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Chapter One

Life in the 1,000 Years of Peace

…then shall commence between God and men a universal peace. There he shall abide for the space of a thousand years…
- Nostradamus, Epistle to Henry II

In the year 2021 humanity will recognize that we have somewhat miraculously passed through the tests of the transitional era, that the 1,000 Years of Peace is underway. When the transition period is over and the new earth stabilizes, I see forests returning everywhere. In a conscious remote viewing (or future viewing) experience, I saw millions of trees being planted by an inspired humanity during the first 50 years of the 21st century especially. Humanity realizes the need. By 2150, the forests will have made a tremendous comeback all over the globe. Air quality will be far better.
I saw that forests had also returned because the people were eating super-nutritious raw foods that they picked right off the trees and plants. New foods had mutated that grew quickly. The fruits and vegetables were very large and abundantly nutritious. There was no need to plow vast lands for farming or for cattle grazing land. The people chose to no longer eat meat, so cattle ranching was no longer an industry. Milk from cows was no longer being consumed, so land for dairy cattle had also returned to forest. The people were exceptionally healthy.
By 2150, the big cities are mostly gone. A smaller population of people inhabit the planet. They live in much greater harmony with each other and with nature and the earth mother. The veil has been lifted and they are walking and talking with the angels and with the devas of the nature kingdom.
The citizens of the new earth are much more psychic and telepathic. People cannot lie successfully or have hidden, selfish agendas. Children grow up in spiritual communities with extended families. The curse of the latter portion of the twentieth century, low self esteem, created through lack of love or not enough of a consciousness of love and the many resultant ills in society, will be healed. We are returned to the Eden state before the fall. Everyone lives in awareness of their Oneness with God. To live in the 1,000 Years of Peace, one cannot help but be in attunement to its elevated vibrations.
By 2150 people will be able to live up to 160 years old and remain healthy, alert and productive right up to the end. This will begin even in the 21st century. Already, many thousands of people are living past 100. Many more will start living into their 120s. In my psychic vision I have seen something in the future that I call the Ceremony of Leaving. People will leave this life in a far gentler and more peaceful manner. The term "funeral" will no longer apply, for the experience of death and the understanding of it will be so different. Fear will not be part of the process.
 The Ceremony of Leaving that I have witnessed involves peaceful, conscious dying. Already a book has been published in 1998 entitled Conscious Dying. The new understanding is already entering into our consciousness in these early years of the times of peace. Death will become peaceful and simple, nothing like the general response to death today. People will have a far more profound understanding of the process the soul goes through and what to do to make it peaceful for everyone.
Even the word death is no longer used. It doesn't adequately describe or associate the new, positive understanding. The person who is ready to die consciously, decides they have done all they purposed to do in their life and it is complete. They are ready to move on in their adventures in consciousness to other realms of God's many mansions. The consciousness they had in their life on earth will determine to a great extent what their soul's next experience will be.
During the remote viewing, it is as if I am really at a scene or area that is happening in the future. Somehow, I know what year it is by visualizing a ruler before my intuitive vision. The numbers on the ruler are the years and I know at which point on the ruler I am. I usually look down at the scene, then I go to eye level.
The people are never aware of my presence. I am not there in my physical body, nor am I conscious of any journey to get there. I am a somewhat dispassionate observer, although I can feel the emotions and know the thoughts of the people and have a sense of the flavor of the scene, if you will. So it is more than just seeing it. It is also experiencing it and being a psychic while I am there, able to understand much more about the scene than what I see, hear or smell. My senses are quite alive, including my intuitive sense, as I "read" the scene, group or individuals or animals, etc.
I don’t choose what to see. The guides and angels take me there in Spirit and reveal it to me. I cannot take credit. I am only the channel. Studying the writings of Nostradamus and his life has helped me so much. Without, I pray, seeming pompous to compare myself to him, I am comforted by the parallels and similarities of the method of my remote viewing of the future to his and how my attitude about it is also so similar to his.
This understanding came not from the famous quatrains themselves, but from letters he wrote and other lesser known pieces and also through my remote viewing of his remote viewing experiences in which he was led to witness future events and know when they would come to pass. I saw the methods of preparation and assistance he employed in his study and witnessed his journeys in Spirit into the future and his return to consciousness back into his physical body. I then saw him writng down what he had seen.
In his Preface to the Centuries, he observes: “By the grace of God and the good angels, the Prophets have had committed to them the spirit of vaticination, by which they see things at a distance, and are enabled to forecast future events.
For there is nothing that can be accomplished without Him, whose power and goodness are so great to all His creatures as long as they put their trust in Him.”
In my Ceremony of Leaving vision, an old woman laid down peacefully on a raised bed at the place of the ceremony outdoors. The members of her community gathered round. The prayers were said. She closed her eyes and after a bit of time rose up out of her body for the last time. She had been in and out of it many times before while asleep. This time, the thin silver cord to her abdomen, that had been the key to her returning to her body from her many astral travels during sleep, was gently disconnected. The leaving was easy and simple.
The ceremony was so peaceful and natural, done with reverence and respect.
A few months before, at the age of 159, she had decided that she had done all she purposed to do with her life and it was time to move on. She was still a productive and greatly loved and respected member of her community. The announcement of her chosen leaving date was made to all. Everyone was responsible over the next two months to come to terms with her impending leaving. Any grief work was done, even with the person to die, in the weeks beforehand. People were expected to have come to a place of peace with it before the date arrived and to seek out those who could help if need be. That way, no one would be psychically holding the individual back when their chosen date arrived. This happens much in our world now.
In the future there is a widespread understanding that when we sleep at night we are preparing for death. We leave our bodies with our astral or soul self nightly. I have many times had the clear experience of lowering myself gently back into my body, then waking up. We are still quite conscious and experiencing while our bodies sleep. Over the 1,000 Years of Peace there will be an acceptance of sleep as an experience akin to dying, so the act of leaving the body for the last time is quite natural and rather effortless as a conscious experience. The intuitive people at the Ceremony of Leaving will see the person's soul body leave. They will see the angels with them as they go to the light. In my psychic work now to assist souls into the light, I have seen this many times.
Everyone is going to be psychic in the future. The psychic experiences of some individuals that we seem to hold in awe or fear now will be the norm then. No big deal. Matter over the next centuries will gradually become less dense, closer to the vibration of the angels or the higher realms. Hence the transition at the end of one's life is easier and more conscious because our physical selves have become less dense.
When people become out of balance mentally, emotionally or physically they will know techniques for self healing which they were taught growing up. If they are unsuccessful in bringing themselves back into harmony, they will go to a healer who practices a form of energy-vibrational medicine. That is the core medical practice of the future. Doctors or surgery are an absolute last resort if, over time, all else fails. I do not see large hospitals or nursing homes in the future. Gradually, over the 21st century these will fade away. Even hospices, over time, will no longer be needed. People will be healed of their diseases before they show up in the physical body. The working models for this are already in place.
In 1990 I attended a four-day hands-on healing workshop conducted by Barbara Brennan, author of Hands of Light. Many graduates of her school of healing are practicing her vibrational energy medicine around the world. The future has already begun. At that workshop Barbara told how in conducting her intuitive work with the Human Energy Field, she is able to see cancer in someone's auric field around their body. During the session her healing guides and angels work with her and through her. The cancer to her was like a glob of energy at a certain spot in the energy field outside the client's body. Working with her guides, this was removed and replaced with a golden light of unconditional love. The client never knew she had cancer nor that it had been healed during the session. It was not yet manifesting physically.
Now comes the very good news. These self-healing techniques are already being practiced by more and more people. In this regard, the 1,000 Years of Peace has already begun. What these self-healing techniques are and how you can begin practicing them right now is given in Chapter Four. In that chapter on vibrational medicine, there is much more detail about the healing techniques anyone can learn now that will place you right in the emerging energy- based, vibrational medicine of the future. The self healing techniques are alive and well. More and more people are living miraculous, healthy and productive lives well into old age. It isn't hard to project this getting even better and more widespread in the decades to come. We live in exciting times.
The Crystal Vision
In one psychic reading I gave specifically for earth changes, I saw the important role that crystal will play in the future. In the remote viewing vision, part of the changes during the transition times were volcanic eruptions. Volcanic ash spewed into the atmosphere. Dirty rain came in the weeks after. I say dirty rain because the volcanic ash spread throughout the atmosphere mixed with the rain. This volcanic ash was infused with tiny crystalline particles brought up from deep in the earth.
The crystalline particles seeped into the soil everywhere with the rain. They created a fine, enervating vibration in the soil that allowed seeds to mutate. The crystal so invigorated the soil and the seeds, that new plants sprang up quickly. They were huge and bore supernutritious food right when humanity needed it the most - when portions of mankind were recovering from natural events in different regions.
Through the secret of the crystal from the volcanic ash, nature came roaring back to rescue mankind. The crystal also helped to cleanse and heal the earth. It was God's grace in action. Rather than seeing the volcanic eruptions as tragedy, we can instead choose to see the wonderful purpose of them.
Then the scene shifted. I saw some scientists working in a lab. They had discovered the secret of the crystal. They knew how instrumental it was in growing the food quickly that was so needed. The scientists were engaging in making more crystal. It was then being pulverized and mixed in with soil to help grow more food even faster.
During the reading, I chuckled at myself over these scientists. I saw the Atlantean influence in them. The Atlanteans had a penchant for thinking that if something was good, a whole lot more of it would be even better. That's not a particularly unusual attitude. However in Atlantis, it led to their downfall. They went so far overboard in their zeal for technological mastery using crystals, that they upset the balance of nature and actually caused the destruction of their last remaining islands. In our time, massive technology threatens our stability once again.
In my future vision, these Atlantean souls were back again, but this time the scientists were using their influences with the crystals for great good to feed the people. Their karma from ancient Atlantis was being healed. Part of what humanity is going through now is an opportunity for many reincarnated Atlantean souls to choose a different path than they did long ago.
As I described the scene with the scientists, the person who was conducting the reading asked me how the men were manufacturing the crystals. I was stumped. I paused. Nothing seemed to come to me. Then it dawned on me. They weren't manufacturing it. They were growing it!
She asked, "How are they growing it?" I saw that they had been given the instructions on how to do this from someone in a state of meditation. The person would tune in to the devas or angels who were in charge of forming and creating the energy structures for the crystal to grow into at the higher dimension of Spirit. The crystal devas were showing the process and giving instructions to the person in their meditation.
We know, from the good meditators who began the amazing garden and the spiritual community in Findhorn, Scotland, that it is quite possible to work consciously with the angelic kingdom and have them direct us in how best to grow plants in our gardens. At Findhorn, large fruits and vegetables grew on a rocky, sandy, windswept peninsula that logically would defy such a glorious explosion of fertility.
What happened at Findhorn is actually a model for man's new relationship with nature in the 1,000 Years of Peace. A co-creative partnership with nature will become the norm in the future. This model is already being fine-tuned and extended to other uses by meditative gardeners who have taken up what Findhorn began in their partnership with nature. Michele Wright and her co-creative garden at Perelandra in Virginia is an example. See Chapter Four for information about the Medical Assistance Program which grew from her work with the devas.
Since it is already being done with plants, it is not that farfetched to imagine these scientists discovering how to grow the crystals in cooperation with the crystal devas. Their scientific work has come into a synthesis with religion and psychology.
Then I saw that the scientists were playing around with the one-foot-size crystal chunks they had been growing for pulverizing and mixing into the soil. They put some of the big pieces beside each other in a small circle. They decided to experiment with fusing the pieces together. They did so, then placed other pieces on top and fused them on as well. This resulted in a small crystal dome. One of the men realized that if they put in an opening, a child could crawl inside. They became excited, for they realized that they had inadvertently discovered solid, durable housing for the many children who needed it. Much of the existing housing structures were unsafe for habitation in the wake of the regional disasters.
Then the scene shifted to a bit further in the future. I saw a crystal home in a forest. The tip of it just emerged above the tree tops, like a spire. The home was roundish, but not a perfect, smooth dome like the wooden or concrete dome houses of today. The sides were faceted at angles, like how a piece of crystal looks on the surface today.
Somehow the living membranes of the crystalline wall regulated the temperature inside the house naturally. The temperature inside remained a pleasant constant year round. Without the need for heating or cooling, there was no reason to rape the earth for coal, oil or gas. Nuclear power plants were no longer in operation with their threat of meltdown and radioactive waste. The crystal walls also provided a beautiful natural light inside the house.
Electricity was not needed in the home. There was no stove or refrigerator because there was no need to preserve or cook food. People were raw food vegetarians. They went outside and just picked what they needed to eat. The raw food was so delicious and super nutritious, there was not even the thought of cooking. No time was needed for cooking nor for preparation of food. There was no dishwasher as there were no dishes or pots and pans to clean up.
It is most interesting to me that my vision of people living in such radiant health on a raw foods diet during a Golden Age is supported by the prophecies in ancient Vedic texts from India. “The cycle is of 5000 years soon to be ended. Kaliyug is ending and Satyug The Golden Age is to start quite soon. It is now Sangamyug Confluence or transition period between the end of the Iron Age or Age of Death Kaliyuga and beginning at last of the Age of Truth Satyug-Golden Age. Raw and uncooked is the way food is prepared in Satyug!
In the Golden Age, you will have the desire to eat something and you will naturally have the right fruit with the perfect taste for you at the right time. Fruit will be easily edible. Other fruit will be easily drinkable by lightly pressing them. Flowers will also be eaten. Sunbaked dishes will also be made.
There, everything, including nature is completely pure. The flowers and the fruits are so good there. Everything will be naturally sweet. Nature will create music by the movement of different types of leaves. The movement of the leaves of the trees will create natural music. There will be fruits and flowers also. The flowers will offer different flavours, natural flavours.You will have sugar fruits.
Whichever taste you require can be extracted from fruits in a natural way. You won't cook vegetables with green leaves because flowers will take the place of vegetables. The fruits will have natural juice. There will be some fruits for eating and some fruits for drinking. You won't have to make the effort of extracting the juice because each fruit will be so full. Here you drink coconut milk and there, in the same way, you just pick up the fruit, press it a little, and the juice will emerge. ” (Theresa, based on teachings of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University)
I see that the numbers of raw foodists around the world will grow exponentially by the year 2021. This will be due to many factors. Conditions such as the fear of Mad Cow’s disease and other such phenomina yet to materialize may escalate.
Millions of people will become more afraid to eat meat or dairy products and other cooked, processed foods, for a variety of reasons. At the end of this chapter I list resources for learning more about the raw foods diet.
In my vision I saw that no one had jobs either. The drudgery of punching a timeclock to earn money to purchase necessities had become a thing of the far away past. This was now the year 2250, although even in 2150 the crystal houses were already spreading out over the countryside, first at the new energy vortexes of the planet.
There was no need to cut down forests to provide building materials. Under the supervision of the crystal devas, the home grew on the site. The scientist/meditators taught many others to work with the crystal devas in this way.
Their students in turn taught more people. The forest area did not even have to be cleared or leveled for the house. It was grown on the site without disturbing it.
It is easy to see why the nature spirits might be eager to help humans in this way. It was in their own best interests. Nature would not be so terribly exploited by man. Conditions would no longer get so out of balance for the nature kingdom.
I saw that the co-creative partnership between man and nature in the crystal homes benefited a third party, Mother Earth or "Gaia." She is a living being. She radiates a special vibration that is like a beautiful note in a song being sung in the cosmos. This is how she keeps her balance within the heavens. Other celestial spheres contribute their notes.
Geologists can tell us that much of the earth is composed of crystal rock in various forms. The crystal emanates what to us is such a low energy vibration that we can't hear it in our limited auditory range. It is the vital living energy within the quartz that produces much of the song of the earth which radiates out into space to become part of the symphony being played in the heavens to glorify God in his creation.
The tips of the crystal houses rising above the tree tops serve as fine-tuning antennas for the sending of Mother Earth's song and also for the receiving and intermixing with the songs of the other heavenly spheres. The living earth itself has an investment in the crystal houses. The homes will intuitively or synchronistically be built on the prime locations of the new energy vortexes of the planet. Mother Earth has an investment in the beautiful crystal homes. It is another reason the devic spirits of the crystal are guided by higher beings to help man construct these beautiful homes.
If these crystal houses existed today, most people would go inside them and after only a few minutes, they would have to run outside and throw-up. They would have what is called in holistic circles, "a healing crisis." The energy inside the crystal house would be so pure that the person who enters would immediately have to go and dump toxins from their system. This is a good thing, a necessary purging.
The citizens of the 1,000 Years of Peace, eating their supernutritious food and staying in balance with loving and peaceful God-consciousness, will have no such reactions. They will be most comfortable in the crystal houses. The shape and materials of the house will assist them to remain whole and to be in a state of meditation, aware of and part of the fine vibrations of the era. The crystal tends to magnify wherever you are in consciousness. Today the crystal domes would be powerful places of healing, as they will be in the future.
These homes will be so right for the 1,000 Years of Peace. The people will be pure of heart, mind and body. They will be at one with the energy of the light within. They will benefit by resonating with the vibrations of the crystal house. The walls of the houses themselves will be part of the vibrational healing medicine of the future! Just by being in the house, they are brought back into balance. Their consciousness rises up and expands to commune with the higher dimensions of the Father's many mansions.
Some months after having this vision of the crystal houses, I was excited by my discovery of a dream Edgar Cayce had where he saw people living in glass houses in the future. In the dream he had been reborn somewhere on the coast of Nebraska in the year 2158. As a young child he told people details about his life as Edgar Cayce over 200 years earlier. He told scientists that records which proved the information could still be found in the Virginia Beach area. The scientists took him in a cigar-shaped flying ship to investigate. As they flew over the country, the boy saw that New York City was being rebuilt. Industry was spread out over the countryside and most of the houses were made of glass.
Also, in his "Earth Changes Report," intuitive futurist Gordon Michael-Scallion writes of seeing dome houses in the future that are made of a living membrane which regulates the temperature inside. Ashton Pitre, whose guidance is included in a later chapter, also envisions such domed-shaped crystal homes in the future.
On May 7, 2001, I was at Mount Shasta, California, relating my vision of the crystal dome houses. A woman shared that she had recently seen a vision of herself living in a crystal dome house below a cliff in Colorado. She is not presently living in that area, but she feels strongly that she will be in this lifetime. Other people are also sharing such stories with me now.

The Model New Earth Citizen

Just for fun, I composed a general profile of a model New-Earth citizen in the 1,000 Years of Peace and also one of an Old Earth citizen of the late 20th century. Ideally, the future will retain the best of the Old Earth synthesized with the new. You will probably see elements of yourself in each profile. I do not mean to insult anyone. These are very general stereotypes. But they do show that life will be much different in the future. The second profile, of the model New Earth citizen, is already being lived by many people. How many people do you know that fit more into that description?

Bear in mind that in the transition times we will fluctuate between both extremes and live qualities from each. Many of us are already living lives that are more in alignment with the values of the rising Aquarian Age. In which profile do you see yourself more?

Eats processed, cooked, chemically laden and altered food and junk food as staple diet; ingests much meat and sugar, milk products and wheat based refined flour; microwaves food regularly; has no ideas of good food combining; hates salads; drinks tap water always; watches lots of TV - including much violence and sex; addicted to TV; works and plays in a spirit of fierce competition; mind filled with fear-based destructive, negative thought patterns; thinks war is the best way to solve big problems; sees no relationship between their thought patterns and the events in life - the time from cause to effect is long, the connection is very hard to realize; self-centered; habitual user of drugs, cigarettes and/or alcohol; has continual destructive relationships with no thought of the need to change self; possesses low self esteem; does not see enough of parents, siblings, spouse or their children or other relatives in quality time; has few real friends; lives in a big city by a large body of water; stressed; is ill often and goes only to medical doctors for treatment, does whatever they tell them without question; takes whatever they prescribe; more and more, the doctors can't tell what is wrong with him or prescribe effective treatment; living in pain; has surgery without considering any alternatives; has no sense of spiritual nature or intuitive ability; always wants more money and more, bigger and more impressive possessions; swears regularly; hates their work with a passion; believes 40 is middle age; fears death and never talks about it; dies of disease; has a funeral.


Aware of oneness with God and interconnectedness of all life; male and feminine aspects integrated and balanced; high self esteem; beyond vegetarianism - living on raw, uncooked, organic fruits, vegetables and grains; determined to cleanse and purify the body with only the most nutritious food; strong immune system; drinks only purified water; engages in daily meditation and prayer; committed to Spirit directing all of their affairs; joyfully willing to do God's will; investing in a spirit of cooperation rather than competition; had moved away from large bodies of water and big cities; is now living in greater communion with nature, growing a garden in cooperation with the angels or devas of the plant kingdom using no pesticides; living in or near a town or city of 50,000 people or less; has no television or watches only uplifting or educational programming and has cut back on TV watching in general; will not watch films or TV loaded with violence or gratuitous sexual content; is becoming more and more psychic and more and more able to act positively with good results on intuitive guidance; finds meaning and direction from chance encounters and synchronistic events - is open to them and looks to them as signposts of the way; communicates telepathically with like-minded individuals; keeps aura healthy and expanded; knows when negative energy from others comes into auric field and knows what to do to immediately remove it and transform it with love; calls on guides and angels to assist with everything moment by moment throughout the day; feels deserving of angelic assistance; knows how to pray effectively; has no doubt that heartfelt prayer is answered; sees miracles as naturally occurring events one can expect in daily life; practices the concept of thought creating physical manifestation; is fully aware when intentions manifest physically immediately after having the causative thought; has healing hands or works consciously with a medical team of angels to stay in balance mentally, emotionally and physically; has tools to stay healthy with hardly any help from another person; accepts no alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, microwave food or unhealthy relationships; keeps home and business place cleared energetically of negative energies; has done some years of tough self examination and therapy to rid self of negative emotions and thought patterns of the past - even from former lives; has forgiven everyone they once perceived as having hurt them; lives with compassion and gratitude in a loving, small group community with a nurturing, supportive, extended family of peers - yet retaining personal independence; knows life purpose and chooses to do only that which expresses it creatively and with joy; is determined not to do, say or even think anything that might be harmful to anyone or any life; knows that God is the source of all needs and abundance, not money; is unselfish; engages only in work they love that is in harmony with their spiritual ideals and causes no harm; does this work on faith, even if it means living below the federal poverty levels; values simplicity and calm; does not perceive themselves in poverty or lack; experiences genuine inner peace and joy moment by moment; is very much present and living from the heart; lives to be 160 years old - is healthy and productive the whole time; when aware of completing life's mission, consciously lifts away in a beautiful Ceremony of Leaving.

We can either fear that human culture is falling apart,
or we can hold the Vision that we are awakening.

- the character Wil, in The Tenth
Insight by James Redfield.
What do you see of yourself from each profile? How much are you awakening and already living the spiritual values in the beginning of the 1,000 Years of Peace?
Do not get down on yourself if you percieve yourself with more Old Earth qualities than New Earth ones. We are in transition. It is gradual. I see many of the Old Earth attributes in myself. It is OK. They will fall away when it is right for each of us. We must be kind and patient with our- selves.
Legions of angels are assisting us with this process. It will be challenging and even painful at times. Call on the angels. You allow them to fulfill their purpose by praying for their aid. Did you know that when you ask them for help, you are helping them? Isn’t that beautiful? It is so important in these times of transition for you to believe you are worthy of their assistance. You are Worthy! You are a dear, dear child of a loving God and you are never forsaken, ever, no matter what. I
Have seen God and he is pure, estatic, infinite unconditional love and brilliant light. You are One with Him and part of Him forever. You and all you see, do, say, experience and think are made of love and is meant to glorify God with your living. You are home always within yourself.
The Indigo Children

The time will come when new dances and new rituals will be created, partly to fill the void from the absence of electronic stimulation such as television, radio, computers, films and tape and CD players. The children will lead. This next root race will be for the sixth sense, that of the psychic ability.
The color blue will be associated with the psychic children of tomorrow. Their psychic gifts will be greatly needed in their communities. Parents can now encourage children to remain open to their psychic abilities as they grow up. It would be so good if they could have these talents strengthened and disciplined by the teachers now among us.
I know two individuals who have had visions of themselves taking care of many children in the future. One saw herself in a tent city on the board walk in Virginia Beach, Virginia, sitting and telling stories to crowds of children. The other person sees herself with a few other adults gathering up the children and taking care of them in a big house. Both saw two suns in the sky. Another man feels strongly that he and his wife will be teaching many children, particularly skills such as basket weaving, candle making, and such. All three individuals are highly intuitive and all are excellent healers, spiritually developed, and Reiki practitioners. These are the kinds of adults the children will need.
Listen to the children. Assist and nurture their coming forth. They will teach even in their youth, as they are wise old souls who will become leaders in the early times of the New Earth.
At present, metaphysical sources may recognize five root races corresponding to the five senses. For example, white people are predominantly visual. Yellow people are especially sensitive to smell. The sixth psychic sense is natural and greatly undervalued and underutilized by the western world. Yet it will be a strong sense of the emerging new culture. This portents much for future harmony. Those sensitive to thought and emotion will know when someone is lying. No one can have a hidden agenda. This will instigate a world of unparalleled honesty and sincerity in human relations. Corruption and dishonestly will simply cease to be an issue. All of the institutions of society will function with true integrity. We can hardly imagine such a world in our present state of corruption and selfishness.
Those who seek to control, exploit or abuse will have no place in the 1,000 Years of Peace. Only those of a true compassionate, loving heart will prosper. Actually, only they will be here, for only they can handle the lighter, expanded loving energy in that age. A person will have to be in harmony with the love-light-energy. It will so pervade all.
Many people who have come to adulthood in the late 20th century are making great strides at healing destructive intent and behavior. I believe enough citizens of the world desire more integrity within their society, that a tremendous revolution in human interaction is inevitable. It must change. We rapidly approach critical mass concerning ethics in personal conduct. When enough people join the mass thought form which states: "Conditions on this planet are no longer acceptable in their present form," then we will change.
The young ones will lead a spiritual renaissance of global cooperation and community. They are the hope and promise of a brave new world. The lion will lay down with the lamb and be content. We must help them and encourage them now. We can do so by simple example. What do we choose day by day - selfishness or service? -unconditional love or blame? Let us choose to be our brothers keeper and love all life equally.
Later in the 1,000 Years of Peace, the psychic people may have a slightly bluish tint to their skin in a natural indentation at the third eye in the center of the forehead - a bit above the eyebrows. Here is the focal point of the intuitive knowing. The third eye center is a bridge to living in the physical body with full God-consciousness in the waking state. I do not mean that people will be given a mark of any kind. The human body will have small natural changes to be in harmony with the changed vibrations of the New Earth. These will include new energy chakras or centers and new glands. Intuitive sensitives are feeling these changes already.
Consider the ramifications for the evolution of life on earth in the third millennium when all apply full God-consciousness in every waking moment! We could say the veil will be lifted and the separation between dreams and reality will be less, as will the difference between the flesh bodies and all matter and that of pure Spirit. Much will be in far greater communion and harmony. We can be the pioneers by serving God through devoted compassion for all life on the planet.
The psychic ones of the new blue root race will be entrusted to establish a beautiful at-onement with all life. They will succeed admirably. Compassion and human kindness become the way of the world. A fragrance of purity and goodness will permeate the earth in a new Eden. The blissful innocence of the lamb will guide all human endeavor. The end times are upon us, meaning also the beginning times. There is much to rejoice for in the times of renewal. Your love blesses the sanctity of life on earth.

Raw Foods Rescources

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