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One Thousand Years Of Peace     |     home

 Book Contents

Introduction, 9

Reaching Critical Mass, 9

Remote Viewing the Future, 10

My Life Changing Mother Mary Experience, 10

Edgar Cayce's Inspiring Future Message, 12

Living Through Times of Miracles, 13

Chapter 1:  Life in the 1,000 Years of Peace, 15

Nostradamus On 1,000 Years of Peace, 15                   

The Forests Rejuvenated, 15

The Psychic and Telepathic Citizens, 16

The New Understanding of Death, 16

Living in Radiant Health to 160 Years Old, 16

How I Remote View the Future, 17

 Parallels to Nostradamus, 17

 The Ceremony of Leaving Vision, 18

 Self-healing Techniques of the Future Now, 19

Crystal Dome Houses, the Crystal Vision, 20

Findhorn – A Model of the Future, 22

Ancient Vedic Prophecy, 23

The Foods of Tomorrow, 23

Edgar Cayce’s Future Dream, 26

The Model New Earth Citizen, 28

Preparing the Children of the New Earth, 30

The New Root Race, 31

Raw Foods Resources, 33

Chapter 2:  Meditation and Prayer,  34

      Keys to the Transition

How Meditation Greatly Assists Us Now, 34

How To Meditate, 36

Edgar Cayce's Meditation Techniques, 39

The Lord's Prayer and the 7 Centers, 43

The Power of Prayer, 46

Meditation and Prayer Procedure, 50

Miracles Large and Small, 52

Powerful Prayer for the Earth, 52

Chapter 3:  Intuition: A Prized Skill for the Future,  55

Telepathy Now and Beyond, 60

Tried and True Intuition Techniques, 61

Psychometry on a Stone Age Knife, 66

Assisting Souls to the Light, 68

Dynamic Dreams of Earth Changes, 73

Earth Changes Dream Symbol Dictionary, 75

How to Work With/Interpret Your Dreams, 75

Schools for Intuition Training, 77

Recommended Reading, 78

Chapter 4:  Healing and the Vibrational Medicine,  79

      of Tomorrow

Healing in the 21st Century and Beyond, 79

Future Vibrational Medicine Technology, 80

Reiki - A Gift for Earth Changes, 80

An Inspired Message to the Healers, 85

            Machaelle Wright and the MAP Program, 87

Edgar Cayce on Healing, 89

Attitudes and Emotions - Keys to Health, 90

Living the Christ Consciousness, 91

Creating Vibrational Medicine Now, 92

Meditation as a Healing Force, 92

Resources for Vibrational Healing, 94

Chapter 5:  Pole Shift: Fact or Fiction? 95

The New Climatic Zones, 98

Chet Snow - Mass Dreams of the Future, 100

Edgar Cayce on the Pole Shift, 100

Edgar Cayce on Earth Changes, 100

Vivid Future Visions from Today's Psychics, 102

Mark Thurston - Millennium Prophesies, 105

John White - Pole Shift Book Update, 105

     The Extraordinary Future Vision in Egypt, 106

Prophecy from the Book of Revelation, 110

Edgar Cayce on 1,000 Years of Peace, 110

Chapter 6:  The Hopi Vision and Nature Awareness,   111

Interpreting the Ancient Prophecy Rock, 111

Moira Timms - Beyond Prophecy, 113

The Aboriginal Vision of the New Earth, 114

Forging a New Cooperation with Nature, 116

Guidance from Nature and Animals, 116

Role of the Dolphins, 121

Animal Guidance Dictionary, 123

Nature Awareness Resources, 124

Swim With the Dolphins Tours, 124

Chapter 7:  The Second Coming and    125

      the Concept of Safety and Safe Areas

Edgar Cayce on the Christ Consciousness, 126

A Course In Miracles - The Peace of God, 127

U.S. and World-wide Safety Lands Detailed, 129

Vision of the Domed Cities of Tomorrow, 130

The New Jerusalem Vision, 133

The Latest Future Map, 134

The Atlantis Vision - Parallels to Today, 137

Edgar Cayce on Creating a Positive Future, 140

Chapter 8:  Supernutrition, Emergency Preparedness  142

      and Dome Houses

Positive Outcomes from the Y2K Scare, 143

Supernutrition for the Transition Times, 145

Five Essentials of Emergency Preparation, 149

Mother Mary's Preparedness Guidance, 150

Sprouts: the Miracle Food - How to Grow, 150

The Gift of Green Foods, 155

Pure Water in the 21st Century, 157

Best Emergency Kit Items, 159

Dome Houses and the Sacred Circle, 160

Manifesting Abundance During the Transition, 162

Resource Guide: Dome Houses, E. Kit Guide, 163

Supplier Catalogues, Web Sites, 165

Recommended Preparedness Books, 166

Chapter 9:  Connections to the Past and Future: 167

      The Halls of Records

      The Intergalactic Family

Location of the Halls of Records in Egypt, 167

Amazing Contents of the Halls, 167

The Meaning of the Records to Mankind, 167

My Vision of the Halls in 10,500 B.C., 169

Seeing the Yucatan and Bimini Records, 170

Confirmation from Other Psychics, 173

Communications From Our Space Brothers, 175

Understanding the Grays, 176

The Purpose of All Sentient Beings, 177

Our Future Seat on the Intergalactic Council, 177

Epilogue                                                                       179

Author's Guarantee                                                       180
About the Author                                                         180

The A.R.E./The A.R.E. Study Group Program

Bibliography/Newsletters                                             182

  and Other Resources

How to Obtain a Personal Reading from Joseph        184

   What Will a Reading Be Like?

   Who Does Joseph Channel?

         How Do I Prepare?

    Visions of the Lost Years of Jesus    188       

 This table of Contents has been included to give you an overview of the book before reading it.