balance to the natural energies of the earth and for the basis of a new science of life are to be found there.5 These devices or formulas could cleanse the air of all pollutants and acid rain and stabilize the ozone layer and surface temperature of the earth, thereby reversing the damage that threatens us now.
It is my belief that these records will be found early in the 21st century. They were left specifically for us. The people who placed them in these locations where highly intuitive. They knew what would be coming down at the beginning of the 21st century and what an important time this would be.
I "tuned in" to the Hall of Records while I was on a tour of Egypt. As I stood in the area facing the Sphinx it was revealed to me that the earthquake some years ago in Cairo moved the location of the records 25 feet. I am not now to reveal the exact location that came so strong to me. It was moved so that the wrong people do not find it. Those who seek with selfish motives of fame and fortune are not the ones.

 The Pageantry of the Closing of the Hall of Records

 While sitting on a large stone by the Great Pyramid, I "saw" the ceremony of the closing of the Hall of Records. A big chill swept through me, then the vision came. The scene was one of the most glorious events in all of antiquity. The great civilizations had worked with the high priests there for many years in amassing the contents of the hall. The closing of the entranceway was the high point of their civilization. It represented the completion of their crowning achievements and they knew it.
I also saw that 12,500 years ago at the time of the completion of the Hall of Records, that there had been a lake in front of the Sphinx where boats would come up from the Nile and disembark at the Sphinx. This was then the main entrance to the whole beautiful temple complex at Giza. It was not barren sand then, but lush gardens with flowing fountains and beautiful colors. The pyramids were smooth, shining white and the Great Pyramid had a shining cap of copper-gold-bronze which reflected the sun and shone for miles all around.
From the lake I saw that a causeway or canal went away at an angle to the Nile. The canal followed a line of low hills. Thousands of the most important personages from all the nations were present. They were dressed in their finest apparel of many glorious colors. On one hill stood several hundred trumpeters. Their trumpets shone in the sun. Hundreds of priests dressed in pure white and gold and a deep, beautiful purple sang songs of praise and thanksgiving. All joined in toning with their voices to raise their vibration of the ceremony to attunement with the highest Oneness with the God Force. The ground they stood on vibrated to the high tones of the hundreds of trained and practiced voices. The stones and structures hummed.
When the toning had reached a transcendent moment when all were raised up in a wide-awake high meditative state, the trumpets blared as a great shout. Cymbals rang out. Then there was silence. All eyes turned to a greatly respected, venerated old priest who stood on a platform near

the base of the north side of the Sphinx. He held the handle of a great gong-ringing tool. Slowly the platform rose in the air as the humming chants renewed from the many initiates. It was as if the deep meditation and the tones themselves were responsible for the old man and the platform to slowly glide or levitate up the side of the Great Pyramid.
When he reached the apex he walked to the edge of the platform and somehow with his frail, ancient body, hit the gold/bronze/copper crown with the big hammer and a great sound vibrated throughout the area. It was then that the sealing of the Hall of Records was complete. The vibration of the ringing of the capstone of the Great Pyramid caused the last bit of vibrational sealing at the entrance to the Hall of Records. In one reading, Edgar Cayce said the ringing of the capstone was the origin of the Muslim call to prayer. The beauty of this grand ceremony is hard to describe, as are my emotions in painting the scene.
Remembrance of times past is only useful if it in some way can assist us in the present. It is very important for us to know the meaning and value they had for the contents of the hall so we may approach it with the same sense of devotion, selflessness and sacred reverence. The pure ideals of a small group who would prepare the way are essential. For then all of humanity may benefit when the records are found.
The Hall of Records, which I believe lies in front of the Sphinx in Egypt, was buried 12,500 years ago with the full intent that we find it and the contents assist us through the transition years of the early 2000s. I also concur with the Edgar Cayce readings that similar records exist in the Yucatan and near the island of Bimini. I "tuned in" to each of the three sites. Following is my report on what I saw, sensed or was told through remote viewing. My psychic sense can be clairaudient, clairsentient or clairvoyant. Often it is a mixture of the three.
The records near the Sphinx I see being found by 2021. The records in the Yucatan I sense have already had a portion discovered, but the archeologists don't know what they have. In my vision on that I saw a wide, flat-topped pyramid low to the ground in a city-temple complex near higher pyramids that were getting all the attention. I saw one

sunburst sign on the stone near one corner that I sensed as a Atlantean symbol. It was only partially visible as some of the rock face it was sculpted on has crumbled away. The records are near that, over 10 feet within the wall. They are encoded in a crystal globe and can be read telepathically with the proper attunement.
When I "tuned in" to the Bimini site, I saw a picture of the underwater cliff face along the Gulf Stream as it lies closest to the island of Bimini only a few miles away. I saw a two-man little submarine cruising along the cliff face about 40 feet below the top of the cliff wall. They see, or I should say I saw, as if I were peering out a small round window from inside the sub, clear columns and jumbled building blocks and a dark opening in the side of the cliff. This is the temple of Poseidon somewhat intact under centuries of ocean floor deposits. It is the most dangerous of the three sites to explore. The ocean current is very strong and the ceiling and columns can collapse at any moment.
This is a fragile and often changing site as to visibility, strength of currents and what can be seen from one day to the next. One day the site may be clear. The next day a person could go to the location and see nothing! Sand and sediment shifts and it is covered up for a time. Much of the current focus upon the island of Bimini itself may be off the mark. The Gulf stream site is only a few miles away. Exploration could be costly though, rather risky and often frustrating.
Those who go to Bimini to meditate and send healing to the earth do much good for us all with such pure intent at the energy vortex. Such action mitigates the Atlantean karma that threatens earth with massive technological harm on several fronts - cumulative dumping of toxic waste in oceans world wide, the years of atomic testing, vast depletion of forest, etc. You know the story. Man destroying the balance with nature was the cause of Atlantis's destruction.
I have great hope and conviction that this time around we will transcend selfishness and alienation and usher in a magnificent and profoundly wonderful 1,000 year era of peace where nature rebounds into an Eden state with man in

full cooperation. We can prudently prepare for the worst, yet be ever so expectant and hopeful for the best.
At the third site in Egypt, soon I feel a passage will be found from the right paw of the Sphinx. It will be a dead end. That is the protection. I sensed the Halls of Records were shifted 25 feet to another spot during the earthquake in Cairo a few years ago. I am guided not to give that location at this time. Edgar Cayce said in his readings before 1945 that the records were in relation to the right paw. I think this is now changed.
Those who placed the records there so many thousands of years ago are back now. When they have elevated their consciousness to attunement to the Godhead within, the guardianship of the hall will allow their passage. Look for the excellent and disciplined meditators. They were followers of the Law of One in past lives in Egypt about 12,000 years ago.
In my vision of the Egypt site, I saw the guardians as two five-story-high lions. They are the double lions of Atum. They are not physical. They are powerful energy and thought form. They are very much alive in a higher dimensional way. One lion represents the yesterday of the sealing time and the other - today. Atum, is a name deriving from Tem. I came across these names in some research in the A.R.E. library and discovered that Atum and Tem are old Egyptian words for the Godhead or the Spirit that imbues all life. To enter, the discoverers may need to resurrect the sacred rituals of reverence and respect they used for the closing. This can be given in meditation. They will use them again for the opening. They are high initiates having made recent travels to Egypt, attuning to the sacred energies in the ancient temple sites. The word Atum is to be a part of the prayers and meditations.
It may be possible for high intuitives to read the records from Spirit without having to physically see them. Edgar Cayce also suggested this. The physical records are for the mass of humanity that would not give credence to "channeled" information.
I know this all may sound like a lot of mystical mumbo jumbo, but when I was in Egypt, I sensed the sacredness and

the power in several tombs, pyramids and temples. As I prayed in the sites for cleansing of the desecrating energy of the thousands of tourist who come not in sacred spirit, the guardianship of the sites would thank me in chants and hymns and healing light. In one temple a beautiful angelic lady in bright light filled the entranceway as I meditated deep inside the holy room. Choirs of angels sang to me inside the Great Pyramid. It was actually a place of high initiation in ancient times.
The guardianship of the records is real and must be respected. Those who don't and enter unawares indeed may experience something of a curse. King Tut for instance is not a happy fellow. He spoke to me in Spirit when I was in the Valley of the Kings and said he wants to cut the hearts out of those who desecrate his tomb. Just entering it is enough to incur his formidable wrath. My strong sense was that he was murdered by the high priests when he became a threat to their power as he grew of age to really begin to rule. When he was a child-king they controlled him and ruled the land - bringing great wealth and influence to "the church."


In 1995 I talked with another psychic individual (We all are!) who told of her visions about this period in Egypt. She was the first person to confirm some of what I got in Egypt about the Halls of Records. She too felt that the earthquake had moved the records to protect them. She felt they were in the location I did. She also saw the canal leading off at an angle and the lake in front of the Sphinx.
A few years ago another psychic shared with me an artifact she saw in a hypnotic regression that she believes will be in the Hall. It is a device they used for healing. It is two curved pieces of thin, flat metal that fit right against the length of the spine of a persons back. They are curved shaped to go right over the nerve ganglia along each side of the spine. The metal pieces are attached to strings that are plucked like a harp. This causes the metal along the spine to hum and vibrate, bringing the mind centers along the spine into proper coordination. Edgar Cayce discussed often in his

readings the need for coordination between the surface and deeper nervous systems. I feel this device helps bring the person into balance.
The challenge will be how to know exactly what frequency each string must be tuned to for each person. I feel it was always adjusted for each individual who used it. The healer played it for them as they rested against it. I suspect a person can be directed intuitively to make the proper settings just like healers I know now who sing tones over areas of the body that need assistance. The right tone just comes as needed from their guidance. Vibrational medicine is the way of the future. These abilities are coming back.
Another psychic shared with me that she saw the records as a big crystal. They could be read telepathically. I have said that psychic ability will be commonplace in the future. This telepathic work will be nothing unusual to souls trained to do so in the future. The other psychic who confirmed some of my information about the Hall of Records, also said she saw the healers using a big crystal in the temple. However she felt that it was too fragile to have survived.
I see our times as a return of Atlantean karma and the souls involved in it. The Edgar Cayce readings suggest selfishness as the basic cause of their destruction. We are awakening and regaining the abilities of old, meeting our destiny and beginning a New Age where we regain a sense of our celestial nature. Cayce told us we would gain a new understanding of death until eventually there will be no death.
One name that the most recent translation of the oldest Egyptian text in the Book of the Dead gives the King's chamber in the Great Pyramid is: "The Chamber of the Mystery of the Open Tomb," symbolizing the overcoming of death. This magnificent structure and the area around the Sphinx may play quite an important role in the years ahead, affirming the information Cayce gave earlier in this century. Much more detail about the role of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx will be given in my second book, Visions of the Lost Years of Jesus.
This 10,500 B.C. period, centered on Egypt, relates very much to the present. Edgar Cayce, in a former life, was then

the high priest, Ra Ta, who was instrumental in the flourishing accomplishments then in technology, culture and spiritual understanding. The Cayce readings say that in that period Egypt reached the highest point of civilization that had ever been achieved in the world up to or since that time.
What an exciting day it will be for humanity when those records will be discovered. I believe the Egypt site will be found first. As of spring, 1999, Dr. Hawass, a preeminent Egyptian Egyptologist, has discovered a chamber deep underground at Giza which has a possible tunnel leading from it which is yet to be explored. In my remote vision, I see another tunnel passageway leading out of the chamber in the opposite direction from the wall across from the wall having the now exposed opening. The entrance from the chamber to this second passageway is now underwater and blocked. It is not yet known physically. This passage may lead to another passage that leads to a third tunnel coming toward the Hall of Records. All these tunnels lie deep under the sands.
Problems with blockages and the water table obscuring portions of the tunnels will persist to protect the information in the hall from discovery until humanity is truly ready for the information. I see everything in the hall arranged in a series of alcoves in a particular purpose of order for their study. Our evolution in expanded consciousness and a new understanding of ourselves awaits the discovery of the Hall of Records.

The Intergalactic Family

Another purpose of our evolution at this juncture in human history is for us to eventually become members of the galactic family. So much assistance is coming to us now from enlightened representatives of other worlds in our galaxy. The joy they feel for us to rise up into maturity is immeasurable.
In one remote viewing experience I witnessed the beings from many worlds meeting in high council. They were all humanoid to different degrees. Some were quite small, others were 16 feet tall. Their height had corresponded to the

density of matter on their home planets. The less dense their world, the taller they were.
Their communications are telepathic. In one message to me from one race, they said, "We have committed no blasphemy against you. Our children are dying." The reason for the abductions by the ones we label "the Grays," is that they are desperately trying to save their perishing children by using some of our DNA. Their problem is one of genetics. If they succeed, their future generations will never quite be them anymore. They will be, in some ways, partly human.
Since most experiences with our space brothers that some remember, mostly through hypnosis, are often frightening abduction experiences, it could be worthwhile for me to share what I have learned about the Grays. Hopefully, healing can come about as we try to understand them better and perhaps even develop compassion for their plight. A test for our eventual graduation to full membership in the intergalactic federation is for us to demonstrate compassion for other races from other worlds. They are God's Children also.
When we think of Jesus's admonition to love one another, we may soon discover that this must also apply to our relationships with our space brothers. In some ways, at least a few races from other worlds in our galaxy need our help.
We may think they are all far more advanced than us, but some of them may not be, in certain ways. The Grays are actually less advanced in some respects. We can perceive them as evil because of the abductions. But I see them compassionately. They have more advanced technology. Their ships can fly right through the side of a mountain or building and land inside. Yet they are behind us in individual emotional development. In this way they are stuck in their progress and need our help.
My experience of them is that they are rather emotionless. They are also more of one collective mind set in which they communicate telepathically. They do not understand our emotions. Hence our terror at the abductions is mystifying to them. They also do not understand how we feel so violated. They do not have much of a sense of individual free will in their society. Many of them are almost akin to slave workers,

born from vitro for specific duties. Since they do not honor or comprehend free will much amongst themselves, it is only natural that they would treat others the same. They do not treat us any different than they treat themselves. The free will of humans doesn't particularly concern them any more that it does for their own.
I do not mean to defend their treatment of us. It needs to change. They are very much aware that for them to evolve, they must become more like us and achieve a sense of individuality. They cannot grow into a greater Oneness with God without individuality. Perhaps the grand purpose of all sentient beings is, as Edgar Cayce pointed out: know ourselves to be ourselves, yet One with the Creative Forces. Creative Forces is a term Mr. Cayce often used for God in his readings.
The Grays also are hoping that our genes will help their next generations to become more individualistic. They are blocked in knowing themselves to be themselves. They are missing the first half of the equation. They desire to be more loving and respectful. They don't know how. They need guidance. By taking intuition training and by praying and meditating daily some humans can become adept at remote viewing. They can choose to use this ability to safely communicate to the Grays and be diplomats for humanity. We need to let them know us better and request different treatment in a spirit of cooperation. They fear us greatly, believing with some justification that if they openly appeal to us we would murder them. Remote viewers can show them that there may be some among us they can come to trust. It is through such diplomacy that mutual needs and understanding can lead to compassionate action on both sides.
Through such action we may begin the wonderful road leading to a human seat on the galactic council and proud membership in the intergalactic family. Grand adventures are ahead for Mankind as many future humans will travel to other beautiful inhabited worlds in our galaxy and come to live and work in space side by side with God's other kids.
A few of the species are as afraid of us as we are of them. It is time for dialogue to begin, so fear and mistrust can be mended. They will no longer have to operate in secret. When

we learn how much the members of the intergalactic family in the Light of God have been helping us already, and how much more they are prepared to do if we really should need their intervention, we will be amazed at their tireless, selfless service on our behalf. Gratitude would be good.

* * * * * *

Over the 1,000 Years of Peace some of us may be walking and talking with our space brothers openly in trust, goodwill and fellowship. Some of us are being prepared to be the first to experience this. Much of the contact that has been made, particularly in the last half of the 20th century, is for this purpose. For a few races of the space brothers who have lost their home worlds, we may even eventually offer them limited earth immigration and citizenship in small, carefully considered settlements. We are coming into a time of joyful awareness of and communion with all material and non-material life in, upon, around and in relation to the earth.
This is our birth time. There is much more for us to experience, contribute and explore as we grow and mature. What grand adventures in consciousness and community await us. Dance! Sing! Celebrate! We are already evolving so much - coming more and more into joy as we release all that no longer serves us.
The 1,000 Years of Peace has already begun. The Golden Age is upon us. The time of miracles is at hand.




One day soon, a few scientists will peer through a microscope at the head of a needle or some such observable phenomena and they will discover angels there, smiling back at them. They will first rush to get their spectrograph and dutifully attempt to measure and quantify the angels range and degree of existence.
But in a magical moment they will spontaneously abandon their exacting pursuits and instead join hands in a joyous dance of celebration. They will sing songs of gladness.
The event will mark the union of science, religion and psychology. Man's outlook on the world will be right again. A bright new dawn of unity is born. Hope for man and nature springs forth across the lands. Fresh, fragrant breezes of wisdom drive off the stale, empirical air. A new Heaven and a new Earth is proclaimed in the consciousness of Humankind.
The new Renaissance plays into the affairs of men and women at all levels of society and brings order from chaos, hope from despair, understanding from bewilderment, purification from contamination and escape from doom.
No longer Lord and Master of Nature, but Sacred Custodian of it, the new human being lives from the heart. The brain serves the loving Spirit awash in the affairs of all.
A sigh of relief and contentment is heard everywhere. A world rests, so grateful for having rather miraculously prevailed through the challenging rites of passage. The trials and travails of initiation are through.
Radiant in her splendid light, a profound and magnificent peace settles upon the earth for a thousand years.

- Joseph
Palm Sunday, April 10, 1995

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When you read this book you will feel the truth of it and it will greatly enrich your understanding and love for Jesus. You will know him up to the moment of his babtism by John in the River Jordan. The story of his life from that point as told in the New Testament will take on new meaning and life. This book will deepen your faith and bring you joy in knowing him in his earlier years. They will be lost to you no more.
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Experience Unconditional Love This Year, by Dan Klatt, is intended to help create a peaceful and loving planet earth. Dan channels the compassionate spirit of Quan Yin, who some call the Mother Mary of the East. Through this book, she helps the reader develop their own permanent state of unconditional love. Several included meditations, discussions, exercises and affirmations assist in this most worthy process.

All But My Soul: Abuse Beyond Control is a ground-breaking work in the domestic violence field written by clinical psychologist and consultant, Dr. Jeanne King. It is the honest portrayal of her 17-year marriage to a violently abusive physician and how the un-arrested severe abuse was perpetuated by the legal system. Other experts in domestic violence have called All But My Soul the missing link in the understanding of the dynamics of battering – how it is maintained and how to stop it.
You will learn what can happen when a victim returns to an abusive relationship and what could be ahead on her way out. This provocative and compelling expose is packed with remarkable insights on what supports and what breaks the abuse cycle, giving the victim clear choices before it is too late.
“This book should be a companion of every victim and every mental health worker.” – Dr. John Gottman, author of When Men Batter Women
“It is a wake-up call loaded with warnings and information for victims and their advocates. We need more advocates with the courage, stamina, and persistence of Jeanne King to continue, against all odds, the challenge to stop domestic violence and expose legal and professional systems that perpetuate it.” – Del Martim, author of Battered Wifes
“This book is a milestone in the crusade to end abuse. It as a vital contribution to all that is changing and helping to usher in the Golden Age.” – Joseph Nicely, author of Visions of 1,000 Years of Peace

“There is so much love in this book, that it is not just the wonderful information, the act of reading it is a healing experience.” - K. King
“It reminded me so much of Conversations With God. I thought God was speaking to me.” - M. Wei

Joe Nicely reveals his extraordinary visions and those of Edgar Cayce, the Hopi, Nostradamus and many others of a Golden Age of Peace. Find out what wonderful changes are in store in health, relationships, work, food, housing and much more -- and how they are beginning to manifest themselves now! He vividly describes parallels to Atlantis, and the soon-to-be-unearthed Halls of Records by the Sphinx.
He shares the fascinating story of his metaphysical journey, and its challenges as the psychic visions unfolded. Receive clear guidance for living with joy in the New Millennium and learn greater skills of Self-healing, Meditation, Intuitive Development, Prayer, Dream Interpretation, Initiation, Preparedness and more that can empower you as a Pioneer of the New Earth.

Joe Nicely has been teaching Reiki and helping individuals and situations through private readings and healing sessions in person, or by phone, for many years. He is the Director of the Center for 1,000 Years of Peace in Sedona, Arizona. Mr. Nicely is dedicated to inspiring humanity to hold a positive vision of our future and thereby help to create it. He is available for speaking engagements on a limited monthly basis.
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